5 Effective E-Commerce Strategies to Follow in 2021


By Karan Shah

Whether you’re launching a start-up or are a well-established brand, launching and keeping updated an e-commerce website is a milestone achievement for your business!

If you’re interested in creating a well-structured website for your business, we have for you the 5 most effective e-commerce strategies that will help you expand your business in no time.

E-commerce has been expanding exponentially, especially since the start of the global pandemic. More and more businesses are trying to mark their presence digitally. Hence, learning e-commerce management can be extremely beneficial if you’re a beginner. 

Creating your e-commerce strategy well will help you generate massive leads, attract potential customers and help generate higher sales. Let’s now look at the 5 effective e-commerce strategies. 

5 Effective E-commerce Strategies You Must Know

1. Increase Your E-commerce Search Usability

Designing a highly performing search experience for users is the key feature to improve your user’s usability. A complicated search experience will drive the users away from your store. 

Keep your website easy to navigate and user-oriented to provide a good user experience. You can improve your search usability in the following ways.

  • Create easy to use sections like a menu bar and categorise your products
  • Offer a search option 
  • Keep the filtering and sorting option available 
  • Offer multilingual search options
  • Provide both ‘grid view’ and ‘list view’ options
  • Offer autocomplete in the search option
  • Allow saved searches

Pay attention to detail and offer the smallest of things to make your website user friendly, which ultimately will drive higher sales.

2. Create Content to Generate Backlinks

Content creation is one of the most effective ways to expand your business. Creating any form of content will help your potential customers to gain information about your business clearly. 

Blogging is the most cost-effective way to make your online presence known. As all businesses rely on customers to buy their products, blogging is a way that keeps your customers updated and enables you to constantly be visible to your audience. Without blogging, your website would be invisible. 

Generating backlinks through blogs offers benefits beyond increasing traffic. Including backlinks in your blogs helps you to boost the authenticity of your website, along with a higher ranking on search engines. 

Including a sufficient number of backlinks can be extremely beneficial. You can include around 4-5 backlinks per blog.  Well-crafted blogs can boost visibility, generate leads, strengthen your brand reputation and funnel more traffic to your site. 

Moreover, creating good content for social media posts is also an efficient way to provide information about your business to your target audience, simultaneously advertising your products for free. 

3. Write Engaging Product Descriptions

A good product description consists of information about your buyer personas. The key is to address your customer’s needs and provide solutions by including the product’s specific features and benefits. 

You can choose the type of content you want for your product descriptions. It could be a video, a photo or a well-written product description. The type of content depends on the target audience of your product. 

Let’s look at the anatomy of a product description to make it easier to understand.

  1. Title and Price
  2. Call to Action
  3. Photos of the product
  4. The description of the product
  5. Sizing information
  6. Show similar products
  7. Compare with other similar products
  8. Offer return or exchange options
  9. Include shipping options
  10. Show the payment methods

Use power words in your descriptions and highlight the top features that the product offers. You can also include a demonstration video on how to use the product. 

4. Optimize Social Media Strategies

Creating a solid social media profile is a very powerful tool. It enables you to develop a large customer base and market your products publicly in a personalized way. 

Utilizing different social media platforms for multiple purposes is the best way to make your presence known and increase the scope of your expansion. 

Here’s an infographic for you to understand how you can use different social media platforms to market your products accurately.

Social Media Infographic

To maintain a tone and create a personality for your business will require consistency and foster trust within the audience. Posting consistently and at frequent intervals will help create brand recognition. 

Another important point to consider is to analyse the performance of your social media channels. Using web analytics tools make your work simpler. Mastering Google Analytics tool is the best way to track and measure your online performance. It will help you understand the behaviour of your audience and develop campaigns and strategies that generate more revenue for your business. 

5. Build An Advertising Campaign

Launching an e-commerce advertising campaign is an amazing way to expand your online reach and boost sales. 

Building an advertising campaign requires you to answer the following questions.

  • Which platform does the target audience use the most?
  • What is the budget that you can allocate for an ad campaign and for what period?
  • What should be the reach of your campaign to improve lead generation?

The most user-friendly channels for lead generation are Facebook and Instagram. Taking a Facebook and Instagram Ads course would be extremely beneficial to learn how you launch a successful advertising campaign. 

Retargeting is also a smart way to attract more visitors and potential customers and optimally utilizing the ad campaign. 


To Conclude

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way of how the e-commerce market operates. Thus, staying updated with the latest marketing techniques is crucial to any e-commerce business. Deliver relevant and updated content to your users from time to time. Inconsistency can drive away potential customers. 

Reaching out to customers using different and unique marketing methods will keep your customer interested and engaged. Hence, strategizing the right combination of marketing techniques will improve your conversion rate and help in the growth of your business. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Will you be adopting the above-mentioned 5 effective e-commerce strategies? Let us know in the comments section below.

About the Author

Karan ShahKaran Shah is Founder and CEO at IIDE, an ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education. He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.


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