3 European Countries That Are Continuing to Innovate the Marketplace

The European economy is constantly undergoing changes. Although the nation is expected to slow their pace of growth, they are continuing to expand their economic health. Many areas across this nation are known for their technological, pharmaceutical, and mechanical exports. Because of the central nature of the European Union, they are positioned to do precise business with Asia, Africa, and the United States. Not only are European countries beautiful and profitable, many are innovative. In this article, we will share three countries that are continuing to innovate the marketplace.

1. Italy

When you think of Italy, you may think of large wine glasses and romantic beaches. Although these tourist attractions draw people to the city, there are many profitable businesses that help this region thrive. Italy is the largest exporter of luxury goods. Although this country may not have all of the tools they need to support a booming economy, they are one of the leaders in robotics. By producing and utilizing robotic technology, this economy is going to see exponential growth as this market sector expands. If you are not a citizen of the EU but want to be at the forefront of the Italian market, learn more about securing an Investor Visa for Italy

2. France

France is known for having it all. From luscious coastlines to immaculate mountain regions, this small country is a humble abode to many people. Although people may come for the views, they stay for the opportunity. Being a mecca of love, this country creates an unmatched ambiance. In addition to a lovely culture, France is at the cutting edge of the technology sector. Although they took longer to invest in technological development, they have quickly caught up to the global competition. Now, this country is home to thousands of business-to-business companies that are innovating the technological industry. From social media monitoring devices to sales intelligence strategies, you will soon see many technological innovations coming out of businesses based in France.

3. Germany

Germany is a husky country that is typically known for their beer, bread, and castles. Germany has the largest national economy in the European Union. Due to their large market share of the manufacturing industry, it is difficult for this country to encounter economic downturn. Germany makes resourceful investments in research and development. Their contribution to research is one of the most sizable investments in comparison to other economies. For this reason, they are constantly on the forefront of the manufacturing industry. In addition, they are leading the push for renewable energy. Since this industry is projecting growth for decades into the future, Germany will likely be regarded for their contribution to this effort.


There are many countries in the European Union that are making notable impacts on the global economy. Between technological advancements and renewable energy, Europe is on the front lines of many global efforts. In the next decade, these countries will likely experience extreme growth in the international market. As the advancements and innovations grow, it is likely that more international business opportunities will be introduced into the European Union.


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