3 Trading Strategies You Should Consider Using In The Crypto Market

So far the cryptocurrency market is arguably the most famous activity that has resulted in the increase in usage of blockchain technology. A lot of people are provided with opportunities to invest and trade this digital asset class.

This is very exciting from a traders point of view as there will be many trading opportunities for them that can be materialised. A successful crypto trader will use a variety of trading strategies in order to make a profit. It is important to learn the tricks about trading cryptocurrency if you want to become a successful trader in the crypto world. We shall now look at some strategies that you could use for trading in the crypto market.


You will see that the arbitrage trading strategy is simple and conceptually very straightforward. In simple words, it is when you buy an asset when the price is low and sell it when the price goes higher. People have been simultaneously buying and selling cryptocurrencies and using the volatility in the crypto market in order to make profits.

For example, arbitrage trading in bitcoin’s market would be when you buy bitcoin for €10,000 on one cryptocurrency exchange, and then later sell it on another cryptocurrency exchange platform for €11,000. In this example, the trader will be able to make a €1,000 profit by simply buying and selling the cryptocurrency. It is important to note that this is just an example and in the real world a price differential of €1,000 will probably not exist between cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fundamental Analysis

People have been using fundamental analysis as a trading strategy for a very long time. This trading strategy applies regularly in the context of traditional asset classes such as bonds and stocks. Bitcoin traders will use a number of different indicators in order to identify if an asset is undervalued or overvalued. It is important to take into account many different indicators and factors to properly use fundamental analysis.

It may prove to be a little difficult for anyone to apply fundamental analysis in the context of the cryptocurrency market or the bitcoin market because these digital currencies are not underpinned by companies but decentralized networks. It may be a little difficult but it will not be entirely impossible. The fundamental analysis trading strategy will mostly be used by investors and traders who want to hold their assets for longer periods of time. The strategy is based on the idea that if an asset is truly undervalued, then it should increase its price and value over time. The volatility of the crypto market should not concern a trader or an investor who is looking to hold an asset for a long period of time.

Swing Trading

This method of trading cryptocurrencies is the exact opposite of fundamental analysis trading strategy. Traders will use the swing in the price changes to their advantage. The volatility of the crypto market is a blessing for any trader who can use this strategy successfully. These traders will typically only hold their assets for a short term. When trading in the crypto market, swing trading should prove to be very effective given the market’s volatility.

The traders will have to carefully time the market, which might be a little difficult due to the unpredictable nature of the crypto world. Executing trades at the right time will be very important when using this trading strategy. Performing trades manually will probably be limited, as anyone can make a mistake when performing trades. No human being can sit in front of a computer screen for days waiting for the right time to perform a trade. Automated trading through trading bots and automated trading platforms, like the official Bitcoin Rush, have proven to be very helpful and allows the traders to use the swing trading strategy successfully.

The trading strategies that we have talked about are just a few, very famous ones that anyone can use when trading cryptocurrencies. Please do not forget that there are several other strategies that you could use. It is important to choose the right strategy that meets all of your requirements and works for you.

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