2 Man Delivery – How It Can Help Your Product Distribution

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Modern customers have higher than ever expectations – this includes delivery options and the quality of the service they receive.  Popping a parcel just over the garden gate isn’t going to cut it because people expect a higher quality service. This is even more important if you are shipping larger items and this is also where a 2 man service for delivery comes in. Like DPD offer.

What is 2 man delivery?

The idea of 2 man delivery is simple – it involves having two people to deliver an item that is larger, bulkier, heavier or generally more difficult to move.  At one time, a single delivery person might have struggled with the item or even asked the customer to help get it into the house. This was impractical, led to a greater number of breakages and also didn’t offer a good service for customers, especially if they were unable to help with the item.

The idea of 2 man delivery is that rather than a single delivery person trying to manage these larger and heavier items, there is a team of two people for every delivery.  This means items are easily moved into the customer’s home and placed in the required room with a much reduced risk of breakage and no need for the customer to help.

A more comprehensive system

Not only is there the obvious benefit for the customer and the delivery person, but there are also additional benefits that come from the whole process of 2 person delivery that means it is the go-to option for many types of business.

When a customer places an order for a larger, heavier or bulkier item, they are provided with a delivery date.  The day before there will be an email and often a text message sent to them to reconfirm the delivery or give them the option to change it if it is no longer convenient.

On the day, there will be a phone call as the delivery team is near the property to confirm the customer is ready for their item.  Then the item is delivered, placed into the room of the house that the customer wants it and paperwork is provided.

Why this works well

The 2 man service helps customers by placing the item where they need it.  But it also ensures they have plenty of advanced notice that the item is being delivered.  This reduces the chances of a missed delivery and makes it easy for them to reschedule if something happens and they won’t be in.

It also ensures the item is delivered in the right condition and that the customer is happy with this before the delivery team leaves.  This can assist in the reduction of returns due to damage in transit.

How can it help product distribution?

There are no shortage of business types that can make sure of 2 man delivery for their products.  Any large, heavy, bulky or awkward shaped items should be delivered by 2 man service to ensure they are handled properly, and the customer is ready for them.

It can also be a crucial part of a distribution system.  Let’s say you buy products from an oak furniture wholesale suppliers on demand as clients order them.  Rather than having them delivered to your business property, you can have a 2 man service collect the item from the wholesaler and then deliver it directly to your customer.  This ensures the delivery is quick, cuts downtime in transit and offers a quality service for the customer.

Delivery service solutions

2 man delivery is a top delivery service solution for a wide range of businesses.  It offers a quality service that is a big positive for customers and also reduces the chances of missed deliveries or damaged items.


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