5 Best Astrology Sites


It is as the stars foretold — you found this particular list of the best horoscope sites. Facetious greetings aside, you can objectively pick the best astrology website to help you analyze your future. It is a well-appraisable desire! Wanting to know the all-embracing secrets is a healthy thrust to knowledge about our realm. 

Astrology is one sphere of the whole science with many reasons to be popular. First and foremost, everything in the cosmic dominion has strong connections. So, one starburst alters the organism of our world — and our fates too. Yes, those changes might be microscopic, but even a small thing can alter the course. 

Second, astrology is one of the most ancient practices. The questions of astrology arose in immemorial times of Mesopotamian mightiness. And great minds like Dante and Shakespeare saw the significance of celestial foretelling. Today, we have only more tools to unveil formulas that stars show us in enigmatic combinations. Thus, here are the seven best astrology sites to unveil what the universe has prepared for you: 

  1. Purple Garden — Best overall
  2. Mystic Sense — Best for astrological outlooks on professional growth
  3. Oranum — Best for questions from the long-term perspective
  4. Keen — Best for daily astrology readings;
  5. Ask Now — Best for cheap astrology readings by adepts  

The Astral Scroll Unfolds: Top 5 Most Accurate Astrology Websites 

Let us dig into the details. Moreover, every foretelling has many aspects. It would be irrational to ask for professional insight from a psychic who focuses on emotional healing. Like, you do not visit a neurologist when you need a dentist. So, depending on your situation, you might want to analyze your future with:  

1. Purple Garden — Best Overall ?

Purple Garden


Purple Garden is wise when you scan the best astrology sites to pick one for daily insights. This source of inspiration and empowerment demonstrates mathematical accuracy with its predictions. Also, we see a vast base of emphatic readers who deal with life issues momentarily. 

The website’s design makes it non-challenging to see what specialist is busy or free right now. Also, we must highlight that many assistants work non-stop, and they will still find half an hour to answer your questions, even in the dead of night. Mostly, clients ask for love and marriage advice here. 

Help from seers and spiritual guides remains affordable, but you have cheaper options. The most expensive assistance never exceeds $5 per minute, but occasional discounts cut the highest prices in half. But some seers minimize the material priorities and help people for less than $1. 

Reasons to try

  • Rich choice of spiritual specialists; 
  • Affordable help, but also more expensive options if you are okay with spending a bit more; 
  • Quick reactions and solutions to improve well-being; 
  • All forms of communication with your spiritual guide; 
  • Welcoming community; 
  • A clear understanding of what will happen in the nearest future; 
  • Convenient for daily consultations (or at least frequent ones);
  • Purple Garden is against discrimination, so it never ignores LGBTQ+ problems. 

Users talk 

Purple Garden appears like good material for deep pondering and analysis. Accurate horoscopes are one story, but the chance to analyze everything and make a decision alone is what clients cherish here. But some clients note how seers try to mitigate negative predictions not to make seekers sad. 

2. Mystic Sense — Best for Astrological Outlooks on Professional Growth ?‍?

Mystic Sense


Mystic Sense highlights the significance of lucky numbers and colors for every zodiac sign. The hub of seers and readers has 570 specialists. Those have open and transparent profiles you may analyze before starting communication. 

This website is the wisest choice when you want ideas for your career and vocation. So, do not hesitate to ask about money matters, financial well-being, and professional development. But emotional situations like family issues and divorce will not remain unreadable enigmas. So, the masters here can help with: 

  • Relationship issues (including LGBTQ+ problems); 
  • Breakup; 
  • Grief; 
  • Finding your soulmate; 
  • Friends and other aspects of social life; 
  • Life path questions; 
  • Destiny turns; 
  • Discovering your spiritual abilities; 
  • Replenishing your energy sources; 
  • Boosting your intuition; 
  • Giving you inner fuel for complex projects and challenges. 

The horoscope section is stellar. You can get insights for free daily, weekly, and monthly. Furthermore, the prognosis has specific details. Sure, the details are not as specific as a Natal chart will give you, but that is sufficient in a short perspective. 

Reasons to try

  • Mystic Sense is a wise choice for career prognosis; 
  • Great choice if you focus on questions about money and wealth; 
  • It helps with emotion-focused questions too; 
  • User-friendliness allows finding your accurate astrologer in seconds; 
  • Posts detailed and accurate horoscopes without missing a day; 
  • Educates members and guests for free in the blog; 
  • It can be super affordable, close to costing nothing;
  • It does not support any form of discrimination and helps everyone. 

Users talk 

Mystic Sense can boast a stellar number of reviews that see the website as excellent. There is less than 1% of dissatisfied clients, but even their issues do not remain ignored. 

3. Oranum — Best for Questions from the Long-Term Perspective ?



There is another best horoscope online. Amidst astrology sites, Oranum is the only platform focusing on mass-oriented live sessions. The website covers many magical practices, but astrology tips remain free. Yet, you will have to go to the blog if you want a general prediction for all of your signs. 

Also, guides here do a profound job on any question. But they tend to be masters at various magical practices. So, your reader might use cards and pendulums in a combo. Also, often those seers do not need an instrument. Still, they use it to highlight important messages and visualize the answer.

Furthermore, using many instruments and multiplying their power with a Gift helps to specify things. Given the profound details, Oranum is a wise choice for questions from a long-term perspective. The answers will be like street lamps, not dim candle lights in the fog. 

Reasons to try

  • Affordable readings; 
  • Many astrologers;
  • There are always several clairvoyants live or online; 
  • Boosted attentiveness to details; 
  • Many free astrology tips in the blog;
  • All-around magical guidance.

Users talk 

Users often point to the problematic nature of the live-video platforms. Unfortunately, many trolls, mostly psychics, enter the chat to harass others. That turns an interesting feature into an issue that demands changes from the roots. So, we recommend private chats to avoid potential party ruiners.

4. Keen — Best for daily astrology readings ?



Keen is a comprehensive hub of diviners and astrological analysts. There are many different healers and advisors in that hub. In addition, the website is an old-timer that has been the main supporter for many people in hardships. So, astrology is not the main focus but an equally significant divination department on Keen. Overall, you can get advice from: 

  • Empaths and spiritual readers; 
  • Telepathists; 
  • Pendulum users; 
  • Aura readers; 
  • Tarot and oracle readers; 
  • Energy manifesters and other specialists. 

But let us center the attention on the astrological component of the website. First, you may get free advice from the Keen horoscope by clicking the corresponding section. A Keen horoscope offers short pieces of guidance daily, but there are also predictions for months and years. Sure, the latter might lack particularity, as every fate is unique. So, you might need to ask a gifted reader for help to get extra cognizance of what is in store for you. 

The website also shares astrological, tarot, and other tips in the blog. Furthermore, the Keen community is open-minded and supportive. So, regardless of your situation, you will not remain high and dry in the storm. Keen is always willing to become your lighthouse in the sodalite ocean.

Reasons to try

  • Comprehensive psychic assistance; 
  • Free tips on astrology, tarot, and other magical practices; 
  • Help with many aspects; 
  • The immense base of magical analysts, healers, and consultants; 
  • Only highly-rated specialists who are confidants to many truth-seekers; 
  • The website has been functioning for twenty years; 
  • Many forms of psychic help; 
  • Deep analysis; 
  • Affordable consultations (first minutes are free); 
  • Secure chats if you prefer texting instead of calling; 
  • Accurate horoscope that costs $0;
  • LGBTQ+ friendly. 

Users talk 

The Keen horoscope receives words of gratitude every day. Users often describe feeling lost in both positive and negative emotions. But Keen horoscope calmed them down and guided them through challenges. As one of the clients said, Keen horoscope soothes them. 

Some clients hire many astrologers to check if the predictions correlate. Those users report that around 98% of predictions were about the same things that happened later.

5. Ask Now — Best for Cheap Astrology Readings by Adepts ?

Best for Cheap Astrology Readings by Adepts ?


That is one of the most affordable online astrology reading websites. The chart shows important details about every specialist, including the zodiac sign. You can see full profiles, but brief information suffices to decide who will bear your fate’s secrets.

There are no questions you cannot ask. Everything from career plans to lost things is valid. Also, you may get help in other languages if you are more comfortable with that. But be attentive to what languages seers speak because many of them are proficient in English solely. 

Reasons to try

  • Free daily horoscope; 
  • Attention to details like lucky stones and numbers; 
  • Compatibility advises for free; 
  • Profound readings;
  • Instant reactions to astrological and other inquiries; 
  • The psychics have tons of awards;
  • Swift callbacks if your psychic is busy when you need help; 
  • A rich blog as your inspiration source; 
  • LGBTQ+ friendly. 

Users talk 

Many clients highlight the professionalism of Devin Starlight and Josette. Still, users also report issues with the timer that might malfunction. Notwithstanding, the reminder that your time out works properly. So, it is advisable to track time additionally with a timer on your phone. 

How to Find a Reliable Astrology Site: A Brief Guide

Zodiac websites can be tricky! Moreover, it is challenging to comprehend if that is an actual seer helping you or a master of psychological analysis. Plus, many foretelling sessions might be wasted because you get unspecified answers. So, let us guide you to finding the best astrology sites alone. 

Always click the Learn More button 

99% of the most accurate astrologers do not hesitate to share their stories. They have undergone difficult paths to unblock their energy! So, they will disclose the most important details of their spiritual journey. That, in turn, is a sign of openness you want to get with readings! 

Test the audio/video calls 

Most knowledge seekers are shy to talk live. They choose texting, which is valid but also depersonalizes all experiences. We recommend first asking for an audio/video call to establish contact. But if all astrologers are not ready to have a call with you, ignore the site! Those might be deceivers! 

Read testimonials and shared stories 

People ask for magical help for a reason. That means that all conventional ways of dealing with issues did not work. Some might comprehend that as irrational behavior, but magic is a science. And when clients understand the power of that discipline, they have so much inside that they need to share. Analyze those stories — they will inspire you and parallel indicate the best astrology sites. 

Analyze blogs 

Blogs by psychics are your free inspirational material. But also, that is an indicator that you work with actual accurate astrologers and not one no-name person who copy-pastes blog posts. There must be various tips, not only those focused on astrology! Note some tarot posts, Angelic messages, and tips on daily rituals. One seer cannot be profound at everything — but a whole base of occult knowers can sustain a blog. 


What is the best horoscope for love predictions? 

We recommend Purple Garden, Oranum, and Psychic Source. Still, other websites have enough light and resources to guide you through emotional challenges.

Will the astrologer work with me if I’m a lesbian? 

100% yes. The psychic does not care about your peculiarities. Your question gets an answer regardless of who you are. 

Is astrology more accurate than numerology? 

Please do not prioritize one occult science over another because of its popularity (and stereotypes). Those are equally valid fields of study and practice. You can like one practice more than another, but that does not annul the significance of other magical sciences. 

Can I become an astrologer without the gift of a seer? 

Many people have the potential to open their energy channels and become seers. Do not hesitate to strengthen your spirit and learn! Maybe, you will become the accurate astrologer everyone wants to contact? 

In Conclusion 

The most accurate horoscope might appear like a fairy tale. Still, the stars have already given us all answers. Our task is to decode the messages and plan our life wisely. And we hope that your path to the future shines with a guiding light! But if not so, there are people and whole communities that can help. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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