5 Award-Winning SEO Agencies You Will Love Working With


Every actor wants to win an Oscar for their brilliant performance. Every musician wants to win a Grammy for their amazing album. Every screenwriter wants to win an Emmy for their captivating story.

Also, every SEO agency wants to win an award for its outstanding achievements.

It can’t be denied, in each of these cases the competition is tough, the requirements are demanding, and the chances for success are slender. Yet, winning first place is achievable.

Why Should You Pair with an Award-Winning SEO Agency?

Being recognized by the experts and critics, no matter the niche, proves that the efforts and hard work were worth it. Luckily, those who receive the nominations aren’t the only ones who care.

The awards and nominations are considered reliable indicators for those who are bewildered by the big number of companies offering similar services

Therefore, if you’re currently looking for an SEO agency to help you generate more organic traffic to your website, but you have absolutely no clue how to pick one, you may try checking if an agency’s efforts have been ever applauded.

Now you may be wondering where you can find an SEO agency that received prestigious nominations and awards that actually matters. Well… you’ve just come to the right place! Below you will find a list of 5 award-winning SEO agencies* that can help you achieve your business objectives.

*Bonus: Each of the SEO agencies shown below is also known for its easy-going approach to their clients.

Top Award-Winning SEO Agencies | RANKING |

No 1: Delante


official website: delante.co

Optimizing websites on over 20 international markets and having the experience in over 30 industries (including those a bit more demanding like casinos, CBD, medical, erotics, blockchain), Delante is recognized as the big SEO player. From technical SEO, through content writing, to conducting backlink outreach – they offer the whole package to get their clients’ websites reach top spots in SERP.

Their multi-disciplinary team of experienced specialists is trained to create customized search engine optimization plans based on the individual KPIs of the companies that they work with. More organic traffic, more backlinks, more converting customers – Delante is the 1-stop shop for all your SEO and SEM needs.

It’s also worth adding that Delante provides monthly reports on all the activities they do to get their clients’ websites at the top of the search listings. With their hands-on experience in digital marketing, Delante is proven to deliver consistent and predictable SEO results.


Client Focus: 

60% small business, 20% midmarket, 20% enterprise

Service Lines:

95% search engine optimization, 5% pay per click

Awards & Nominations Received:

  • Global Agency Awards 2022 – winner
  • European eCommerce Awards 2002 – finalist
  • US Search Awards 2021 – finalist
  • European search awards 2022 – finalist
  • Global Search Awards 2020 – finalist
  • International Performance Marketing Awards
  • Deloitte Technology 2021 Fast 50 CE – laureate

No 2: Pearl lemon

Pearl lemon

official website: pearllemon.com

Pearl Lemon is more than just an SEO agency. Their offer is far wider, including lead generation, sales and content strategies. They also handle web development and design, which makes them look like a do-it-all marketing company for various types of businesses.

This British agency doesn’t mind showing their tactics to the clients they work for. Actually, they encourage people they cooperate with to check Google Analytics and Google Search Console on a daily basis, and book a call if they notice any abnormalities.

If you don’t mind being a bit more engaged in the SEO process, Pearl Lemon will give you the possibility to almost work shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the team. Their specialized knowledge helps the online business owners make better decisions to grow bigger.


Client Focus: 

10% small business, 60% midmarket, 30% enterprise

Service Lines: 

55% search engine optimization, 10% accounting, 10% pay per click, 10% public relations, 5% content marketing, 5% web design, 5% web development

Award & Nomination Received:

  • Design Rush, Best eCommerce SEO & Marketing Agency 2018
  • Enterprise SEO Company, TOP 10
  • The Manifest, TOP SEO Company in London – winner
  • Agency Spotter, Top Marketing Agency 2019
  • Clutch, Leading UK Company 2019
  • CorporateLiveWire, Manchester 2019, SEO Services Company of the Year – winner

No 3: BigLeap


official website: bigleap.com

What used to be a one-man firm in 2008 has evolved into a company hiring over 80 SEO and marketing specialists. Even though the number of employees has clearly increased, there is one thing that remains unchanged – BigLeap’s main goal is to provide clear and transparent website-improving plans for those who need to increase the web traffic.

People working in this American SEO agency have various tools at their disposal to help their clients’ businesses perform better online. The very set of tools seems to be pretty impressive because BigLeap handles social media marketing, search engine optimization and even marketing automation.

It’s also worth noting that clients, who got in touch with BigLeap, like the way the team makes themself available whenever they are needed. This definitely builds the trust between the company and their clients.


Client Focus: 

15% small business, 40% midmarket, 45% enterprise

Service Lines:

65% search engine optimization, 15% content marketing, 10% email marketing, 10% social media marketing

Award & Nomination Received:

  • Best Company Culture 2019
  • Best Company for Women 2019
  • Clutch Global 2018, 1000 Companies
  • The Sammy Awards, Sales & Marketing of the Year
  • MWCN Utah100

No 4: Promodo


official website: promodo.com

Located in Kharkiv (Ukraine), this company seems to be more than just an SEO agency. Apart from doing SEO audits, optimization and link building, Promodo also handles other tasks that help online businesses grow bigger and become visible to potential prospects.

The main goal of this company is to provide their clients with a wide range of marketing tools and services. That’s why people contacting Promodo may count on receiving a multi-step plan that increases their chances to achieve better results in reaching more clients.

Working in marketing for almost 20 years, Promodo knows this and that about the changing nature of online marketing. That’s why pairing with this team may keep your website safe whenever some new Google updates go live.


Client Focus:

30% small business, 60% midmarket, 10% enterprise

Service Lines: 

25% search engine optimization, 25% pay per click, 10% email marketing, 10% marketing strategy, 10% mobile & app marketing, 10% social media marketing, 5% digital strategy, 5% UX/UI design

Awards & Nominations Received:

  • iab Ukraine
  • Shopify Experts
  • Google Partner 2022
  • Meta Business Partner
  • Upwork the Best Agency 2016

No 5: RevenueZen


official website: revenuezen.com

This American SEO agency focuses most of its attention on inbound marketing. Clients that get in contact with RevenueZen can be sure that their brand’s LinkedIn and Facebook profile will be taken care of very well. Also, they conduct keyword research and backlink outreach for increased web traffic.

Apart from growing their clients’ brand awareness, RevenueZen also handles content writing. The experienced team of copywriters and content creators produces quality copies that answer the internet users’ queries and are rated high by Google robots. They also prepare blog briefs for their clients.

This Portland-based SEO agency may be a good fit for those who need some help with boosting organic traffic and getting their customers engaged. RevenueZen is said to be made up of open-minded people, manining they are easy to work with and are eager to take up challenges.


Client Focus:

70% small business, 30% midmarket

Service Lines:

70% search engine optimization, 30% content marketing

Award & Nomination Received:

  • Clutch, TOP B2B Companies in the USA 2020
  • The Manifest, Top Content Marketing Agencies


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