5 Digital Skills Training Courses that will prepare anyone for Digitalization & Online Success

In any industry and career, the digital transformation is affecting many operations and processes. Learning digital skills is therefore vital to remain competitive in a world where internet users mainly find businesses, services, products, or information online with the help of search engines such as Google. According to Statista almost 30 percent of global web traffic was generated via online search usage in 2019.

Digital entrepreneurship is equally on the rise as more businesses and individuals use information and communication technology equipment and services on a daily basis.

Whether one is starting an online business or working for one, online marketing skills play a key role in making the business and web presence a success. Anyone can learn them easily with often freely accessible online digital marketing courses or even YouTube tutorials.

But there are some important criteria that should be considered to ensure that the digital skills training will deliver the anticipated results for the business and staff.

What does it take to learn Internet Marketing to boost Digitalization?  

Certain skills are almost mandatory for any top digital entrepreneur, business manager or head of marketing in a company to run successful enterprises online.

In fact, understanding how to create and manage a website will be a key component in the near future as business online properties become just as important or perhaps even more important than their physical business presence.

Digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond started out as a WordPress blogger who learned SEO skills to rank his website on search engines to get his first enquiries for his then established SEO agency ClickDo.

His growing customer base enquired about additional digital marketing services like social media marketing, Google Ads, email marketing and web hosting, which is why he set up his own web hosting company SeekaHost and the digital marketing eLearning platform SeekaHost University.

He understood based on his own business operations and those of his business clients that such digital marketing skills became an important part of the overall business strategy and plan.

The below listed online courses for digital marketing will prepare anyone at any level of expertise for the digitalization of their business by learning the internet marketing skills that matter. They are taught by marketing experts that use and apply them daily in their business operations. Some courses are free and can be learned flexibly in any order.

5 Online Digital Marketing Courses for Business Digitalization

To fully grasp the marketing skills taught in the following SeekaHost University courses, the participant will need to practice what they learn. This can happen through systems and tools they already use with their employer or company or via their own website they create. This can be easily and quickly done with the latest blog hosting control panel launched by SeekaHost for beginners.

For the best results, the below marketing classes should be combined with practical activities as demonstrated by the instructors:

1. Prepare for Digitalization by setting up a web presence with the help of the Ultimate Blogging Course.

Digital Skills taught:

  • How to find a domain & web hosting.
  • How to use the popular CMS WordPress for a website setup.
  • How to publish web content as pages and blog posts and optimize it with basic SEO.
  • How to market a website on the internet (basics).

2. Become familiar with digital SEO strategies and tools with the SEO Training Course to rank a website.

Digital Skills taught:

  • SEO and search engine basics
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • On-Page SEO
  • Internal linking strategies
  • High Authority Backlinking
  • Content Optimisation for search engines
  • Mobile SEO

3. Create digital and SEO-friendly web content for a website that ranks better.

Digital Skills taught:

  • Target audience, topics, and keywords online research with digital tools
  • Conducting SEO research with analytics tools for web content and blog writing
  • Introduction to different SEO tools for research/data analysis
  • Digital content creation and publication with images and graphics

4. Master Social Media Marketing with the Facebook Re-marketing course for more brand exposure online.

Digital Skills taught:

  • Facebook Business Account Creation
  • Introduction to Facebook Re-Marketing with Pixel
  • Implementing Facebook Pixel on a Website
  • Setting up an Ad Account
  • Create Pixel and link with an Ad Account
  • Create an Audience Set & Lead Generation Ads

5. Utilize Search Engine Advertisement with Google Ads and PPC Ads for targeted advertisement.

Digital Skills taught:

  • Google Ad Account set up
  • Google Ads Extensions creation
  • Keyword types for ads campaign
  • Targeting and scheduling ads
  • Google Ads creation
  • YouTube Ads creation

These basic online marketing skills should get any participant familiarised with the digital world of virtual properties and their adequate management and promotion. They should therefore be part of any training for digitalization.

Why Digitalization and Online Marketing go hand in hand in the Business sector?

Digitalization is mainly based on the use of web-based solutions, tools, and internet properties. Having a basic understanding and concept of websites and how they are managed online is therefore a key element for anyone leading, managing or administering operations on the internet.

The digital skills outlined in this article are a good starting point for anything that can be achieved in the digital realm, whether it is offering products, solutions, or services online as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee.

No business or organisation can be successful without exposure and visibility. Prosperous digitalization is therefore strongly linked with digital marketing and should find consideration and coverage with any digital training program to provide ROI.

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Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR strategist. I am a regular blog contributor on various business magazines and education platforms. I manage the PR for ClickDo and SeekaHost. I have taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and am myself a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where I teach SEO content writing.


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