4 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty in 2021

employee loyalty

Retaining your top talent throughout the years will not only decrease your company’s turnover fees, but it could increase productivity and profitability. However, many factors can determine if an employee sticks with the brand or heads to another business.

If you want your existing staff members to remain with your company for many years to come, read the below four ways to increase employee loyalty.

Transform the Company Culture

The company culture relates to the values, relationships, and attitudes across a business. While every staff member will determine the culture, it is the management’s responsibility to create a positive working environment.

Transform the company culture by:

  • Recognizing and rewarding your employees’ achievements
  • Cultivating friendly working relationships
  • Improving the team atmosphere
  • Providing workplace flexibility

Support Progression

Give your employees a reason to stick around by supporting their career progression. Providing various training opportunities will not only help them to develop new knowledge and skills, but it will prove you trust in their talent and ability. Investing in talented team members could increase their loyalty to your brand, and your business could enjoy the benefits of their extensive knowledge and experience.

Reward Your Employees

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A lack of appreciation could convince your employees to visit various job boards in search of a new role. Instead of encouraging them to secure employment with a rival, you should take the steps to reward your employees when an opportunity arises.

A simple “thank you” or “well done” can often lift your employees’ spirits, and they will believe they’re making a positive contribution to the brand’s success. Also, you could provide a gift for completing a difficult task or a successful project, such as a cash bonus, gift basket, or a company discount.

Don’t forget to celebrate various successes and public holidays with your employees, too. For example, you could host a corporate party to celebrate a seasonal event, brand achievement, or a milestone. It is a great way to reward your staff for their dedication and hard work, and it could improve colleague relationships.

Make the event extra special by picking a venue that complements your branding and offers great food and fantastic music. For instance, if you want to hire a live rock band to match your rugged image and/or employees’ taste, Alive Network is the place to look.

Eliminate Workplace Conflict ASAP

Despite various efforts to cultivate strong working relationships with your staff, arguments and tension can arise. Rather than ignoring the problem and hoping it resolves itself, you must aim to eliminate the conflict as soon as possible. If you don’t, your employees might feel they have no other choice but to look for a position elsewhere.

Business owners must introduce a rock-solid dispute resolution process, which will ensure a conflict is managed in a professional, fair manner. Plus, you must provide staff with clear documentation on the process to ensure they know what to expect when there is an internal dispute. It will prevent confusion and prove you’re a fair, professional employer.


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