5 Fundamental Strategy for Content Marketing for B2B


Content marketing can increase ROI for B2B businesses, along with increasing traffic, leads, sales, and brand awareness. Therefore, 91% of B2B businesses are now utilizing content to spread the word about their company.

As a content marketer, I am fairly familiar with what kind of success content marketing can bring to a business. So, to help you out, I will tell you the difference in content marketing between B2B and B2C and suggest some ways to boost your marketing efforts.

If you are a new business owner or looking for ways to boost your business success, this article will help you exceptionally.

Difference Between B2B and B2C Content Marketing

So, the first question most business owners ask themselves is, what is the difference between the role of content marketing for B2B and B2C companies? And the answer to this question, in short, is completely different.

First of all, B2B and B2C companies deal with completely different audiences. While the B2C audience is significantly broader, the B2B audience is much more focused. Thus when creating content for a B2B audience, the content needs to be tailored to match the businesses you target.

Secondly, the distribution method for B2B and B2C content differs significantly. B2C content may be shared on social media, which is simply the opposite of B2B content. Instead of social media, B2B content spreads via conferences, email marketing, website views, and email marketing.

Finally, content formats for B2C and B2B companies are significantly different. B2C content can be light, fun, and emotional, where B2B content deals with practicality and is tactical.

Therefore, it is crucial to chalk out the difference between content marketing for B2B and B2C to gain the best marketing success.

Now, Let’s talk about some content marketing strategies for B2B companies:

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

As mentioned earlier, B2B content needs to be more focused and shareable via emails, webinars, and conferences. In light of this statement, here are 5 content marketing strategies that B2B content marketing agency use that B2B companies can adopt:

Publishing Industry Studies

The best type of content a B2B company can create is industry studies. B2b content marketing can generate better traffic and share content while generating tons of backlinks.

The industry study content is supported by actual research, data, and other businesses will use this content as source material. Thus, businesses that want to generate better leads should research thoroughly while crafting their content.

Create blog posts or articles that are available for free to the audience rather than asking the audience to subscribe beforehand. It will restrict the content reach and will not generate many shares.

Moreover, be transparent about how the study went while conducted. It will make the content more trustworthy and generate better leads for your business.

Prepare Content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B marketers. Almost 81% of B2B marketers have an account on LinkedIn, and it has a fairly high organic reach. Thus, businesses can easily reach out to other businesses using this platform.

While generating content for LinkedIn, businesses will not need to be much fancy. Interesting and relevant data that attracts businesses can generate significant views of LinkedIn content.

Also, businesses can publish their blog posts and other articles on LinkedIn too. They may not do as well as the content specifically created for LinkedIn, but they will still contribute to the reach.

Like other social media platforms, consistency is key for LinkedIn. At first, businesses may not generate much engagement from their LinkedIn posts. But over time, businesses will know about the structure that works, and the content will perform better when maintained in that specific structure.

Invest in Video Content

As per HubSpot, 86% of businesses are not including video content as a part of their content marketing efforts. 53% of tech-focused B2B buyers consider video content the most useful manner of content nowadays.

However, most brands prefer to stick to traditional B2B content. While the appeal of traditional content is not lost, video content can boost marketing efforts further. 

While this video content can boost a business’s LinkedIn profile, it is also sharable on other platforms like YouTube. This will significantly boost a business website’s traffic and generate much better leads.

Additionally, any traditional content can be converted into video content to generate more value. Thus, businesses can easily start using their existing content to generate videos and gain better benefits.

Combine Content Marketing with Email Marketing

While creating content needs patience, promoting it is much more challenging. On top of that, most distribution channels don’t work well for B2B companies.

As mentioned earlier, businesses need to promote their content via email, which is one of the best methods to promote B2B content.

Firstly, businesses will need to send outreach emails to their targeted influencers, bloggers, and journalists in their niche. Here, businesses need to ensure that the people receiving those emails have shared similar content in the past.

The email body should be specific and short yet cover all the necessary information the email receiver needs. Only then will one be able to generate an effective email outreach.

Moreover, newsletters are another significant way to share B2B content. However, in this method, business owners will need to share their most recent relevant trends. They can mention their blog posts as PS to take the marketing effects further.

Finding Fresh Ideas for Content

Almost one-third of marketers generate their content ideas according to their SEO  keyword research. While it is a brilliant way to generate ideas, there are tons of scopes to get ideas too.

Following online communities where a business’s target audience hangs out is a great place to find ideas for brand-new content. Any specific slack channel, LinkedIn, or Facebook group can help in this manner.

In most cases, business owners may find some questions that are not quite clarified on Google search results. Thus, they will be able to fill up that gap with well-written content. Also, blog comment sections can contribute in this manner as well.

Final Words

So, these are the 5 best content marketing strategies we recommend that any B2B company can adopt. And when they can execute them properly, it will bring them a much better bottom line.

If you still don’t have the proper handle on B2B content marketing, there are several online courses that you can enroll in. Make sure to ensure that you are getting the best possible advice on executing B2B content marketing.


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