21 Interesting Entertainment And Lifestyle Websites For Men

21 Interesting Entertainment And Lifestyle Websites For Men

How would you like to see a whole lot of different things that are interesting and entertaining, that aren’t just the same old thing, day after day after day? How would you like to learn about fantastic places, fun things, exciting things, new things, and all kinds of things? 

Well, you’ll get all that and more in our section called “Entertainment and Lifestyle Websites for Men.” There’s going to be lots of different stuff you can get to in there that isn’t going to be just the same old thing. It’s going to be something you’ll find fascinating, so check it out. We’re going to give you some interesting websites.

1. Swagger Magazine

Swagger mag is among my very favorite cyber hangouts for dudes. From dating and relationships to general health, Swagger covers everything—a fantastic vibe packed with useful, male-friendly info. 

2. Axel Addict

How about working on cars? What about getting your truck serviced? Is the dude on a motorbike? You should visit Axel Addict if you answered yes. Its content is about excellent resources for macho automotive repairs for your car, bike, or motorcycle engine maintenance.

3. Outdoor Life

It’s an excellent place for guys to hang out online. They cover all the bases, from RV maintenance to fishing and hunting advice. Moreover, I enjoy reading some of their blog posts dealing with firearms. It’s well worth your time. Its content is all about the great outdoors, including hunting and fishing.

4. Backpacker Magazine

This is a fantastic resource for males who enjoy hiking and canoeing—many pieces with a “how to” focus, all to foster manliness. Several times a month, I check in to see what they’ve been up to. It’s a fun online hangout. Its content is about backpacking, survival tips, and skill-building.

5. George Hahn

The goal of this site is to help people enhance their lives without causing undue financial stress. Of course, it means there is a lot of menswear, but there are also plenty of movies, TV shows, and other fun stuff.

6. Por Homme

Pour Homme is a leading publication in its field dedicated to bringing its male readers the latest in style, culture, and lifestyle. Everything from up-to-date product reviews and fashion highlights to grooming advice and social graces is covered there.

7. Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety is a website dedicated to style and fashion, but it also features fantastic articles on art, music, and living.

8. Details

Details aim to be the go-to resource for males in all areas of life, including but not limited to fashion, health, and entertainment. They do a fantastic job of it.

9. The Art of Manliness

This blog, called “The Art of Manliness,” is focused on rediscovering the gentlemanly ways of the past. For a good reason, they have become one of the men’s most popular lifestyle blogs.

10. Lifestyle Defined

An online publication, Lifestyles Defined is devoted to keeping its readers abreast of the latest developments in the world of fashion, food, and home decor. With LD, you’ll always be up-to-date on the most exciting developments in style, tech, and entertainment.

11. Modern Man

If you’re a man who wants to grow and change, you should visit ModernMan.com. This website is dedicated to assisting you in developing your fullest potential.

12. Men’s Fitness

There’s much more to life than just working out, and Men’s Fitness magazine covers everything. This online resource for men offers advice on maintaining a healthy weight and a sharp wardrobe.

13. Esquire

When it comes to online publications for men, Esquire is among the best. They crank out articles about politics, fashion, celebrities, cuisine, and women.

14. Gentlemen’s Quarterly

GQ is a magazine you should check out if you haven’t. They were early players in men’s lifestyle magazines, and their success was a model for the industry.

15. Valet

Valet. is a lifestyle website that independently focuses on 21st-century gentleman’s fashion, grooming, and culture.

16. Primer Magazine

Primer aspires to be every man’s go-to resource for life after college. Topics include low-cost fashion, how-tos, and personal growth for the average man in his twenties.

17. Refined Guy

Refined Guy focuses on a gentlemanly approach to fashion and living. They not only report the news but frequently create it as well. You can get (almost) all you need to know about the Lifestyle right here, right now.

18. Huckberry

A further Manly website for men is Huckberry. You can get about anything you need for men at Huckberry, as they provide a wide variety of the latest designs and the basics.

19. Men’s Variety

My favorite part of this site is the variety of posts on the blog that all pertain to men’s issues. Their stream features a variety of topics, including both entertainment and health news and interpersonal connections.

Its content concerns sexual health, current events, fitness, pop culture, and wellness.

20. Fashionbeans

If you’re looking for some pointers on how to dress in the present, this is an interesting site to check out. It is highly recommended for males of any age, notably those in their twenties and thirties. There are many male celebrity examples as well. Its content is about dress guides by age, seasonal styling advice, and tips for wearing suits.

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