3 Key Leadership Habits Every Leader Must Have

By Brad Lomenick
Leadership is more than hard work; it is habitual work. And the path to becoming a better leader begins with building better habits. In this article Brad Lomenick talks about the three key leadership habits every leader must have.


Every year I was at Catalyst, a new crop of interns would arrive on the scene, wide-eyed and eager. Their nervousness reflected the seriousness of their task. They’d been handed an opportunity to make their mark with the largest network of young Christian leaders in America.

I gathered them in my office for an orientation of sorts where I laid out the philosophy of our organisation and the eight essentials of a “Catalyst leader.” After I finished and before they began work, I always gave them the opportunity to ask me any questions they might have. Most years, one of the bolder and more aggressive of the bunch would raise his or her hand and ask the one question I knew would be coming:

“What do we need to do to become the kind of leader you’re describing?”

Without hesitation, I always replied, “Remember three words: humble, hungry, hustle.

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