4 Oddball Businesses You Can Start From Home In 2022

Businesses You Can Start From Home

Remote work has become a usual setup nowadays as many business owners find it more beneficial for their employees and business operations. If you’re a work-from-home employee, you may think you already have a flexible work setup, considering that you can work closely with your family and achieve that healthy work-life balance everyone wants. However, not all remote workers can work as flexibly as they wish. You’ll still need to conform to your company’s work schedule and keep up with your responsibilities and deadlines.

If you wish to attain that work-life balance without complying with your employer’s requirements, why not become a business owner yourself? Today, starting a business doesn’t mean finding a commercial space or building an office to get you started anymore. With so many tools online, you can create a profitable business in your own home at any time. The only thing you need to figure out now is a business idea that will fit your skillset and set you apart from the existing competition.   

Here are four oddball businesses you can start from home in 2022:   

1. Local Lead Generation Business   

If you’re searching for a business idea that won’t require you to build or create a product to sell, this could be for you. When you have a lead generation business, your primary function is to help generate leads and sales for other businesses’ products or services. You’ll be paid a fee for directing more leads and demands to the business. With so many clients that need help in this department, this could be an excellent opportunity to earn more income in the comfort of your home.   

Like other industries, starting a lead generation business may also require some time and work. If you’re new to this, you can go now and sign up for an online training program about generating leads, such as the Modern Millionaires training program and more. It’s also ideal to first check reviews about the different training programs and their offered courses. Hence, you get a clear overview of how they can help you start your lead generation business.   

2. Digital Payments Processing Service 

With many stores and businesses selling their products or services online, electronic payments and online transactions are also becoming more prevalent. Because online payment is often considered the most convenient way to give or accept payments, many businesses would need the help of a digital payment agent. For starters, a digital payment agent works by accepting online payments or card transactions for other companies using their point of sales systems or online ordering.   

Businesses You Can Start From Home

Instead of relying on poor or lousy payment processing, you can help merchants find a suitable payment processor that is more efficient, reliable, and eventually provides a smoother paying experience for their clients. In exchange, you get paid for every successful payment transaction. Likewise, you can join or invest in a training program to help you become a digital payment agent. You can then start a successful e-payment processing service and earn residual income while you’re at home. However, ensure you read reviews first, like the Residual Payments review, to know how their training program can help you in your start-up business.   

3. Slideshow Design Consulting Business 

We often see PowerPoint presentations in corporate and even virtual meetings. However, not everyone is skillful enough to create slideshow presentations that could present their intended message or retain the audience’s attention. As a result, some people find PowerPoint presentations boring, snooze-worthy, and sometimes hardly understandable. Thus, many people are willing to pay and outsource the responsibility of creating slideshow presentations.  

Hence, if you’re a graphic designer who can create eye-catching and interesting business presentations, you can use this in building a slideshow design consulting business. Business owners, employees, or even students who’d like to have impactful PowerPoint presentations can get your services online while you get paid for every project you make.  

4. Dating Coach 

Not everyone is lucky to find their soulmates as easily as others. Some would sign up for multiple dating apps and use online matchmaking sites to boost their chances of finding their dream partner. However, many people still find it challenging and frustrating to navigate these dating apps because there are many scammer profiles online. That’s where a dating coach comes in. If you’re armed with romantic moves and believe you’re a self-confident person who talks smoothly, you can become an online dating coach. 

Becoming a home-based dating coach can be a legitimate way to make money and start a business. As a dating coach, your job is to provide tips and advice to people to help increase their chances of finding their soulmates. You’ll also help them find a match online who you think fits their preferences perfectly or at least help them experience a fun date night.  

Here, you’ll get paid for your dating advice and for helping people find their match. So, you’ll need a solid social media presence to advertise your services and attract new customers. As a home-based dating coach, you can offer your services through one-on-one video consultations and publish daily content or articles about dating tips for your followers or paid subscribers.  

Wrapping Up 

Starting a business is never easy, but it will all be worth it in the long run, especially if you devote your heart to the business you wish to start. Now that you have some ideas, you can start figuring out which business idea resonates or appeals to you the most and seize the opportunity of becoming a successful home-based business owner.


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