5 Best Crossword Apps To Train Your Mind


There’s no better way to exercise your mind than through crossword puzzles, as they challenge you and add some extra productivity to your day. Therefore, if you’re good with words and solving puzzles excites you, crosswords are the way to go. Crosswords not only delight your brain but also test your vocabulary and add some fun to your free time. 

With the advancement of modern technology, crossword apps are now available for both android and IOS users. These games engage neurons and toughen them, making us more intelligent as they train our brains. Below are some of the best crossword apps to train your mind and hone your mental skills.

1. Little Crossword Puzzles

Solving puzzles within a limited period is much more motivating and enthusiastic. You get more energy and encouragement to complete a task when it’s timed. Little crossword puzzles, therefore, provide limited time to complete the crossword. You have 5 minutes on a single game, and besides that, the application offers a hierarchy of difficulty levels. Therefore, after solving each level, the task increases its difficulty. 

This dramatically works in boosting your competitive spirit. Additionally, you can skip out the app if you feel it’s hard to solve, which is one good feature. These added features take the puzzle-solving experience to another level, not forgetting the game’s support that comes in three languages: Russian, English, and French.

2. Word Brain


This app offers an engaging crossword game for both regular and new users in the androids or IOS. It has several crossword puzzles with cumulatively 700 different puzzles. You get to know which level you are at and improve your puzzle-solving skills with an eye-catching user interface. The combination of scramble and crossword keeps your mind sharp. To play the game, you combine and transform random letters into meaningful words. 

Equally, the game surprisingly supports 15 languages, so you can play with whichever language you know. The game is easy initially but gets more challenging as you progress, but all the easy and hard levels can be solved. If it proves difficult, you can use provided hints, and if more complex, you can get answers on the big crossword answers website. The game is available both for free.

3. Crossword light


If you’re looking for a crossword puzzle game that gives you classic puzzles without you having to spend a single dime, then crossword light is the app for you. This game enables you to work out puzzles on smartphones or tablets with Android or IOS platforms. It offers a wide selection of puzzles from several newspapers every day. 

You only have to choose your favorite newspapers and solve the puzzle. In addition, it comes with 40 new puzzles that help improve your proficiency. Additional convenient features include getting hints, viewing your clues, and being able to track your progress. The application is free, and if you like it, you can upgrade to a full version that offers unlimited puzzles.

4. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is another excellent app that improves your IQ, trains and exercises your brain with the word game. It’s a very modern app that any android or IOS user can easily install, and just like most apps, it starts from a manageable level to a more complex one. Here the best combination of words is offered, and all you have to do is mix up the letters to come out with meaningful words.  

The game has a wide range of crossword puzzles, hidden words, and random letters. Besides that, you get to unlock the stunning background lands for a relaxing sensation. 

The landscapes help you escape from your regular monotonous routine and virtually take you to beautiful destinations. Equally, on this app, you’ll show your vocabulary power by discovering the concealed words. Download this app today and install it for free if you enjoy hunting words and improving your skills. You can also get in-app purchases that allow you to upgrade your puzzle-solving experience.


5. Penny Dell Crossword

If you’re looking for a crossword puzzle perfect for all ages, then Penny Dell Crossword is the right app. This is because it offers daily puzzles with different levels; easy, hard, and medium. Therefore, you can play this game with your children if you’re a parent to experience an exciting experience and probably share some game time. 

This crossword offers accessible sample collections with 12 crossword puzzles at the start, and all have no ads meaning no interruption in the middle of a game. Additional features like hints are equally provided to show some letters when you need help. Therefore, improve your crossword puzzle solving experience by trying the hint feature as you solve the puzzles.


Crossword puzzles are ideal for you if you want to engage in productive activities even in your free time as they compel you to use your brain. There are several crossword apps you can install on your smartphone, and with the many available, it can be tough to get ones that challenge your brain while making the experience easy and fun. Therefore, choose and download the apps from the availed above and have a good time as you recharge your energy and train your brain individually or with friends and family.


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