5 Great Activities for Stress Relief


Stress is a dangerous thing for our bodies. If you are going through an episode of major stress, it is vital that you take time to look after yourself in the midst of it. If not, you run the risk of causing health problems that can be like a scar on your internal system. Finding ways to look after yourself when life is overwhelming can just feel like another impossible task. Consider some of the following great activities for stress relief as inspiration for those days when it is all too much. 

Take a Bubble Bath

Running a bath with hot water and nice bubbles is one of the most peaceful experiences in the world. Being in the water is naturally calming, especially when it is warm and enveloping. Invest in a relaxing themed bath bubble mixture such as lavender or a muscle relaxant like sage. Get a bath pillow to maximize the comfort factor and kick back and do nothing but soak for a solid half hour. This will reset you like nothing else on this earth. 

Engaging with Something Physical 

Sport and exercise in any form are great stress busters. They engage so many different chemicals in our brain that is literally a physical and mental response. Swimming is a top pick for a relaxing activity, but if you are looking for something more fast paced and demanding, trying out a ball sport like baseball is worth doing. Throwing the ball can be as stress busting as hitting it, especially when you feel the satisfaction of making contact with a bat. You can practice with your own equipment and look at different sizes of pitching dummies to find one that suits your needs. Whichever route you take, baseball or otherwise, physical activity is the way to go. 

Find a Good Book/Film/Podcast 

Winding down is easier to do if you have somewhere to focus a busy mind. This is where a good book or podcast or film comes in handy. Taking yourself out of your internal narrative and engaging with an external one, whether it is fact or fiction, is a tried and tested method for beating the stress ticks. Though it is not a permanent solution, it is definitely a tool you can use to find relaxation in different environments. Reading before bed, for example, is a great way to get a better, more peaceful night’s sleep and distract your mind before you fall. 


If you want to try something physical, but are not keen on anything too heavy, yoga and meditation are the ones to try. There are so many proven benefits and positive impact points on stress levels through doing yoga, that it is too hard to ignore. 

Try Something Out of the Box

If the stress is caused by some event that you cannot control, trying something completely random and out of the box may be the thing you need. There are lots of choices out there to explore from axe throwing to mountain hiking to jumping around at a heavy metal concert. Whatever you pick, make sure you are safe and well prepared. Sometimes, it is the thing you never knew you needed to feel better and getting out of your normal routine will be a nice break too. 

Stress is no joke. It is not something that can be ignored or willed away. It is a serious, psychological, and chemical reaction in your mind and body that causes a decline in health and detrimental, long-term issues. It needs careful management and consideration, and there is no getting around this fact. When it starts to interfere with your capacity to cope with life, it is time to get help.

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