3 Reasons to Customise Your Envelopes


Before setting up a business, your taste in envelopes will have never crossed your mind. However, SMEs soon realise that appearance is a big deal in the business world, particularly with B2B, where your customers are adept at judging you on the little things. Here are the three main reasons why you should be considering upping your envelope game.


Branding is all about having a consistent and appealing image that reflects the company’s values. The only way to go about extending this to your written communication is by having custom envelopes. 

For example, coloured paper envelopes can help match the colour of the companies branding, building familiarity and consistency. You will be consistent with your message and drawing attention to your business with each letter sent, and with every subsequent letter reinforcing that.

Getting any edge over a competitor is a big win, no matter how minor it seems. Having envelopes with your company logo and branding is certainly a marketing edge that not every company has. Really, this is a free form of advertising seeing as you’re sending correspondence regardless. 

Smoother communication

Custom envelopes are conducive to smoother communication. The reason for this is because the envelopes can be a space in which your company address is written, along with your email and phone number. This instantly makes it easier for customers to respond more immediately if they feel replying with a letter themselves isn’t appropriate.

Furthermore, in case your branded, or nonbranded, envelope was vague or generic, a custom envelope can explicitly state who is sending the letter. Thus, customers will not leave it laying on a desk for a week because they think it’s junk mail.

Quality and professionalism

On top of branding, custom envelopes put forward an image of professionalism. Even the envelopes themselves can be made from noticeably high-quality paper. Finding quality in what is a seemingly unimportant place shows true integrity – caring about the finer details and not cutting corners. 

This puts out an image of going above and beyond. Several small things like this can quickly create a credible image for your company and stand apart from competitors. 

Furthermore, first impressions are important in life, business included, and this is the perfect way to make a fantastic first impression. This will ensure your open rate is as high as it can be so people engage with the letter and respond if appropriate. This is a perfect way to deliver invoices, so companies open them fast and respond quickly. It’s no stretch to say that this is a fine strategy for the credit-control/accounts receivables department.

Custom envelopes aren’t often a priority when it comes to spending more than the bare minimum. However, that’s not how the winners think. To gain a market advantage, businesses must take pride in the finer details. It may seem like an envelope at first, but this extends into a wider culture of professionalism and branding. Plus, the additional cost is fairly minimal too, with custom envelopes often costing under £0.15 each when bought in bulk.


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