4 Coolest Job Opportunities For MBA Graduates


A graduate degree in business opens many opportunities across a wide range of industries. Many MBA graduates work in big and renowned firms, namely Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. These career options are open to the graduates because of the skills and knowledge imparted to them during their learning years in the university. Most MBA degree programs include a combination of theory, case studies, and practical simulations to prepare graduates to work in real working environments.

Perks of an MBA degree

The key benefits of an MBA program include a potential raise in their salary. More than 35% of the graduates apply for this program to increase their salary structure. Business graduates such as online MBA graduates tend to earn the highest salaries, probably because their job translates into better business development prospects that may lead to long-term career opportunities in entrepreneurship.

Another potential benefit of an MBA degree is that it helps the graduates rise to managerial and leadership positions at a much higher pace. While promotion might be one of the results of this degree, it also comes with more responsibilities. Changing career paths, changing industries, or starting a job in another country is also a benefit. Overall, a master’s degree in business makes you an attractive candidate and a superior choice in the applicant pool.  

All the perks of an MBA degree might make it an extremely tempting option for aspiring graduates. So, many of you might be seeking an MBA degree, but before deciding, you must ask yourself- what jobs can I get with an MBA? The reason why this question is so important is that you need a career that translates into more opportunities for advancement. 

So, here are the most incredible job opportunities available to you with an MBA degree.

1. Business consultant

Consulting needs are gaining more urgency and traction in the business world. An MBA graduate demonstrating expertise and understanding can assist in identifying and attracting new opportunities for their clients’ businesses and earn their trust and confidence. Business consultants analyze the organizational practices, identify the weaknesses, and make recommendations for solutions.

With the right expertise gained through your degree, you can offer consultation services regarding business administration, management, finance, marketing, etc. In addition, you have the option of claiming your expertise in any course taught at the university. The overall goal of the job of a business consultant is to help companies improve their business operations. If you aspire to work as a business consultant, you can expect an average salary of $75953 per year.

2. Marketing manager

A marketing manager works to stretch the market outreach of a company. The role is for creative individuals who improve their company’s reputation and let others know about what they offer. 

These employees act as both planned and unplanned representatives of the company. The planned activities include advertisements (print, video, and billboards), public speaking, engagements, and endorsements. Whereas the unplanned representation can include any misspeaking by the company’s representatives, which may tarnish its image. Such occurrences often necessitate prompt damage control on the part of the marketing department.

This can also happen when outside forces attack a company due to faulty products, misinformation campaigns, or the circulation of defective products. Here, a company requires its marketing managers to develop the correct explanations and remediation measures. 

An average marketing manager’s salary is $104,295 per year. The ideal personality traits for this position include outgoing habits, good communication skills, and, most importantly, street smarts.

3. Business Analyst

A business analyst understands the business or organizations’ needs and attempts to apply cost-effective technological solutions. Their role allows them to conduct market analysis about the product lines and the profitability status of a business. 

Companies also hire analysts to monitor data quality metrics and ensure that reporting needs of a business are adequately met. Broadly speaking, the job description of a business analyst can include functions such as budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling, pricing, reporting, as well as defining the business requirements and reporting them to stakeholders. Apart from that, they also develop new models to make all-encompassing business decisions. 

To perform their job, business analysts also need to have a sound understanding of business rules and regulations and state regulations required for making comprehensive business decisions. As a business analyst, you can earn as much as $74,228 per year.

4. Financial advisor

As the job title implies, they give financial advice to both businesses and individuals depending on their circumstances. A financial advisor helps businesses invest in the right opportunities and advises them on long-term goals. Their job duties include meeting with clients, discussing their circumstances, understanding their needs, obtaining financial statements, and planning their financial future. They also develop their client’s financial portfolios to help them decrease debts and maximize profits. 

Financial advisors can find jobs in banks and financial services, but many prefer to set up their own offices, where they can cater to a wide range of clients. A financial advisor must have an in-depth understanding of their employer’s industry, federal regulations, and knowledge of financial services, saving and loan accounts, and stock options, to name a few. On average, they can earn up to $87,850 per year.


Business graduates have numerous career options in many fields. The benefits of earning an MBA degree are innumerable, including the opportunity to earn a better salary, switch careers, work with companies across a wide spectrum of industries, and accelerate success rates.

As financial advisors, they help their clients make better financial decisions; as marketing managers, they help companies advertise and market their products more effectively. By working as business consultants, they can also assist you with identifying opportunities and making the right decisions. They play many roles, but the end goal is to make their clients’ businesses successful.


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