12 Tools for an Effective SEO Team


These days SEO presents one of the pillars of the modern digital marketing industry. And keeping in mind that as many as 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine it is not hard to see why this channel is so popular.

Still, what people often fail to remember is that no matter how your SEO team may be talented they will never be able to reach full cohesion or attain desired results if they are not using proper tools. Let’s see if we can help you out with this one.

Productivity tools

Search Engine Optimization deals with endless streams of content and countless hours spent in front of the screen. With the things as they are every ounce of productivity your SEO team manages to squeeze out can make a huge bottom-line difference. Some of the most popular tools that should help them reach these optimal results are as follows:


This streamlined app allows you and your employees a simple and organized view of their daily tasks which makes scheduling as effortless as it gets.


The efficiency of one team can be described by its ability to efficiently assign and track the responsibilities of everyone involved. Asana allows you to do exactly that.


One of the greatest advantages of this workflow management app lies in the fact it is cloud-based, so all of the people assigned to the project can access critical info regardless of place and time. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

Communication tools

The SEO industry has long ago become a global game so it is not that uncommon that you are going to hire team members through a third-party employer of record and that they will be scattered all around the globe. With the things as they are, it should be obvious you need to make their communication as effortless as possible. So, take a look at these options:


Slack is, by far, one of the best realized and feature-packed communication apps on the market. Separate communication channels, file sharing capabilities, and rich integration options are only some of the most noteworthy features.

Microsoft Teams

Even though it doesn’t excel in any particular field, Microsoft Teams does offer options for video and audio conferencing as well as support for the native Office package which is a huge productivity perk.


A solid alternative to Slack that excellently handles some small but critical features like calendar and task management.

SEO-specific tools


Of course, even though we have, by now put a very strong focus on productivity and communication, the SEO landscape couldn’t be imagined without dedicated tools and platforms that are built around the specific SEO necessities. Here are some of the most popular and effective mentions:


SEMrush is one very comprehensive toolkit that allows you tools for analyzing your competitors, a very informative and detailed dashboard, and an incredibly robust toolset. Virtually all the things you need wrapped up in one package.


Ahref is a very popular SEO suit with an endless web link index, easy-to-master tutorials, and advanced tools for more deliberate SEO actions. Excellent choice for all team members that are still learning the ropes.

Moz Pro

An excellent and streamlined platform that provides your team with a set of a tool aimed at increasing traffic, rankings, and overall search engine results. One of the unique perks comes in the form of a neat Moz Pros spider that emulates that effectively allows you to perform a small pre-launch audit of your pages.

Content writing tools

Last but not least, let us quickly cover a couple of neat assets that are dealing with one of the main and time-consuming SEO activities – content writing:

Content Writer

Carrying one of the most intuitive names in the industry, Content Writer is a text editor and content creating tool with tons of built-in features that allow you to create fully optimized and user-friendly content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Simple but effective tools for all writers that are facing a blockade that allows your team members to find excellent articles based on the content topic.


An absolute industry staple that, in its premium edition doubles down both as a plagiarism checker and tool for making writing novices into grammar Nazis.

We hope these few mentions gave you a general idea about some of the basic tools your team members absolutely need to have before tackling any kind of serious SEO project. Starting from scratch is always hard. But, the right tools can go a long way in allowing the absolute beginners into full-fledged pros in no time. The apps and platforms we gave you above are far from the complete list but they make an excellent place to start.


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