4 Ways Your Small Business Can Attract Big Talent

Your business will fail without the right employees. Every boss knows this. From market stalls to megacorporations. The most gifted job-searchers can take their pick from job listings, but they are always drawn to the big players.

Why is your company not doing more to attract them?

Here are four ways your small business can attract – and retain – big talent. Don’t try to compete with the large companies. Instead, use these tactics. You can do this in many ways, from offering employee benefits, to developing the right culture.


1. Don’t underestimate reputation

Remember that your business’ reputation is important. One way to improve it in the eyes of potential employees is to practice CSR. Millennials want to feel like their work matters – like it makes a difference. Highlight your company’s social impact and talented people will flock to you.

There plenty of companies doing this right. Entrepreneurs such as Angeline Francis-Khoo of Rosie On Fire hire marginalised groups in society. New Belgium Brewing Company have made a pledge to sustainability. Burt’s Bees even created a foundation to donate money to causes that align with their beliefs.

Remember that your business’ reputation is important, but you are still missing a golden opportunity. Market your company only for consumers at your own risk. It’s easy to see why you should appeal to them, but you can make your business a talent magnet by putting your employees at the heart of everything you do.

If you publicise everything about your new product, then why not let the press know what you do for your staff? This could be as simple as publishing the bonuses you give your employees or how well they are paid in comparison to your CEO.


2. Perks of the job

You don’t need to dish out sports massages, complimentary yoga, or have a slide in your office to provide benefits. You could allow your employees to work from home, offer volunteering days or simply provide breakfast. Subsidised travel or donating to their favourite charities are other great methods.

Your small business can’t always compete with the big fish in the industry. So why do what they do? You can’t offer the same things as huge companies like Patagonia, who offer on-site childcare, or Facebook, that offer $4000 for baby expenses when your child is born. Instead of going big for your business – think basic.

Basic is best. Simple measures may not attract talent, but they definitely retain it. You will suffer a brain-drain if you don’t offer these benefits – even as a small company.

Treat your employees right. This is one advantage you have over the big businesses. Your employees won’t feel like just another number. Offer simple benefits to them that are cost-effective for your business and talented employees will be lining up to sign a contract!


3. Develop a winning culture

If you don’t go to lengths to create a workplace culture, your business will stagnate. Having great benefits and an excellent reputation go a long way in building a positive culture in your business, but you can do other things to nurture it too.

Foster a winning culture and create goals for employees. This provides meaningful objectives to stride toward. No one wants to feel like another cog in the wheel. If you want to attract the right people, why limit their freedom and fill your office with cubicles?

You should host events for them and encourage engagement in social relationships. Build camaraderie in your teams, because everyone likes to have friends in the office.

However, the single most important thing to create workplace culture is communication. This goes both ways. Communicate your company’s goals so employees know what is expected of them. On the flipside, always listen to your employees. If you know what they want, you will satisfy their needs and keep them onboard with your mission for years to come!


4. Use specialist recruiters

Every company should make use of specialist recruiters. To find the best talent for your company, you should enlist the help of professionals whose job it is to do just that. Instead of relying on your in-house HR team and hoping the right people find you, specialist recruiters will find them for you.

This is a simple tactic that many business owners overlook. They know all know about recruiters. But narrow your search, and you will find what you are looking for. Specialist recruiters know your market. They speak your language and – trust me – life is easier when they do.

Some specialise in a job function or industry, while others look to hire from a particular area of the country. They provide services that a normal recruiter can’t. This makes finding talent a piece of cake.

All of these methods, from developing your reputation, to fostering a winning culture or providing benefits, are sure-fire ways to rally the best talent to your small business.


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