5 Common Manicure Mistakes That You Might Not Know


You painted your nails for a party the next day, you woke up and saw bedsheet print all over your nail polish, ever ha[pened? That is because we are always in a rush and want to finish the manicure process as early as possible, like skipping gel top coat or base coat. This makes us commit so many mistakes that lead to unprofessional-looking manicures—listing down some common manicure mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.  

Applying too thick coats

While applying nail paint, it’s a human tendency to apply very thick coats as it looks very satisfying, and we feel that it brings out the real shine of the nail polish. But, it’s a mistake as a thick coat takes a lot of time to dry and often gets spoiled easily if you are not careful. Even if you have dried it for several hours, it can still stay a little sticky. You should apply it evenly in not more than three strokes, one in the center and one on each side. Many coats are involved while doing a manicure, and thick coats generally give a very untidy look. 

Hot water shower

The first two hours after giving yourself a fresh manicure are very crucial, and you have to be extra careful so that you don’t accidentally spoil it. Going for a hot shower immediately after applying nail paint is a big mistake. It makes the nail paint soft,  making it prone to easy smudging. The same is the case with washing dishes, as you cannot band your nails against utensils as it will destroy the shine of your nail color. 

Skipping base and topcoat

Skipping the base coat seems so tempting as we think it does not have any vital role in manicure, and you can do fine with it as well. But it’s not true because the base coat is as essential as the other coats of nail paint. If your nails are thin and prone to cracking up quickly, then the base coat helps by giving a layer of protection and avoiding any kind of breakage. Similar is the case with nail topcoats, as this coat helps to lock the shine of the nail paint. So, pay special attention to the coating process.

Cutting off cuticles

A big mistake people make with nail care is cutting off the cuticles. If you are performing a manicure at home, make sure that you don’t cut your cuticles as they are an important part of your nail. This step should be left for the professionals only as the cuts can easily get infected, and it creates a health risk. Rather than cutting, use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. 

Shaking the bottle

It is even said by the professional nail artist that you should not shake the nail paint bottle before applying. When you shake the bottle, air bubbles develop inside the biggest enemy of a flawless manicure. The trapped bubbles inside the bottle make the nails chip faster. 

Now you are aware of the common manicure mistakes, so next time when you are applying nail paint, avoid these mistakes. 


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