3 Essential SaaS Business Growth Strategies for 2022

SaaS Business Growth

As the year starts out, SaaS companies must start contemplating effective growth strategies. More than ever, companies are focusing on growth owing to the nature of the market in the light of the pandemic. In the same manner, SaaS solutions have become highly crucial and fast-growing. Out of the numerous reasons why companies are seeking SaaS solutions, affordability and flexibility stand very high on the list.

Consequently, SaaS companies have to focus on growth and service expansion to reach as many people as possible. This will require understanding the market and where people are spending their time, money, and resources. In this article, we will discuss 3 essential SaaS Business Growth Strategies for 2022.

SaaS Business Growth Strategies for 2022: 3 Essential Ways to Capture the Market

To know the right SaaS Business Growth Strategies for 2022, there’s a crucial need to first survey the market. We have conducted extensive research and will discuss the three ways all SaaS companies should incorporate or double down on.

SEO for SaaS

A careful evaluation of the most successful SaaS companies reveals that a lot of investment goes into SEO. In a highly digital world like ours, a major part of the market you’re looking to serve is online. Effective SEO strategies are essential to driving real traffic, and invariably, growth. However, many companies still do not regard the place of SEO as much as they should.

To effectively witness the impact of leveraging SEO strategies, some key things must be put in place. Driving growth starts with establishing your precise target demographic. 

  • The first step is to target a set of local keywords in your space: SEO is much more effective when you have a set target and you leverage your keywords to reach the audience.
  • Invest in high-quality content: This is one of the most important things you have to do. High-quality content leads to organic links, which are the highest-ranking links that help you drive real growth. When you constantly produce well-researched articles from a place of thought leadership, people will naturally want to link back to your content. As such, you should start acting and appearing as a thought leader in the SaaS space.
  • Regularly Assess and Leverage Data: To maximize your SEO strategies, you have to constantly update them based on your needs. As such, you should assess your analytics regularly and leverage the data to update your SEO strategy.
  • Repeat These Steps Across Different Groups of Keywords: Make these steps standard practices and utilize them for all local groups of keywords that you target. This way, you can drive consistent traffic from all SEO angles.

Email Marketing

Many people tend to assume that email marketing is old-fashioned. However, this is a faulty assumption, which often costs companies a part of the market they are serving. Email marketing is very well in vogue, but you have to do it well. 

For SaaS companies, you might want to consider leveraging proven and effective SaaS email templates. Using such templates increases your chance of achieving the desired conversion. People tend to undermine the role of emails because conversion can be challenging. Therefore, you have to consider strategies that work.

What you have to understand with email marketing is that not all subscribers will become leads or customers. Nevertheless, here are the best ways to utilize email marketing.

  • Create engaging content 
  • Personalize some of your emails
  • Let your company’s newsletter feel human
  • Be consistent and don’t always sell.

To make this process seamless, you can leverage some email marketing automation tools for start-ups.

SaaS Lead Generation

This comes last because it’s perhaps the most important thing that requires focus in 2022. Leads are the most important goals in marketing. You need to generate leads to get customers. Without leads, your SaaS business isn’t positioned to grow. 

Lead generation in SaaS businesses is different from regular businesses. This is because SaaS deals in software. Meaning, potential customers will spend time assessing your product in relation to competing companies. As such, your lead generation strategies require a high level of care and thoughtfulness.

Here are three basic things you need to cover:

  • Do everything to first attract visitors. You have to drive traffic to your site so your potential customers can see what you offer.
  • Leverage naturally inserted CTAs across strategic parts of your website. This is an attempt to get visitors to take action. Write your CTAs in strong emphatic and yet appealing words.
  • The last step is to transform visitors into leads. This should be done through a landing page that collects their basic information such as contact details.

You can navigate this process more conveniently by utilizing SaaS marketing automation

Final Thoughts

2022 is off to a great start in terms of opportunities in the SaaS space. With companies revising their marketing strategies and looking to capture more parts of the market, chances are there’ll be an increased competition this year. If you’re looking to grow your SaaS company, the three essential strategies we have discussed in this article should be helpful.


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