4 Ways to Improve CRM Management with Intelligent Automation Tools

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CRM software is a powerful tool for customer retention and management. It allows you to keep track of your company’s relationship with its customers, which can be the difference between success and failure for many businesses. 

CRM software offers business owners a wide range of prospects and is predicted to exceed $128.97 billion in total revenue by 2028.

But even if you’re already using CRM software, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s where intelligence tools come in. Intelligent automation platforms allow you 

automate majority of manual tasks and improve productivity of your processes quickly. 

Here are some ways intelligent automation software can improve customer relationship management:

Streamline data capture and entry

Streamlining data capture and entry is one of the best ways to improve your customer relationship management (CRM) system because it increases efficiency by reducing repetitive manual tasks and errors that arise from those tasks. 

Generally, IA Softwares have an in-built OCR software that allows you to capture data from documents directly and process it before updating your relevant CRM records. You can automate plethora of tasks like accounting, reporting, approval processes and more. 

You can also create front-end applications using BPM tools like Power Automate, Kissflow, Nanonets, IBM, etc to streamline data entry. With these applications, you can train employees to input the data in a specific manner to reduce anomalies and enhance data quality in the long run.  

Improve data structure

A data structure is the foundation of any analysis and reporting. It must be structured in a way that supports the needs of your business.

The CRM system should be easy to use, maintain, update, and query. You will want to ensure that you can quickly get information out of it when needed and easily enter new information when necessary. Also, remember that it needs to be easy for others within your organization or outside parties who might need access through an API or other means.

With improved data structure, your team can find data easily at the right time. This reduces the turnaround time for customer queries and improves customer.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is important to gather customer insights. Without insights, you’re just shooting in the dark. One of the ways to improve customer engagement is connect with the customer on the right time. 

Use automated workflows in your intelligent automation platform to capture all customer data like emails, interactions, complaints, user behaviour and update your CRM records. You can use automated workflows to give a score to every customer action on the basis of severity. Eg. website visit can get 1 point vs positive customer review can get +10

Share these customer profiles with your Sales team. Set up alerts in case there is a drop in the score and ask the customer success managers to reach out to the customers in order to mitigate their issues.  

Promote customer centricity in the team. Customer-centric means knowing what makes your customers “tick” and providing them precisely what they need at every stage of their journey with your brand. 

By analyzing data on how different types of people interact with different kinds of content or sales pitches, you can create a highly personalized experience for each customer that will lead them toward becoming one of those happy customers who tell everyone they know about how great it was working with you.

Track patterns in your customer base

Using intelligent automation tools & CRM, you can ensure all your customer data is present in a single location. With such powerful database, you can track customer behaviour patterns. 

The customer behaviour data can be used to understand your customer requirements, their painpoints, the trends in industry and provide you critical insights on how to enhance customer loyalty. 

For example, suppose you see that certain parts of the country are more likely to buy from you than others or that customers who buy one product tend to purchase another. In that case, this information can be used to inform how your company targets future marketing efforts or products.


Automation can help organizations use their customer data efficiently. Many enterprises are adopting automation tools to eliminate manual work, sync their data across applications and get the best of their datasets. 

Selecting the right tool is critical for the success of this activity and therefore, find the best intelligent automation tool based on your requirements. Using intelligent automation softwares to automate CRM update activities can help you make better decisions about customers, enhance sales and impact revenue growth directly. 


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