5 Benefits of Custom Tumblers for Your Small Business

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Are you looking to increase foot traffic, build relationships with your customers, get the word out about your brand? Of course you are! Who is it? These are the basic tenets of marketing that apply to businesses large and small. Of course, every marketing campaign is limited by scope, budget, and purpose. So if you’re looking for something relatively cost effective that can generate tons of impressions easily, you might consider offering custom tumblers at your business. As a small business owner, you likely struggle to find customers. Offering something for free can not only engage customers but also passively advertise your friends. Here are five benefits of using custom tumblers for this purpose. 


If there’s one thing that can be said about tumblers, it’s that they’re affordable. Affordability and cost-effectiveness matters in any business. But this is especially prevalent when it comes to marketing. With so many economic conditions leading to a downturn in market/ad spend recently, it makes sense to find an affordable option for your marketing campaigns. Tumblers offer a low cost of admission. You can buy them in bulk for relatively cheap and get a high quality product. It costs very little to print your logo on them as well. That means you can save some money while setting up a promotion. Due to their long-lasting nature and portability, customers will keep them for quite some time. This effectively spreads your marketing message far and wide and can be beneficial by propelling your brand into the public consciousness.


Another great reason to use tumblers in marketing is that they’re eco-friendly. With the world being more conscientious about being environmentally friendly, it’s a good idea to choose goods that are made from sustainable materials. That can help boost your reputation with customers and show you care about the world in addition to profits. Tumblers can be constructed from eco-friendly materials and can be reused constantly. This reusability means they last a long time and won’t often require replacement. That will save on materials and costs over a long period. 


When it comes to advertising and running business, variety is pretty critical. There’s a strong correlation between a variety of products offered and brand awareness/recognition. With tumblers, you definitely have quite a bit of variety. In fact, they come in a variety of different styles, materials, and designs. These include double wall, vacuum sealed, and glass varieties. Whether it’s stainless steel tumblers that keep beverages hot or cold for hours at a time or plastic tumblers that contain a straw and lid, tumblers are ideal for taking drinks pretty much anywhere. The best tumblers will offer unique designs in addition to their functionality. Their surfaces make it easy to customize them with the logo, image, or text. Placing your logo on them and giving them away or selling them is a good way to promote your brand while giving the gift of variety/versatility to your customers.

Great Impressions

Creating impressions—a lasting mental or emotional image about your brand—in someone’s mind isn’t always easy. In marketing, impressions are an important metric because they influence how people think and feel about particular brands. One of the reasons water bottles and drinkware are so popular is because they create positive impressions for a low cost. Promotional tumblers are fantastic at creating positive impressions because they’re an effective canvas for spreading a marketing message. Since people use them on a regular basis in public, others can be exposed to your message, which creates The impressions you need to get people interested in your business. Custom promotional items in general tend to create a strong connection between brands and consumers. They also increase visibility for a business. This ultimately creates leads along with impressions, and hopefully a conversion or two down the line. Using promotional items appropriately within the broader context of your marketing strategy can make a big difference in the long term.

Brand Awareness

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Believe it or not, tumblers are a great way to promote brand awareness/recognition. To be successful, people must recognize your company. Otherwise you won’t earn any business or new clientele. Your brand must also have a positive reputation. Part of that is supplying quality products and services to your customers. One of the reasons promotional items are so popular is because they help build engagement and relationships with current and Future customers. By creating a positive association with your brand

Using custom tumblers for business is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and recognition. Ultimately, using them is one of the most effective ways for businesses to create lasting relationships with your target audience and build strong brand recognition along the way.


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