5 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

Credit Repair

We all wish we could simply have and spend money at will. That way, we would not have to worry about loans, interest rates, or finding the best credit repair companies. It would certainly make life a lot easier, and this is especially true when considering how many financial obligations you have to deal with as you grow older. Unfortunately, though, things are not that simple, as the economy and the world, in general, do not work that way.

As such, you must make the right spending decisions at every turn. Doing so will help you get an excellent credit score, and you will not have to deal with the disadvantages that come with being on the wrong side of the divide. However, if you think about it, that is a lot of responsibility — constantly trying to make sure you keep your scores just within the acceptable range, paying off all of your debts and loans on time, etc. It can all get a little overwhelming and leave you making mistakes. Naturally, this would not go very well with improving your credit score, and what is worse are the factors you actually cannot control. 

For example, depending on your financial situation, there may be times when you simply will not be able to repay loans when they are due. But, that does not necessarily mean you are irresponsible. Instead, you are simply unable to meet the “deadline.” Under these circumstances, there is hardly anything you can do, but your credit score will still go lower than you would like it to.

When that happens, you might find that you are in a bit of a bind. How? Well, for starters, you will not be able to get loans easily, as banks would raise a brow whenever you apply. If you can get a loan, you might find that you need to pay a higher interest rate than most people. Besides that, some landlords request your credit history before renting out their buildings to you, and a bad score automatically equals lower chances of becoming a tenant.

If you are at that point, you must fix your credit and get on better financial terms. Now, you have the option of doing it yourself or having someone do it for you. But, finances are more complicated than “wanting it and getting it.” So, it might be a better option to look towards a credit repair company for this service.

However, you do not need to go about searching for legitimate credit repair companies because we have already done all of the research for you. So here, we will review the top five credit repair companies that can efficiently help you get back on track.

Top 5 Best Credit Repair Companies (Full Reviews)

  1. Credit Saint : Overall Best For Credit Repair
  2. The Credit People : Multiple Packages For Bad Credit
  3. SkyBlue Credit : Oldest Credit Improvement Company
  4. Lexington Law : Most Reliable Credit Fix Services
  5. CreditRepair.com : Best Deals For Quick Credit Repair

1. Credit Saint : Overall Best For Credit Repair

Credit Saint

Credit Saint has been in the credit repair business for upwards of 15 years. In that time, the brand has consistently risen through the ranks to become one of the industry’s best and top-ranked credit repair companies.

One essential thing that sets them apart from others in the market is their focus on their customers. This unique characteristic shows up in different ways, including their free consultation. When you first contact them, you can talk to an expert for free to put things in perspective. In addition, this individual will pull up your credit report from the three major credit companies – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

During this free consultation, you can take all the time you need to go through your credit reports within the confines of reason and agreement. While looking through these reports, you should carefully examine any possible errors that the credit bureaus might have made in the process of creating one for you. Once you find these errors on your credit, your expert from Credit Saint can let you know what the next best line of action is. 

Another intriguing fact that attests to their excellence as a company is how they treat their cases. The brand treats each project separately rather than simply lumping all credit repair cases into one group in an overwhelming display of inelegance and an all-too-obvious lack of order. One shoe size doesn’t fit all, and they understand this perfectly.

Treating cases individually helps the company challenge and fix issues such as repossessions of properties, late payments, identity theft, judgments, late payments, etc.

While the free consultation alongside the top-tier services might seem like a lot, the brand doesn’t stop there as far as putting their customers first is concerned. Instead, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee alongside the services.


The brand offers three specific packages that its customers can benefit from. These are:

  • Clean Slate: The brand touts this as its most popular package. It begins with an initial $195.00 and then reduces to $119.99/month shortly afterward. This package gets you an incredibly aggressive set of services that are sure to turn your credit story around. How? Well, first, you’ll get an infinite number of challenges from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax – the top three credit bureaus. Beyond that, the brand will act as a mediatory body between you and the credit bureaus while providing credit score analysis where and when necessary. Finally, they’ll ensure you get your peace of mind from creditors by sending letters asking them to refrain from harassing you.
  • Credit Remodel: Unlike the clean state package with high aggression levels, the brand tags this level of credit repair services as “high” without the qualifier to back it up. It gives you ten challenges to the top three credit bureaus in the United States for every dispute cycle. It also gives you an analysis of your credit score while helping you monitor Experian specifically. Much like the Clean Slate package, a Credit Remodel purchase reduces harassment from your creditors by intervening when and where necessary. Finally, among other things, Credit Saint will help you track your score regularly to ensure that you’re within the suitable range. To get all of this, you need to pay a starting work fee of $99.00 and $99.99/month afterward.
  • Credit Polish: Compared to the first two, this is only a moderately aggressive credit repair package. It provides five challenges to the three bureaus per dispute cycle. Beyond that, its services are limited to simple score analysis, creditor interventions, and score tracking. It requires a work fee of $99.00 to begin with and then rises to $79.99 per month.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free consultation
  • A variety of packages to select from
  • Consistent score tracker, analysis, and creditor intervention across packages
  • Excellent ratings


  • Unavailable in certain states

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint

2. The Credit People: Multiple Packages For Bad Credit

Credit People

While it certainly isn’t as old as CreditRepair.com, The Credit People is no pushover in terms of experience. In fact, it comes rather close to the competition. The company was founded in 2001 and is now 20 years old. However, the company has grown rather impressively in its two decades of service. Now, it has an average point increase of 53-187 points for its customers. Speaking of customers, the brand has helped more than a hundred thousand people with their credit issues in the last 20 years.

Beyond that, it has resolved more than 1.4 million credit issues in its years of operation. Its dedication to excellent service has proven itself in multiple ways with the statistics to show for it. To illustrate, the brand’s customers had 81% approval for new credit, 78% approval for automobile loans, 74% refinancing approval, and 71% approval for home loans. All these statistics are, by all means, above average, and they serve as evidence of The Credit People’s ability to rewrite their customers’ credit stories.

While applauding the brand for all its feats and whatnot, it is worthy of note that they’re largely possible only because of its excellent team of professionals. The individuals who make up the Credit People’s workforce are trained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). What’s more, these individuals receive training now and then to sharpen their skills even more. 

They’re efficiently divided into the credit repair team, score analysis team, sales team, executive team, tech team, etc. This division of duties along key lines and among experienced people often leads to greater workplace efficiency. Finally, the customer service/care unit of this brand isn’t half bad, either. They’re available from 8 am – 5 pm, making it fairly easy to reach out for inquiries.


The Credit People offers monthly subscriptions and flat-rate memberships. You can cancel the former at any time, and the latter will get you through the next six months of service at a discount. Whatever you choose, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Free Credit Scores and Reports: Upon subscription, you’ll get access to your credit scores and reports at no extra cost to you. This is perfect as it enables you to track your progress. You know where you’re starting from, and you’ll be able to tell when you get to your preferred destination. That way, you’re never left in the dark about your situation.
  • Result-Oriented Efforts: The company has what it calls a “score-driven result philosophy.” In this regard, The Credit People doesn’t simply remove harmful components from your record and leave it at that. Instead, it gears its efforts and activities specifically towards increasing your score to a significant extent. It will not stop doing so until you get to your preferred credit score or cancel your subscription.
  • Online Dashboard: The brand has an intricately designed dashboard for its users and customers. You can access it whenever you need or want to see how far The Credit People has gone in its bid to increase your score. This act of transparency has endeared many customers to the brand. It has also enabled many people to get involved in their credit reparation process.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: One of the most impressive things about this brand’s service offerings is that it guarantees your satisfaction. If you find yourself dissatisfied with their service at any point during the month, you can simply cancel, and they won’t charge you for that month. But, what’s even more impressive is that they’ll refund you for the previous month as well.


  • Excellent satisfaction guarantee and refund policy
  • Inclusive and transparent credit repair process through the transparent user dashboard
  • Free credit scores and reports
  • 20 years of experience
  • Unlimited disputes


  • Not suitable for people looking to fix huge credit issues like bankruptcy

⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit People

3. SkyBlue Credit: Oldest Credit Improvement Company

Sky Blue

As far as experience is concerned, SkyBlue Credit takes the cake and leaves every other brand on this list in the wind. Sky Blue Credit was established in 1989. It has just about 32 years of experience helping people fix their credit issues, and over the years, it has grown incredibly efficient at its job. 

The brand puts its customers first in the vast majority, if not all, of its business decisions. This is evident in more ways than one. However, to illustrate, the brand has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Considering that only one other brand has provided this feature thus far in the list, we’d say that’s not exactly a common feat for a brand to offer.

It also has a neat little feature known as the Sky Blue Portal. This is essentially how the user connects with the brand’s work. So you can think of it as a dashboard of sorts that you have access to the instant you begin working with the brand.

Apart from all these, the brand is made up of genuinely great customer service people. When you communicate with them, SkyBlue Credit guarantees that you won’t have to deal with mere salespeople giving programmed responses, nor will you have pushy people. Instead, you’d get kind responses and realistic answers to whatever questions you might have.

Finally, even though they provide some of the best services, SkyBlue Credit doesn’t tie its customers down by making it difficult for them to exit. If you ever need to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so. There will be no surprise bills popping up afterward.


SkyBlue Credit has a couple of features that make it stand out from the competition. They include:

  • Simple And Easy Pricing System: Unlike other brands that offer a tiered pricing system, SkyBlue Credit takes a different route. Instead, it merely provides its services for $79 per month. This is besides the work fee of $79 that you’ll have to pay when you first begin working with them just like setup fee. However, if you’re a couple looking to resolve your credit issues, you could also choose the couple’s package. This would cost $119 per month. Regardless, it’s quite an advantage as not many brands offer this pricing system. 
  • Free Credit Reports After Initial Sign-Up: Like most other credit repair brands, SkyBlue Credit does well to ensure that you get an accurate report of how your credit scores have been so far. This would help you have a deep and proper understanding of where you stand and allow you to set your goals properly as well. After evaluating said reports, the company will prioritize the biggest problems/threats to your credit and begin working in order of importance.
  • 15 Credit Disputes: Most brands do not quite offer this much in terms of credit disputes. However, in every 35-day cycle of billing, you can rest assured of 15 disputes from SkyBlue Credit.
  • Impressive Bonuses: Technically speaking, they’re not all exactly bonuses or add-ons in the traditional sense. However, the brand does offer a few more exciting features alongside its primary aim of raising your credit score. They include debt validation, debt settlement, cease and desist letters, goodwill letters, etc. 


  • Free credit report
  • Reasonably priced monthly subscription
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to fifteen credit disputes
  • Impressive additional features
  • Couple’s plan
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


  • Requires third-party signup for credit monitoring

⇒ Visit the Official Website of SkyBlue Credit

4. Lexington Law: Most Reliable Credit Fix Services

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the last but not the least brand in our compilation. But, before going ahead, just take a minute and let the name Lexington sink in for just a minute. It depicts a touch of finesse and class, doesn’t it? Well, the brand has a bit more up its sleeve than just a fancy name. 

For starters, Lexington Law has been around since 2004. This effectively gives the brand more than 15 years of experience taking care of credit issues and boosting the credit scores of its customers across the country. As a result, Lexington Law has helped its clients complete up to 70 million removals from their credit reports.

At inception, the company was headed by the highly qualified John C. Heath, a directing attorney-at-law. Lexington Law offers excellent credit repair services alongside help with tools for personal finance and identity protection. Like every other brand, Lexington Law works specifically with the credit bureaus in the United States to challenge incorrect items in your credit report.

One thing that makes them particularly distinct is the authority they command as a law firm. You see, when a regular credit repair company sends a cease and desist letter, it could inspire action and manage harassment. But, put yourself in your creditors’ shoes and imagine a law firm sends you a cease and desist letter out of the blue. You wouldn’t feel very “chill,” would you? 

Moreover, the brand has an excellent customer care structure in place for its users. You might not necessarily be able to contact them 24/7. However, you should be able to reach out during business hours and have your issues resolved pronto. Another team that’s particularly laudable in the brand is the legal team, but this should be no surprise. It is, after all, a law firm.


The brand offers its credit repair services in three specific tiers. They are:

  • Concord Standard: This is the bare minimum. If you don’t have a lot of credit issues that you’re trying to resolve, you should find this package pretty useful. With this package, the brand will offer you creditor interventions and bureau challenges. Lexington Law charges $89.95 for this package.
  • Concord Premier: This is what you might call the moderately aggressive tier of all three services. If you need to intensify your credit repair efforts but don’t quite have so many problems yet, you can choose this option. The package costs $109.95 per month, and it offers all the benefits of Concord Standard but comes along with a few additions like:
  • Inquiry Assist
  • TransUnion Alerts
  • Credit Score Analysis
  • Report Watch
  • Premier Plus: This package comes at $129.95 per month. It’s great if you’ve run into quite a bit of a bind with your credit score and need to put in some more work than usual. Its features include everything in the first two packages alongside the following:
  • Score trackers
  • Cease and desist letters 
  • ID theft protection services
  • Personal finance tools


  • Highly experienced legal team
  • Great customer care
  • Huge library of information


  • Extra credit reports cost more money

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law

5. CreditRepair.com: Best Deals For Quick Credit Repair


When choosing brands to include in our list, one of the major things we considered was an experience. In that regard, CreditRepair.com is as good as it gets. The brand has existed for more than two decades since its establishment in 1997.

At different points of its existence, it has accomplished various laudable feats. For instance, between 2012 and now, the company has achieved more than 1.5 million removals and over 19 million disputes in total since it was established. To top it all, it has sent over a million interventions between 2019 and now. Perhaps the most impressive fact of them all is that the brand has over 500,000 members. It’s not hard to see that these are some pretty huge statistics, and they only go to show just how great the CreditRepair.com brand is. 

Much like Credit Saint, this company offers an initial free consultation. During this session, you’ll get to take a close look at your current credit score alongside an expert. The brand’s experts will then advise you on the next best course of action to fix it.

The consultation often happens in three specific but relatively straightforward steps. Firstly, they help you get your records from any of the three major credit bureaus in the United States. Then, they allow you to check these reports for any errors leading to poor credit scores. Once identified, they will then help you with valuable advice on what to do.

Perhaps the only downside to the company is that it doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. However, that isn’t necessarily an issue. For starters, most people who use their services end up satisfied. Secondly, it is also noteworthy that the brand doesn’t include any hidden charges in its packages. Plus, the packages themselves are relatively cost-effective.


CreditRepair.com offers its services in three main packages, much like Credit Saint. These are:

  • Basic Package: This package comes at an initial cost of $14.95 and proceeds with a monthly payment of $69.95 per month. It’s perfect for people who want to fix new credit issues rather than long overdue problems. With this package, you can get up to one month of credit monitoring from the brand. You’ll also get three different credit interventions as well as 25,000 USD equivalent of identity theft coverage.
  • Moderate Package: This package goes a step further than the basic package. It is suitable for individuals who aren’t neck-deep in credit issues yet but have a reasonable number of credit problems that they can point to. The package has a monthly payment of $99.95. It offers double the number of credit interventions that the basic package offers. Outside that, it has 25k USD coverage against identity theft and credit monitoring for a month.
  • Aggressive Package: It’s not hard to imagine what this package would be like compared to the others on the list, considering its name. However, for clarity, the Aggressive package has a monthly fee of $119.95. It has up to a million dollars worth of coverage for identity theft, sweeping all other packages under the carpet easily in that regard. It monitors your credit round the clock and provides eight different interventions. This package is perfect if you’re dealing with several credit score issues.


  • Personalized credit score consultation at no extra cost to you
  • Variety of service packages to choose from as a customer
  • Zero hidden charges 
  • Mobile app for easy usage
  • Massive library of information for users to surf through


  • No refund/money-back guarantees
  • Limited service areas/locations

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CreditRepair.com

How We Made This List

Before we go ahead, we acknowledge and are fully aware of the problem with lists like this on the internet. Very often, people make these lists with the bare minimum amount of research. They merely swipe the information from another website, rework it and make it theirs. 

Others take a different route in the form of affiliate marketing. First, they register with a couple of companies to promote their products online. Then, they write lists like these, painting the companies as the best and earning a commission for every sale/signup through their website.

All things considered, you cannot trust absolutely every list you see on the internet. With that being said, you’re probably wondering – why should you even trust us in the first place? After all, we’re making yet another list on the internet that’s already chock full of these.

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. This isn’t just another list on the internet sponsored by affiliate marketing commissions. Instead, we had to go through a tedious research and filtration process to acquire the best credit repair companies to create this list.

The first step in our process was making a roundup of as many credit repair companies as we could find. Once we had that, we proceeded to cut down the list based on specific selection criteria. We continued cutting and shedding the number of companies on our list based on these criteria until we had exactly what we needed.

What We Looked For

More specifically, these are the things we looked for in what we considered the best credit repair companies:

  • Brand Reputation: There are so many shady credit repair agencies in the market, it’s starting to seem like the upright and hardworking ones are the abnormalities. Knowing that their customers are pretty desperate to fix their problems, these questionable repair companies will go to any length just to appear as credible as possible. Then, once they do, they proceed to deliver services below standard, which is mind-boggling. We carefully looked at each company’s reputation to see if they already had a good thing going. Companies with a good reputation among their existing customers easily turned up on our list. However, those with more than a few words of dissatisfaction with rendering poor services did not survive our scrutiny.
  • Promises Vs. Delivery. False marketing is rife in the credit repair industry. Many brands want to seem like they can help you solve all your problems when they can hardly do the bare minimum. Now, this might be easy to detect for an expert or someone who has a bit of experience sniffing these things out. But, unfortunately, for other people, it isn’t that easy. So, to ensure that we recommended only the best brands, we checked to see if they could deliver on their promises. This involved digging into customer reviews and satisfaction surveys. What we found showed us that not all brands deserve to be on our list.
  • Price: A person looking for the right credit repair company already has enough financial problems as it is. As such, we thought it best only to recommend companies that don’t charge higher than the value they offer. So, that’s what we did, weeding out companies charging exorbitant prices for the process.
  • Experience: This matters a lot in every profession, but it is crucial in credit repair. So, we looked for companies that had a considerable amount of experience in their arsenal. Moreover, we favored brands with more experience over others on our list. 
  • Additional Services: While their primary duty should be credit repair, we firmly believe that credit repair companies can also throw in a few more features. We consider this a demonstration of excellent customer centrism. So, that’s what we looked for – brands that offered more than the bare minimum of credit repair services. Those with more benefits than usual didn’t have such a hard time making it onto our list. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Working With Credit Repair Company

We’ve put a lot of time and work into ensuring that the companies on our list are truly excellent and credible in more ways than one. However, there’s still a chance that you might want to explore outside of this list.

In that case, you should understand that there are many subpar credit repair service offerings in the market. Therefore, you shouldn’t dive into the very first offer you see just because it’s cheap. Instead, keep the following things in mind as you go:

  • Watch Out for Upfront Payments

There is a consumer protection legislation known as the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). This law states that credit repair companies do not have the right to ask for fees upfront before rendering their services. If any company is asking you to do so, you are well within your rights to decline.

In addition, you should be wary of them because they might as well be a scam. Finally, if they aren’t a scam, they’re breaking the law, and whether or not you will bear the brunt of it, you should avoid being on the side of the lawbreakers.

  • Be Wary of Unreasonable Demands

Some companies might request that you do a couple of things that aren’t exactly right just to help you boost your credit score. One such thing is making false statements or claims. Some might even ask you to assume someone else’s identity by changing your social security number when you appear in front of a bureau. This is as shady as it gets. Do not give in to these demands. It is illegal, and you might face punishment for it.

  • Do Not Intentionally Dispute Accurate Information

The entire purpose of credit repair companies is to dispute inaccurate information represented in your reports. The reason behind this is simply to get your score up and nothing more. However, in a bid to “get the job done at all costs,” some companies might specifically ask you to dispute accurate information. Don’t do this. In fact, the minute they ask you to do this, just because the bureau cannot verify the information, you should take it as a red flag against working with them.

  • Don’t Fall for Companies Who Claim to Have Special Relationships with Credit Bureaus

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is what binds credit bureaus’ operations. To a large extent, these organizations aren’t meant to be affiliated with other unnecessary bodies. So, a credit repair company claiming to have a special relationship with them is probably being dishonest with you. You might want to avoid them as bureaus simply do not function that way.

  • Lack of Transparency

One major thing you should always look out for is transparency. For example, your credit repair company should tell you that you have the right to sue them before you start working with them. This is based on the condition that they do not follow the dictates of the CROA. Additionally, you reserve the right to dispute the information on your credit with no charges. If they don’t tell you these critical things before you start working with them, you should avoid them entirely. 

  • False Promises

One of the biggest lies a credit company can tell you is that you’ll have a specific score when they’re done working for you. This is too good to be true. If a company is promising you something like this, avoid them at all costs. They might not be a scam, but they’re likely to waste your time and money since too many factors influence your score. The firm simply can’t control all those factors.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

A company that gives you a guarantee is confident in its abilities. It knows that you’ll likely not want your money back after it has done such a great job. So look out for them and work with them. Not all companies that withhold this money-back guarantee are bad, though. However, if you can find one that’s willing to offer you a money-back guarantee, you should go for it.


Q1. How long would it take to repair your credit?

There is no specific timeline for credit repair. It might take longer for some than for others, depending on the extent of the damage. For example, it’s pretty easy and quick to resolve a late payment. A bankruptcy case or foreclosure, however, would take much longer to deal with. Additionally, it takes longer for some pieces of information to fall off your report than for others. Hard inquiries, for instance, can last as little as two years, while bankruptcy can stay there for up to ten years.

Q2. How do you avoid credit repair fraud?

There are several ways to detect and avoid them. However, as a general rule of thumb, look out for the following:

  • Companies that don’t offer a guarantee
  • Companies that promise a specific credit score
  • Brands that aren’t transparent with you
  • Companies that ask you to provide false information
  • Companies that ask for an upfront fee

All these are signs of a potential scammer to different degrees.

Q3. What exactly is credit repair?

As the name implies, credit repair is the process of correcting a poor credit score that might be keeping you from accessing loans, securing jobs, or getting mortgages. You can either complete the credit repair by yourself or have a company do it for you.


A bad credit score can affect you in more ways than one. For example, it might make it difficult for you to rent a house. You could also have trouble accessing a loan, and even when you do, you might find yourself paying higher rates than most other people. All of this can be rather frustrating, and it necessitates fixing your credit score as soon as you can.

Considering how tedious it can be to fix it yourself, you should probably have a company do it for you. Here, we’ve recommended the five best credit repair companies for you to choose from. However, if you must explore outside our list, be sure to keep an eye out for the bad signs that we mentioned earlier.


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