5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Boost Your Brain Power

The fear of ‘brain aging’ is pervasive as we mature. After reaching a certain age, most commonly the late 20s, we actively wish to adopt strategies or a proper schedule to help us navigate the contours of life with ease. An article published by Reuters shed light on the cognitive decline in adults as young as 27. The study, which followed over 2,000 healthy participants aged 18 to 60, discovered that key mental processes, such as abstract reasoning, mental quickness, and puzzle-solving, began to deteriorate as early as age 27.

According to the researchers, the findings offer insight into regular age-related changes in mental performance, which could benefit in understanding the dementia process. However, our motive is not to highlight aspects of mental performance that come with aging. Instead, we will help you with strategies you can adopt to enhance your brainpower.

Brain training can help with memory, reaction time, and reasoning capabilities. So, what can you do if you want to boost your brainpower? It will surprise you how easy it is to strengthen your cognitive skills.

Play Mind Sharpening Games


It turns out that playing fair games will dramatically improve your brainpower. So, for those moments when you want to strengthen your cognitive skills without feeling guilty, here are a few games you can play to keep your mind sharp.

  • Chess: Chess is a game that improves your memory and intelligence. It should come as no surprise that expert chess players have an excellent memory. The habit of mind – deliberate thought and preparation — is one of the cognitive health benefits of chess. Training and enhancing your chess strategies will help you become a shrewder decision-maker, capable of anticipating your opponents’ moves, thinking several steps ahead, and ultimately improving your problem-solving skills. This is the advantage both professionals and amateurs get with Chessify.me’s References. The platform has recorded games since 1475, allowing users to implement deep chess analysis and reshape their opening repertoire right from Chessify.me’s playboard.
  • Crossword: Crossword is an exciting word puzzle and a classic brain trainer popular for ages. They are a great way to stimulate the brain and power it up to acquire more knowledge. You can conveniently check answers on the 911 crossword webpage.
  • Sudoku: Sudoku encourages players to solve puzzles critically and creatively. Sudoku is not only enjoyable, but it also improves one’s ability to respond to time constraints. Finally, it improves one’s mood by making one feel glad after completing the puzzle.
  • Cards: Cards are a low-cost way to socialize with friends while still keeping your mind occupied. Many card games rely on players monitoring and reacting to the strategies used by other players. It is a fun approach to assist people in improving their memory without them noticing it. Putting down your phone, turning off the TV, and taking up a deck of cards will improve your mental health.

Maintain A Sleep Schedule

We are busy creatures of the night. More often than not, we are looking at our phones, binge-watching a series, or simply completing weeks late assignments. A plethora of obligations beckon us a night, which can be quickly taken up during the day. It is not a new scientific discovery that the body requires sleep at night. For our brain and mind to work correctly, we must have a consistent circadian rhythm. A good circadian rhythm necessitates 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Adults who follow healthy practices should have a relatively constant circadian rhythm. If they stick to a routine, their bedtimes and waking times should be consistent. Thus, it is essential to sleep enough.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Eat A Balanced Diet

A good diet accompanied by physical exercise and adequate sleep can help boost one’s brainpower. Your brain requires energy to be able to focus and concentrate. According to studies, the brain consumes 20% of all energy needed by the body. It can be beneficial to seek professional assistance from a nutritionist to ensure you’re eating brain-healthy foods. They’ll be able to interact with you about your demands, consider your specific needs, and create a diet plan that’s right for you.

Study Daily Patterns and Prepare a Routine

In our lives, a daily routine gives structure and a logical sequence. It establishes the framework in which we live and carry out our daily tasks. Because you do something regularly when you have a routine, you start to get better at it. That is one of the essential aspects of mastering any skill. When a set of duties and activities becomes habitual, the likelihood of us procrastinating on them decreases. It becomes embedded in our system to the point where we do it nearly unconsciously. We may relieve stress by creating and sticking to a routine since we don’t have to think or worry about what needs to be done. Following a routine helps us in all aspects of life, including cognitive skills.


Stay Fit

Exercise has a variety of effects on the brain. It raises the heart rate, allowing more oxygen to reach the brain. It promotes the release of hormones that help brain cells thrive in a healthy environment. Exercise enhances cognitive function, mental health, and memory and prevents the onset of some neurological diseases. Studies portray an effect of exercise on the brain in the form of a probable reduction in the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Final Thoughts

The brain is undoubtedly one of the complex and exciting body organs. Keeping the brain fit and boosting its power will help people hone their retaining power for a longer age and simultaneously keep the body healthy. We can always train our brains to perform better. It is never too late!

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