5 Bedroom Design Decisions That Will Help You Sleep Better

Bedroom Design

We all know the primary purpose of a bedroom is to sleep. A good night’s rest is essential for keeping energy levels up, boosting concentration, and keeping productive. The quality of our sleep and bedroom interior are closely intertwined, so if you’re struggling to get a good night’s shuteye, here are some design decisions to take into account.

Choose Colors Carefully

Your bedroom wall color has a huge impact on your quality of sleep. If you’re struggling to hit the hay, it may be time to rethink your color scheme. For better sleep, sticking with neutral and subtle hues is the way to go. This is because they look and feel calm and relaxing. Whether you opt for cream or beige, there are lots of brilliant bedroom colors to choose from. Even if you like vibrant and abstract colors, it’s best to choose warm colors for the bedroom, otherwise your brain may focus on the bright colors and not understand that it’s time for bed.

Buy a Comfortable Mattress

If you climb into bed and find you’re not as comfortable as you’d hoped for, this could be a sign that it’s time for a mattress replacement. Over the years, your mattress will go through a lot. Should you feel lumps and bumps, this can hinder your quality of sleep, leaving you waking up feeling groggy and with aches and pains. Above anything else, you want a mattress that provides ultimate support. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want the best mattress for the money. However, make sure you pick one that suits your needs. A top-quality mattress provides good spinal alignment, can tackle snoring, and prevent tossing and turning. When purchasing a mattress, be careful to use the correct European Mattress Size.

Remove Clutter

Many of us dump clothing and items in our bedrooms without a second thought. If your bed has become your new closet, it’s time to move your clothes out of sight and out of mind. Your bedroom needs to promote relaxation, so if you have junk piling up, know that this can induce stress and anxiety. Where you place your furnishings and looking into storage options are great ways to hide excess bits and bobs, without them being an eyesore. Removing clutter can provide all sorts of health benefits, such as alleviating anxiety and depression and, most importantly, helping you sleep better.

Buy Blackout Blinds

How many times have you woken up early in the morning because of the harsh sunlight hitting your window? If the answer is, ‘too many’, it’s time to rethink your curtains or blinds. While natural light is great in the daytime, if it’s disrupting your sleep, it may be time to invest in blackout curtains or blinds. For light sleepers, opting for blackout curtains or blinds will mean you won’t wake up prematurely. What’s more, your stress levels will decline, and you’ll get the privacy and comfort you deserve.

Select the Right Bedding

Sinking into a comfy bed after a long and busy day is what we all dream of. Once you’ve found the mattress of your dreams, your bedding can contribute enormously to your overall comfort while sleeping. Not only will you want your bedding to be inviting and stylish, but the material can be the difference between getting lots of shuteye and waking up feeling restless. Many people purchase cotton bedding as it’s fantastic for breathability and softness. Cotton sheets will stop you from becoming too warm during the night, especially in the summer months.

To benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, a good night’s sleep is imperative. There are lots of interior decoration ideas that will not only revamp your bedroom space but enhance your sleep too.


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