3 Reasons Why You Should Use Wooden Wall Panels


Wood wall panels are an interior designer’s dream. Not only do they bring a touch of luxury into the home, but they can also cover up a multitude of sins, from shoddy walls and bad plaster to outdated décor and old wallpaper. You might also be surprised at just how much you can declutter with slatwall panels and really give a room a cleaner look.

Gaining huge popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries, wooden wall panels were often found in country mansions across the UK and Europe they screamed style, status and sophistication.

Wood panelling is certainly making a come back and not just in a commercial sense.  More and more people have turned to DIY since the pandemic and in the last 12 months alone, 77% of households in the UK have spent money on home renovations and improvements.

Wooden panelling on the interior of walls looks beautiful and can transform an empty cold space into a welcoming and warm one. Generally, there are different types of wood panelling that can be used on walls. One popular choice is the tongue and groove wall panelling. They’re made up of interlocking boards, which create a smooth and seamless finish.  

Additionally, they can be made from various wood materials, including pine, black ash, butternut, and basswood. Some good things about tongue and groove wall panels include durability and long service lifespan, ease of installation, and ability to be painted or stained to match any décor. So, if you want to consider a stylish and versatile option for wall panelling, looking for a reputable provider like Hardie Boys, who can provide tongue and groove wall panels can be a great way to start.

On the other hand, wood wall panels aren’t just great from an aesthetic point of view, they also have some other amazing benefits which we will cover in this article.

1. Added Insulation

With the cost of energy bills skyrocketing on a daily basis, insulating our homes has become something that we are all thinking about more.  Wood wall panels offer added insulation, and this incredible benefit is one of the primary reasons why a large number of people choose wood wall panelling for their interior walls. 

Because wood has the ability to trap air in the spaces between its fibres, it acts as a natural insulator and does a good job of preventing heat from escaping and cold from entering, making it a good material to use in panels for the interior of residential and also commercial buildings.

It has the potential to play a significant part in the process of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home regardless of the season. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to cut down on your energy consumption and your overall energy costs. 

So, it doesn’t just look sophisticated, classy, and stylish, it could even save you some money on your energy bills.

However, aside from reduced energy consumption, the added insulation associated with wooden wall panels can help improve the air quality inside your home by reducing drafts and air leaks.  

2. Enhanced Acoustics & Soundproofing

As a result of wood’s inherent capacity to both amplify and absorb sound just like acoustic panels, installing wood wall panelling is an excellent choice if you want to improve the acoustics in a games room, music room, or TV room, or if you want to soundproof rooms such as the bedroom, the snug, or a meditation or yoga room. 

In order to improve the absorption of sound, a more porous structure is being incorporated into the construction of wood panels, which are currently being manufactured. These panels are made from sustainable and recycled materials. Materials such as mineral wool, acoustic foam, or thick blankets could be incorporated. Positioned behind the panels, these sound-absorbing materials can help reduce noise by absorbing sound waves before they bounce off the walls, minimizing echoes.

Moreover, acoustic wood panels, when combined with grooves, holes, slats, or slots that have been precisely cut, provide greater sound absorption than has ever been possible for walls and ceilings. This is because the grooves, holes, slats, and slots all work together.

It’s worth noting that several techniques can enhance the acoustic properties and soundproofing capabilities of wooden wall panels. For instance, installing the panels in a staggered pattern can be a great idea as it can help break up sound waves and prevent them from travelling through the walls quickly. Lastly, add a layer of felt to the front of the panels to absorb sound waves further and create a more pleasing aesthetic.  

3. Highly Durable

Wall panels made of wood are an excellent choice for use in areas that see a lot of foot traffic, such as hallways, porches, and entranceways. Because of the high volume of foot traffic in these areas, the walls are frequently leaned on, rubbed against, scratched, and knocked, which is especially problematic if you have children and pets.

If the walls are painted or maybe even wallpapered, then you will find that the paintwork is easily marked, and the wallpaper is frequently scraped and torn. If the walls are not painted or wallpapered, then the paintwork will not be easily marked.

Wood wall panels, on the other hand, are not only extremely long-lasting but will also withstand the test of time when they are installed in these particular areas. Additionally, they are simple to clean and only require a damp cloth, some warm water, and a mild household cleaner.


The use of wooden panels in the renovation of your home can give it an appearance that is both luxurious and classical. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of styles and layouts to create a one-of-a-kind appearance for your home. Wooden panels can be used to brighten up rooms that are otherwise uninteresting and go well with all varieties of furniture and upholstery.

Natural wood wall panels can give your interior a timeless and authentic feeling of warmth, which is perfect if you’re going for a more traditional look. In order to achieve an appearance that is more decorative, whether in the bathroom or the bedroom, you might want to use a chic white or black colour. Both of these colours are sure to add a touch of classic glamour to the walls of your interior spaces. 

Your wildest design fantasies can also be achieved with the help of geometric wall panels, which are available in an extensive variety of profile options and finishes.

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