5 Best Admission Essay Writing Services


A well-written admission essay is the most important tool when trying to secure a college admission that will ultimately shape and define your career success. However, writing an admission essay that will convince the admissions board of the target institution to approve your application can be a nerve-wracking process, which could easily result in missing the opportunity in your university or college of choice. This is why you should work with an admission essay writing service to help you prepare the best essay. So, which application writing service do you select?

While the long list of companies offering online admission essay help might sound like a thing, some of them cannot guarantee you the anticipated quality. If you fall prey to the wrong undergraduate, PhD, or MBA application essay writing service, there is a risk of losing your money and still not securing the targeted admission. However, you have a reason to smile because we are here to help. Keep reading as we review the five best admission essay writing services.

Best Admission Essay Writing Services Review

Do not pick just any admission essay writing help – this guide has all the considerations to help you select the best of the best.

1. MyCustomEssay.com

MyCustomEssay is one of the best college admission essay writing services, a brand that has helped so many students to join the colleges of choice. The company is made up of top-notch college admission essay writers with a lot of experience in preparing admission essays. It is the best place to write an essay because they stop at nothing in ensuring you get the highest quality essays. Here is a closer look at MyCustomEssay reputation, services and pros of using their application essay writing help.

Online Reputation

The moment you make the big decision to seek college admission essay help, the first thing that should ring through the mind is reputation. For MyCustomEssay, this is one of their strengths because most people who have sought help from them talk positively about their services.

Unlike other college admissions essay writing service firms working online, MyCustomEssay experts start your essay from scratch to guarantee clients about originality. You will also love how they help with college essay admission writing because the professional writers make every piece look real, professional, and convincing. Remember that the admission committees of the selected colleges want to know you more, and the narrative you give should help you win the slot. That is the angle that MyCustomEssay takes, a reason that explains why most clients rate it 4.9 stars.


Although your primary target at the moment is admission essay writing assistance, MyCustomEssay is a company that deals with all sorts of writing and academic work. Well, you might also need their services now or after securing that admission. So, here are additional services offered by My Custom Essay writing services:

  • Essay writing services
  • Term paper writing service
  • Custom dissertation writing
  • Coursework writing services
  • Literature review writing
  • Creative writing
  • Speech writing services
  • College papers
  • Paper editing
  • Proofreading tasks


The main advantage of using MyCustomEssay is that their college and MBA admission essay writing services are pretty easy to use. To place an order, the only thing that you do is visit their site and say “I need someone to write my admission essay for me.” Even if it is at night or you want the essay finished urgently, one of the top writers will be there to work on it right away. Other pros of using MyCustomEssay include:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • They only work with professional writers
  • They can handle even the urgent admission essays
  • Affordable prices
  • Positive reputation on the market
  • Commitment to customer value

2. MyHomeworkDone.com

Founded in 2003, MyHomeworkDone remains a top admission essay writing service in USA, a beacon of excellence in the academic writing industry. For them, every client who comes to them for help with varying tasks, including college application essay writing services, is assured of getting nothing but high-quality work. With their handpicked UK and USA writers, you can rest assured of getting top grades in the essays they do for you.


Taking a closer look at the MyHomeworkDone admission essay writing service reviews from past clients, you will realize that most of the students rate it over 4.5 stars. The main reason for this is because of the writers’ experience and company commitment to customer value. When it comes to helping you with college essay admission, they will not fail. Indeed, they have handled a lot of admission essays, and yours will be a lot easier. 

We also loved the firm because of its commitment to high confidentiality. Whether you are preparing a college assignment or an admission essay, the MyHomeworkDone service will keep the task a secret. They have encrypted their services and customer communication so that no one else apart from you will ever know that you sought the assistance of a university admission essay writing service.

Still on their reputation, you will love the way their support works professionally. Well, you can use multiple channels to communicate or find out about the services offered by the firm, including a toll-free number. What an awesome way to clear the hassles out of the way when looking for the best college application essay writing service or seeking clarification with an order?


To deliver greater value to clients seeking their services, MyHomeworkDone service offers a long list of services. For example, you can count on them to help you with your dissertation writing when nearing the end of your studies in the university. Well, you can count on them to prepare the entire dissertation or individual chapters. Other than your admission essay writing, you can get the following the MyHomeworkDone:

  • Writing and editing different types of essays, from descriptive to business essays
  • Preparing term papers
  • Dissertation writing and editing services
  • Online assignment writing
  • Thesis writing


The main advantage of using MyHomeworkDone to help with engineering, teaching, or nursing admission essay help is that you are assured of top-notch work no matter how tough the task appears. Check out the other benefits that come with using the service:

  • They can help with admission essays of all colleges, from New York-based colleges to UK universities
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Affordable
  • Highly rated by previous users
  • Offers numerous services
  • Utmost confidentiality
  • Assurance of plagiarism-free work

3. ProEssayWriting.co.uk

When seeking the assistance of an admission essay writing service in UK, the goal is to have a killer essay that will make the admission committee say, “Excellent, this is the kind of student we want in our college.” Now, ProEssayWriting is best positioned to help you achieve this. The company is focused on helping students shape their path to success. To do this, they work with top-rated writers who know how to craft the best admission essays. Do not let the task stress you; just tell experts at ProEssayWriting that “I need help with my college admission essay.”


Going to college is a big undertaking because it serves as the gate to your career. Let’s put it differently; you will not become an engineer, nurse, or another type of professional without going to college. Therefore, no effort should be spared when it comes to selecting the firm to help you craft a winning admission essay. ProEssayWriting is a 4.5 star rated academic writing firm that you can count on for top quality work.

Since the firm’s establishment, they have invested in writers, and this is one of the reasons why most students return with positive feedback. The writers are very professional on the way they approach admission and other academic writing tasks to guarantee clients of top grades and success. For example, they personalize the admission essays, making them interesting and convincing. So, if you just want to explain why engineering or nursing is so interesting, they will hack it like a pro and boom, your essay is approved!


Like our first two admission essay firm services, ProEssayWriting has a long list of services for its clients. First is the college admission essay writing service, which they do excellently. So, here are other services you can seek from this firm:

  • Research paper writing assistance
  • Sociology paper writing help
  • Management paper writing
  • Analysis papers
  • Editing service
  • Action term paper help
  • Accounting term paper writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research proposals
  • Custom college papers
  • Proofreading work


ProEssayWriting writing service boasts of its ability to handle almost any paper because of its writers’ diversity. So, whether you have an essay to work on a complex dissertation, know that they have a pro waiting to do it on your behalf. Other benefits include:

  • Their services are cheap
  • Outstanding customer service
  • They deliver plagiarism free work
  • They handle even the urgent tasks
  • Placing orders on ProEssayWriting is pretty easy

4. USEssayWriters.com

When you pass the exams in one level of education, such as high school, undergraduate or masters, you should not let any obstacle stand in the way of advancing your career further.  USEssayWriters.com has stood out as one of the best essay writing service college admission options for working with qualified writers. They know that for any student to prepare a winning paper, a person with experience, preferably one who has passed through the same process and with a higher level of academic qualifications, should be involved. Simply put: you want the best, they deliver the best.


The bulk of the effort from USEssayWriters has been directed at building its reputation. They do this in a unique way because they want clients to drive referrals by explaining the quality they got.  A brief tour of their site is full of clients giving positive reports about the service. “I sought the services of USEssayWriters and passed that exam with flying colors” and “that is my favorite academic writing service” are some of the common comments.

When you ask USEssayWriters to assist with academic or admission essay writing, they ensure that it is delivered on time. This reputation makes a lot of clients, including those who get late with their work, come back for more. The writers who work with the service are experts, and they are equally fast in preparing assignments. So, even if your admission essay is only a day or couple of hours away from the deadline, you can count on them to get it done.

We cannot fail to mention the outstanding customer support of USEssayWriters. To give you the assurance that everything is progressing as expected, their support is available 24/7 and allows you to enquire how your order is progressing. Once you pay for PhD admission essay, you can even ask for a draft to confirm that the writer working on the order is on the right track.


Other than admission essay writing, here are the main services that are offered by USEssayWriters.

  • Essay writing
  • Paper editing
  • Paper proofreading
  • Business papers writing
  • Term papers for sale
  • Research papers writing


  • Only work with professional writers to guarantee top-quality work to clients
  • Trusted by students for delivering top-notch papers
  • Placing orders is pretty easy
  • They can handle even the papers with tight deadlines
  • Deliver only plagiarism-free work
  • Affordable
  • Can help you with a wide range of assignments

5. WriteMyEssay.Today

The last admission writing service to make our list is WriteMyEssayToday, a premium company that you can also count on for top-quality work. When the firm was started, the goal was to create a platform that every student could rely on to get the required academic help. This is why they have simplified their website so much, meaning that you can place an order within minutes. Even if you only have a short tea break, that should be enough to place an order. What is more impressive about Write My Essay Today is that they always deliver top-notch quality work.


When it comes to reputation, Write My Essay Today stands tall because of its outstanding commitment to quality. After placing an order, Write My Essay Today insists that only experts in a specific discipline can handle related papers or admission essays. For example, a thesis or nursing admission essay will only be handled by a professional in the same field.

For a student seeking essay writing from Write My Essay Today, the task is only handled after a thorough review of the topic, instructions, and recommended structure. Indeed, even after delivering the finished essay, the writer who handled the task will still be there to address any concern. For example, if you think there is something that should have been included in the paper, the writer will be there to add and ensure the task meets the targeted standards.

Another attribute that makes Write My Essay Today highly reputable is that they offer loads of freebies to their clients. It is not just about finishing the task but guaranteeing you high value for money. Therefore, you are sure of enjoying free proofreading, editing, and revisions, among others. See – no effort is spared to make your admission essay outshine other applicants.


Apart from the help writing college admission essays, Write My Essay Today also offers the following service to students.

  • IB essay writing
  • Custom essay writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Essay editing and proofreading
  • Dissertation services
  • Custom university essays


  • Today only works with professional writers
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Allows users to place orders any time of the day or night
  • Can handle even admission essays and term papers with tight deadlines
  • Their services are highly confidential
  • Affordable
  • Discount for loyal clients.
  • Can handle all sorts of academic work

Choosing The Best Admission Essay Writing Services in UK

If you want to get into that college of choice and sharpen personal skills in your line of study, your admission essay must be excellent. This is why you should work with expert writers. Although the five admission essay writing services we reviewed in this post are awesome, the best of them all is MyCustomEssay.com. The writing service boasts of impressive administration, qualified writers, and top-notch work to all its clients. They have everything you want from a premium essay help to the best dissertation writing services. You can never go wrong with their service.

Now that we have looked at the leading admission essay writing services, you might still be wondering, “How exactly do I identify the perfect one?” Well, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you to pinpoint the right service for your essay.

How To Find a Good Admission Essay Writing Service

The biggest mistake that you can make when making a college application is selecting the wrong writing service because it will result in poor quality essays and rejection. Therefore, here are the most important things that can help you identify the best writing services for admission essays.

  • Works with Expert Writers

If you are preparing an essay, be it an admission essay or classwork-related essay, it is always crucial to think of who the reader is. In the case of admission essays, the target is the admissions committee, which determines who gets admitted and who does not. Therefore, you should look for an admission essay writing service that works with expert writers capable of putting down essays that can impress professors and doctors in the admissions committee. When we say expert writers, here is what to look for:

  1. Native English speakers
  2. Top-notch academic qualifications, preferably PhD and masters
  3. Ample experience handling other admission essays
  4. Excellence in specific areas of study, such as nursing and engineering

Do not hesitate to ask for the qualifications of writers, or at least specify the type of writer that you want to handle your assignment.

  • Good Customer Support

Let’s put it this way: a good company always invests in customer support. So, if you find an admission essay writing service whose support is wanting, that should be a red flag. With good customer support, you will be able to get answers to all the questions that you have. For example, if you are wondering about the pricing of the admission essay writing service, the support can provide answers right away.

With professional support, it is also easy to seek clarifications if things do not go as expected. For example, does your billing have a problem? Is the number of words not matching what you ordered? Well, customer support should be there to address any concerns. Indicators that signal a writing service is good include:

  1. Toll-free phone number
  2. A live chat for direct communication
  3. Professional support officers
  4. A comprehensive knowledge base
  • Must be Trustworthy

As we indicated earlier, the service you pay for college admission essay writing holds the key to success in your career and life. Unlike with the conventional assignments, where you might probably get another attempt, there is only one shot when it comes to admission essays. If you miss it, it implies that you must wait for a new opening, which might be in the coming year. You do not want this, right? This is why you should only work with a service that is trustworthy.

To know that a service can be trusted, the first thing you need to check is feedback from past clients. What did they have to say after using the admission writing service? If most of the clients return positive feedback and say that they were successful, you can use this assignment writing service and expect similar levels of satisfaction. However, a service with most of its clients indicating they got a raw deal is likely to cause disappointments to you.

Still on being trustworthy, you should extend the search to professional reviews. Most clients are likely to gauge the writing service only based on whether they got admission essays successful or not. To get a deeper picture, you should look for expert reviews and ratings. If you get experts rating a service more than 4.0 stars, that will be a worthy consideration. To make your decision, pick a number of top-rated services and try to indemnify the best of them all. In this post, for example, we identified the top five best services but highlighted the best of them all.

  • Able to Produce High Quality Work Even with Tight Deadlines

For most students, their diaries are parked from over to cover. Weekdays are full of academic work, from research to preparing assignments, while the weekends take personal activities such as birthday parties and traveling. If these activities are overwhelming and you only remember the admission essay at the last minute, the right service is the one that can handle it and deliver before the deadline.

To be sure of this, you need to talk to the support of the selected service. The lovely thing about the admission essays writing services, such as the ones we have reviewed in his post, have amazing turnaround. Even if the deadline is only four hours, they can complete the essay on time. Make sure to confirm with the support that the task can be completed within the available time frame. 

  • Delivers Only Plagiarism-Free Work

One mistake that you should never make when preparing essays is plagiarism. If you are preparing academic work for your professor, plagiarism could mean severe punishment, such as degree cancellation. Plagiarism in your admission essay will result in your application getting declined. This is why you need to only get the service that can guarantee zero-plagiarism work

To prepare plagiarism free work, the selected writing service should have expert writers who are able to creatively pin your points together into a convincing story. Another thing, the writing service should have a policy on zero-tolerance for plagiarism. Last, they should ensure their works are checked with plagiarism software to give the assurance of original work.

  • 100% Confidentiality

The expectation of all colleges and universities is that students will handle the tasks issued to them by their lecturers. When the admission committee issues admission essay prompts, it also expects that you will handle the question and submit the essay for assessment. So, if anything indicates that you are not the one who prepared the essay, the application will not go through. However, you are lucky because the admission essay writing services know this and will try to keep everything confidential.

The best admission essay writing service is the one that uses advanced encryption to keep your communication as confidential as possible. For example, some use bank-level encryption technology to ensure their clients’ details are 100% confidential. Also, the service should have a secure portal where you can download your essay for submission. You might want to check and avoid firms that are tainted with cases of poor confidentiality.

  • Easy to Place Orders

As we highlighted earlier, most students can get really busy, and therefore, every minute is precious. Therefore, you should look for a service that makes placing orders easy, fast and enjoyable. This means that the site should be professionally designed to make navigation from one page to another seamless.

If you are not yet decided about the needed number of pages for the essay, the instructions you want to be followed by writers and costs should be easily available. For example, a good service should provide reliable information about costs and explain what the client should expect.

Once you have made up your mind on the service to use, placing orders should be pretty easy. Good examples include services that have easy-to-fill forms, where one can promptly key in the number of pages, preferred writing style, and upload additional materials. Once all the details are made available, the page should display the cost as well as the supported methods of payment.

  • Supports Other Services

One notable thing about students, such as those applying for PhD or masters, is that they are likely to be still in other classes. This means additional assignments, which might also require assistance.  For example, a nursing student targeting to get a masters degree might have a thesis to work on. In such a case, the selected service should also have dissertation writing services. Here are additional writing tasks, which you might also need when seeking help with writing a college admission essay.

  • Dissertation editing services
  • Term paper proofreading services
  • Lab report writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Book reviews
  • Literature review
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

How do you feel when you buy an item or service that does not meet the expected standards? Cheated, right? The same case applies in the writing industry, but it can be worse because admission essays are all about building careers. Therefore, the best service should provide guarantees when you seek help writing a college admission essay. Here, the aim is to ensure you get the highest value for every dollar you commit.

One way of getting quality guarantee is reading admission essay writing services reviews. With the reports, you can easily see the minimum standards of the delivered work. The other method is seeking assurance from the selected admission essay writing services provider. For example, the services provider should commit to providing 100% cash-back guarantee if the expected quality standards are not met. Again, the process for such refunds should be clearly defined. In most cases, you are free to ask for revisions and refunds are only given as the option of last resort.


1. What is the best admission essay writing service?

To know the best admission essay writing service, you need to look at a number of factors. The most important of these is the service using highly-qualified writers to prepare the admission essays. A good service should have English as a native language (ENL) essay writers who guarantee their clients of top-quality work. Ensure writers also have ample experience handling similar types of work.

In addition to qualified writers, the service should also guarantee students high confidentiality. This means that once an admission essay has been completed, no one else apart from the respective client should know that the work was sought from a professional writer. Other attributes to check include affordable prices and impressive customer support. The good thing is that the services we have reviewed above are the best and you can count on them for top-quality work.

2. Is it illegal to ask someone to write my admission essay?

No, it is not. However, most colleges would want you to believe that it is not legitimate. When you contract another person to work on your write-up, it is considered a form of ghost-writing.  The contracted person puts your ideas on paper and is absolutely legal. The admission essay follows the same model.

When you visit the site of a good admission essay writing service, you provide the instruction that the college admission essay writer will follow. Therefore, he/she will be your hand or mouthpiece to get the job done. The lovely thing when you ask a reliable firm to “write my admission essay” is that they keep the communication confidential. No one can know that the work was done by another person.

3. How fast are the admission writing services?

When students come to experts seeking help with admission essay writing, most of them have very tight deadlines. Well, they are pretty busy and might have forgotten about the admission essays, but professional writers are prepared to handle them no matter the deadline. So, how tight is your admission essay deadline?

The aforementioned writers are professionals in their areas of specialization and very fast in getting the task done. Having handled similar tasks before, they understand the structure and have all the required resources to get the task done quickly. Therefore, whether your admission essay is one week, three days, or less than 24 hours to the deadline, the above companies can handle it. The minimum allowed time for admission essay orders is three hours.

4. How much does it cost to write admission essay?

When placing an order for an admission essay, the primary goal is getting admitted to the college or university with the first attempt. This is why you should not be drawn to the cheapest services because they are likely to offer low-quality work. Instead, you should look for university, college or high school admission essay help that guarantees quality but at affordable rates. Indeed, it will be a great idea to factor the price as the last item on the factors you use to identify a great service.

The price for some companies start from around $17 dollars, but you might want to check closer for other offers. For example, you might qualify for a lower rate as a loyal customer. You might also enjoy a lower rate by placing your order when not so close to the deadline.


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