5 Best Moving Companies in San Mateo and Bay Area: Let’s Move It Right

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Even a paradise like San Mateo has its drawbacks: sometimes you have to move from one nice picturesque place to another one, bringing all your possessions with you. Yes, the balmy weather alleviates the task in comparison to the same process in other regions, yet still, packing, moving, and unpacking is not the dream task one loves to perform.

That’s why it’s important to find a professional coast-to-coast mover, who will provide an experienced and knowledgeable staff, quality packing materials and exceptional customer service. Below you can find the list of five best moving companies in San Mateo and Bay Area – all of them have high ratings from customers and are dedicated to make your move safe, secure, and stress-free. Read, decide what matches your needs, and call them right away.

1. SF Adam’s Moving

This reputable company has many years of experience which is confirmed by the 5-star rating and multiple happy reviews on Yelp. The company is established locally and operated by locals (so you contribute to the local economy by hiring them). San Mateo is only one of the destinations they serve, so you can count on them to move you across the Bay Area and beyond.

Services: This team of movers in San Mateo does everything to make your moving a breeze. It provides packing supplies, can do packing and unpacking, disassemble the furniture and put it back together without parts left behind, move you from a house to a house or relocate your business facilities, and so on. They provide space for storage (safe and guarded), can handle and transport fragile items and musical instruments, and even help you map out the future process of moving so that you know how it will happen.

Virtual consultations and quotes are free (you can go right to https://sfadamsmoving.com/ to get them now).

Working hours are very welcoming: 8 am to 10 pm without weekends, so you can move when you have time and opportunity. 

Prices: Pricing is their ace up the sleeve, as it is very competitive. The minimum service purchase starts from $95 per hour (people and a truck included). Getting more people or additional services will make the price go up, but with the lower brackets like this, it is still one of the most competitive offers.

Customers’ words: Customers are grateful to the team and express their overall satisfaction. The movers are experienced, friendly, and know that if a customer points their attention to some item or moving challenge, then it is really important and needs to be attended to. 

Overall: the reliable company with an impressive reputation and experience, probably the best movers San Mateo. It can meet practically all your moving needs at a very reasonable price.

2. Onetrack Moving And Storage

The rating of this service provider features consistent 5-star evaluation by satisfied customers. More than 500 happy reviews guarantee that these 5 stars are a true testimony of quality, so you can safely book an appointment with the movers. The company is owned and run by the family, it provides free estimates and holds an official license. 

Services: the company aims to provide as many moving services and accompanying materials and support as possible. From local moving, home or business moving and storage facilities to packing/unpacking and long-distance moving, you can find it all on the list. There are limitations to long-haul moves, though, as the company operates primarily in the Bay Area and extends its services to the western half of the continental USA. However, if you do not plan to move further than Texas (or similarly removed destinations), this company is your first place to go. 

You can purchase packing necessities from them or negotiate what you provide yourself and what you pay for. 

Working hours are reasonable, from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays, plus the short day till 2 pm on Saturday and a day off on Sunday.

Prices: pricing of these moving services San Mateo is average on the market, but the company applies a strategy that saves you money. They have the minimum charge size that you will pay for the simplest move that fits within one hour, and then the rate is calculated per 15 minute-steps. So you don’t have to pay for a full second hour if your move took an hour and a half (or an hour and 15 minutes).

Customers’ words: Customers praise the long-haul and short-haul moves performed by the team. In particular, the efficiency, politeness, and friendliness of movers are mentioned.

Overall: the efficient company with a good reputation that can move you within Bay Area and across half the USA. 

3. Winter Moving & Storage Company

Among moving companies San Mateo hosts, this company can boast of an excellent 5-star rating at Yelp calculated based on 600+ plus reviews. That’s already a good sign, but it’s only the beginning: this moving company has been in the business for 13 years, holds all required licenses, and is locally owned and managed. As additional perks, you can ask for a virtual estimate before ordering their services and get this estimate for free. So they do value your time and money as their (even potential) customer. Prices are average, but you can perform some work yourself or provide your packing supplies to bring the costs down.

Services: We point you towards this company if you need good San Mateo movers because they offer a comprehensive list of jobs they can do in the moving process and because they do it nicely, according to what their customers say. With Winter Moving and Storage, as you can guess, you can get your possessions moved around the Bay Area, whether in regular moving or with heavy-load items, move and transport your business possessions, fragile items, and whole collections, including a piano. Packing, unpacking, and supplies are also available by request. If you need to keep your belongings somewhere before moving into your new home, you can rent a space from the company, since they offer protected storage. 

One of the big pluses of the company is that you don’t need to book an appointment far in advance. Just give them a call and they will arrive on time and do the job professionally, prepared to face any complication or additional challenge that may arise (like protecting walls or lowering a big sofa on the ropes from a balcony). 

Working hours are regular, 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, with shortened working hours on weekends (till 2 pm). 

Prices: pricing is typically average across the market offers, around $125-129 per hour, depending on the complexity. You can purchase packing supplies from them or provide your own. Their price list for such materials is very reasonable. 

Customers’ words: Customers are pretty happy about the moving services they receive and when they receive them. The movers are punctual, responsible, and arrive prepared for any level of complexity of the moving process. If you provide the approximate scope of work and possession in advance, the team will comprise the optimal number of people with all the equipment and supplies at ready.

Overall: the team is very efficient and professional, with ample experience in performing moving tasks and overcoming challenges, just another example of the best movers Bay Area hosts. The only potential drawback is that they do not provide long-haul moving assistance.

4. The One Move Moving Delivery & Storage

The company has garnered plenty of positive reviews and sports a true 5-star rating on Yelp as one of the best moving companies in San Mateo. Almost half a thousand reviews prove that this company has served many customers and did it professionally since testimonies are highly approving. 

The company claims to have 25 years of experience in the moving business, is family-owned, provides free estimates, claims to be budget-friendly, and offers deals on service packages. 

Services: The spectrum of services on offer is really big. The list includes moving locally (the Bay Area), packing and transporting furniture, and art collections, moving extra heavy items, packing and unpacking, and even specialized packaging for art pieces. The company also offers moving of seniors with all necessary assistance, business moving, and long-haul moving, However, now the long-haul moving services are temporarily not provided, as their website claims with apologies. Storage services are also available since the company has its own dedicated spaces for it. 

The company provides all necessary packing supplies, you can use their blankets free of charge, and even the minimum service package includes wardrobe boxes, blankets, and covers for mattresses.   

Working hours are very accommodating, 7 am to 8:30 pm on weekends and 8 am to 4 pm on weekends. 

Prices: the company claims to be budget-friendly among Bay Area moving companies, but customers mention that the pricing turned out to be a bit higher than expected. Nevertheless, they also say that the services were worth every cent of it. So always ask for a quote (it is provided for free) and see if it fits your planned budget.  

Customers’ words: People are totally happy with the level of professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by these movers. The team is very responsible, careful about items, and attentive to what special requests customers may have. 

Overall: the company is highly valued by customers, provides many services that make moving fast and easy, and offers very convenient working hours. The potential concerns we can mention are temporary unavailability of long-haul moving and potentially higher prices.

5. Caremore Movers and Storage

We strive to give you only the best moving companies Bay Area has, that’s why even the fifth place is given to the company with the perfect rating and a sublime portfolio of reviews. Caremore Movers have 10 years under their belt, guarantee satisfaction with their services, and provide free estimates and discounts. 

Services: The spectrum of what they can do for your successful move is impressive: long- and short-haul distance, business moving, heavy load-hauling, providing supplies for packing, doing packing and unpacking, and more. However, mind, that their long-haul service covers California only. So if you plan to move from a state to a state, look for other moving companies in San Mateo

Otherwise, the company does everything to make your moving perfect: moves fragile collections, rents containers for moving, consults you in advance on how to organize the move and whatnot.

Working hours are long, so you can move after work if there is such a need. The company operates from 9 am to 10 pm all week round (yes, no days off).

Prices: Pricing is regular for such services, and discounts and free quotes are on the menu.

Customers’ words: Customers praise the company as very efficient and responsive. Even the owner comes to work and supervise the process on a par with his team. Everything goes on smoothly during the packing, moving, and unpacking. 

Overall: a very decent company many people like and recommend. The only minus is that they move across the Bay Area and California only.

Definitely, this is not the exhaustive list of top-rated movers in San Mateo, it is just to get you started on companies that really deserve your attention. If you have no time to explore and just need the number to dial on your phone, start with the top of this list and be sure that you will get excellent service. Many people can confirm it from their experience.

Good luck and have an easy and efficient move!


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