5 Best Places To Spend Your Winters In The US Using Your Timeshare

Spend Your Winters In The US Using Your Timeshare

As the colder months approach, most of us start daydreaming about holidays and creating fresh experiences as a way to escape the dreariness of the weather. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back whether you’re looking for a warm or cool destination. The following are the 5 leading wintertime places in the United States, all of which are authorized for travel clubs or timeshares and are sure to convince you to keep this season a frequent vacation.

City of New York

It’s no exaggeration to say that a New York cold only happens once in a lifetime. Whenever in New York during the wintertime, the sensation is surreal since you experience that you’re in some kind of a film. As you stand in amazement at New York City’s dazzling lights & bustling movement, it’s all happening around you. Due to its status as a winter wonderland, New York City is consistently listed as one of the best wintertime vacation spots in the United States. You could be right in the center with your special someone as the ball lands in Times Square for New Year’s Eve, and you’ll even witness the world-famous Christmas and Thanksgiving festivities.

Orlando, Florida

Considering that it has everything a family might want, Orlando is going to remain a popular wintertime vacation spot. If you’re from somewhere colder, a trip to Orlando is a great method of escaping the winter season. Every visitor, no matter their age, would discover anything to enjoy in Florida. Orlando is a great place to come throughout the wintertime since it offers a wide variety of fun winter sports. Every one of the big tourist attractions like Orlando’s Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios, Seaworld Orlando, plus Legoland can each provide their individual activities which the whole family could love.  However, you may simply find stuff to explore in Orlando beyond amusement parks throughout the wintertime.

Florida’s Miami

Any travel companions will always remember their experience in Miami, regardless of age or company. Miami should be at the forefront of your choices for a wintertime vacation spot since there are plenty of things to see and experience.  One could go sightseeing and learn about Miami’s history, as well as relax on one of the numerous coastlines in South Florida, or one could just dance the entire night in several of the most lavish bars in the world.

The City of Las Vegas in Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, may not be at the forefront of the minds of everyone as being among the best cold weather locations in the United States, but those who have been during the winters attest that it is every bit as exciting as the rest of the year. Like clockwork, Las Vegas never stops providing entertainment options. Experience Christmas-themed Nevada performances like All Motown, Terry Factor, or Tournament of Kings, skating somewhere at the hillside frozen arena just at Cosmo of Las Vegas whilst enjoying hot drinks, winter films, or campfires, or see the nation’s biggest drive-thru firework display at the Las Vegas Speedway. As you can see, there is plenty more to do in Sin City over the winter.

The Windy City, Chicago, Illinois

Strobing lights, excitement, wonderful cuisine, and numerous attractions, this checklist is a long one, this indicates that Chicago is surely among the leading cold weather locations throughout the USA. Seeing Chicago mostly in the wintertime is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because then you’ll get to see a facet of the city that most people are unable to see. Tour The Bean at Millennium Park and watch those memorable wintertime photos, see the chilly exotic animals visiting Lincoln Park Zoo, try snowboarding or skiing at Soldier Field, or just try rink skating in Millenium Park throughout your time in Chicago. There’s a good chance you could learn to do anything that piques your attention.


Accommodations in the United States tend to run on the pricier edge, which may add up quickly on a visit there. Nevertheless, when you own a timeshare subscription, finding a room to live in is not a problem at all. Timeshares could be a great investment, however for some people, the rising maintenance fees come to a head, and if you are among those then you should look into the process of cancellation of a timeshare. An alternative to timeshares is hiring a tour operator who can help you find the most affordable flights and hotels in your selected destination.

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