5 Famous Paintings That Showing Love

Paintings That Showing Love

Couple paintings are always a great option when it comes to showing love to your beloved ones. They aid you in expressing your underlying emotions for your partner effortlessly. You can gift them to your dearly loved partner, and also have them attached to the wall of your bedroom providing a never-ending love relationship between you and your partner.

In order to make it easier for you to decide the high quality oil painting reproductions to make your second half feel special, we’ve master-crafted a list of 5 famous oil paintings that show love, highlight romance, emotion, and passion.

Romeo and Juliet I, Sir Thomas Francis Dicksee

Romeo and Juliet

The beautiful painting of a stolen kiss between the most famous lovers, ”Romeo and Juliet” was handcrafted by English artist Sir Thomas Francis Dicksee in 1884. Heavily inspired by the fictional characters of ”Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, this graceful kiss painting of the eternal lovers is currently housed at Southampton City Art Gallery in Hampshire.

Moreover, this kiss painting showcases Shakespeare’s couple sharing a sweet kiss after their wedding night, not realizing it to be their last. The reason why the lovers’ art still remains popular among audiences is that this artwork exhibits what every individual craves for ”passion and faithfulness”.

The Mermaid, Howard Pyle

The Mermaid, Howard Pyle

The Mermaid is probably one of the most famous and mysterious works by Howard Pyle. The painting was Howard’s last art piece which remained unfinished as he left the States in 1910 to travel in Europe and never returned. In fact, the finishing touch to the painting was given by one of Pyle’s scholars, Frank Schoonover, who added a fish and crab to the painting.

In this masterpiece, Howard continues his long-lasting love and affection for mythological figures. The image highlights the moment when Pyle’s mystic creature, probably a mermaid, rises to the polarized seashore in order to rescue the sailor from the wreckage.

That’s not all! The mystery of the painting lies in the relationship between the mermaid and the ship. It is hard to explain, whether this is an affectionate goodbye or is the man unconscious possibly due to drowning. Currently showcased at Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts, this majestically imagined reproduction of a scene is going to make an eloquent gift to your beloved.

Country Dance, Pierre Auguste Renoir

Country Dance, Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir- a leading artist during the Impressionist movement- created many beautiful paintings, including this very beauty, ”Country Dance”. This lover’s art was one in a set of three paintings namely City Dance, Dance at Bougival, and Country Dance, which was commissioned by one of Renoir’s greatest supporters, Paul Durand-Ruel. The painting currently rests at Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

The magnum opus features a handsome looking man, Paul Lothe who is the artist’s friend, and a very pretty-looking woman with a beautiful smile on her face. The woman here happens to be Aline Charigot, who is the future wife of Renoir.

In this lovers’ art, both of them look like a bourgeoisie couple having just finished the dinner and raised from their chairs in order to enjoy a romantic dance. The hat fallen on the ground represents the quickness while they get up to dance.

In the Luxembourg Garden, John Singer Sargent

In the Luxembourg Garden, John Singer Sargent

American artist John Singer Sargent painted ”In the Luxembourg Garden” in 1879 when the artist was living in Paris. The artist’s home was near the Palais du Luxembourg which had one of the largest parks on the left bank with elegant fountains and mesmerizing sculptures. The couples’ art currently is under the reservation of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts.

The painting depicts a lovely twilight scene in the Luxembourg garden, keeping the limelight on a fashionably dressed, high-classed couple enjoying a romantic walk arm in arm. The woman wears an elegant long pink dress with a ruffled skirt which she holds in one hand, while the man wears a classy black suit and casually smokes a cigarette.

Moreover, the background of the painting shows a detailed version of the Luxembourg garden with other people enjoying the lovely evening. Sargent has carefully captured this lovely twilight scenery with his precise knowledge of color to put life to the painting.

Love Among the Ruins, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Love Among the Ruins, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones completed two versions of one of the most beloved painting, ”Love among the Ruins.” While the watercolor version was completed in 1873, the oil painting was wrapped up in 1894.

The painting depicts a man with his beloved lady-love spending a quality time in the ruins. In the background, there is a door and arches leading to the distance. The splendidly rich gouache painting shows the failed love affair between the artist and Maria Zombaco who is a wealthy Greek heiress.

That’s not all! The painting also has a disjoint connection with Browning’s poem ”Love among the Ruins.” This art piece is a work of pure romance and indeed is a heartfelt one that the artist had experienced in his life.

Own the Symbol of Love

It is indeed a beautiful feeling that you experience when you marvel at the painting of the ultra-romantic couple. This category of masterworks definitely makes a perfect gift for your beloved on honeymoon or any other day to make them feel super special.


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