4 Content Strategies That Are Trending This 2020

This 2020 has seen many content marketing strategies that one can apply. After all, content marketing still stands as one of the best ways in which any business can achieve its goals. They’re able to reach more customers, connect with their audience better, and even successfully convert more leads. For this reason, your business needs to focus all the more on content marketing among other digital marketing strategies.

Are you certain that your current marketing strategies are doing your business any good? Are there any changes or new strategies that you wish to apply in your business? This article gives you some of the best strategies that are trending well for 2020.

1. Don’t Just Publish Content For The Sake Of It

Even in 2020, there are still those who simply publish content for the sake of it. This practice has to stop. As digital marketing has become more competitive, consumers are also better able to distinguish quality and reputable content from one that’s there merely for the sake of it. In designing a strong content strategy for your business, always focus on quality.

If publishing random content has worked for you in previous years, this might not be the case now. A website with quality content will always fair better than one that doesn’t have any, as search engines are also ranking your site. When your content continues to be of poor quality, you’ll never make it to the top landing pages or results.

Here are some tips you can apply to ensure that your content quality is good:

  • Post about content that your target audience is most interested in reading about.
  • Identify and write content that’s connected with your business and the products and services you’re selling.
  • Post content that’s relevant and of interest to your target market.

2. Stick To The Results You Intend To Achieve

Each time you’re in pursuit of posting new content, you’ll also have to ask yourself what results you intend to achieve. Remember that business today have become even more competitive than they used to be. You have to strive to stand out so you can grow in the digital era. So be creative in a way that the value you bring to your audience is still consistent. You can write articles, post photos or record a podcast. If you find making podcasts difficult, Podcast How To is a great resource to go to for guides, tutorials, and tips in creating podcast content.

The first thing you have to do is to clearly define the specific goal you have for posting that particular content.

For example:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase rankings on search engines
  • Grow your list for email marketing purposes
  • Generate more sales

When you take that extra step to focus on the results you intend to achieve, you’re able to have content that’s easier for your audience to grasp. Most importantly, these readers can also get their desired results faster.

3. Do Include User-Generated Content

User-generated content refers to ideas you’re able to obtain from your followers. The great thing about it is that it allows active participation from your audience. In effect, you’ve also made yourself more engaging.

Your customers and target audience will then feel like you truly have their best interests at heart, simply because you’ve taken that extra step to ask them about what they wish to see and read about in your content. For instance, you intend on launching an app for your store. Heed the example of progressive web apps, whereby a part of their research process also includes considering ideas from their followers and loyal customers.

On your part as the business, it’s also actually more convenient. This would take away your need to tap on other resources. When you ask your followers what they want, you immediately know what it is they’re interested in reading about. Right there and then, you can immediately write and prepare that kind of content.

4. Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

The year 2020 has also seen the rise of video marketing, and it will only continue to soar even higher. In fact, for many brands, this has formed part of their go-to kind of marketing.

The reason for this is very basic: Videos capture more of your followers’ attention. It often keeps them more interested compared to them reading huge chunks of text at a time. Aside from that, they have an easier time recalling whatever it is that you’re talking about if they watch videos rather than just read text.

More importantly, videos as part of your content can bring in more new followers. It keeps people interested to learn more about what it is you’re going to post about next.


As the year has now reached its halfway point, it’s safe to conclude that content marketing is still relevant and as effective as ever. After all, it’s only in your content that you’ve got all the freedom and leeway to talk about the products and services you have. Hence, it’s here that your website visitors, who may also become your loyal customers, will get to learn more about your products and services, and whether or not they should purchase them.


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