12 Important Wedding Details That You Cannot Afford to Overlook


By Niyati Shah

The D-Day is approaching, and you have butterflies in your stomach. We feel you. There are gazillion things to plan for a wedding, and it doesn’t matter how early you start or how big your checklist is, you constantly feel like you are forgetting something. Well, while you still have time, it is worth going through a last-minute wedding details checklist that is made up of only super important things that you just cannot afford to overlook. 

Whether you are the bride, groom, or the family of the two; take a note of these top 12 easy to forget but highly crucial wedding details to save the day:

1. Planning Out Your Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding day jewelry will consist of several pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces and therefore, it is easy to forget a small jewelry piece here and there. To avoid panic, we recommend packing small bags which consist of your outfit, jewelry, and accessories for that particular function. Don’t forget to add a tag to the bag and click a picture of it to remember where everything is placed.

2. Checking Bridal Attire for Perfection

You must have bought your wedding day outfit a month or two before the actual wedding day. So, it’s worth double-checking it a few days before the special day. Does the dress need cleaning or ironing? Also, check for any wear and tear just in case. Once it is ready, pack it in a wrinkle-free manner with the necessary add-ons. Bonus tip: Keep safety pins handy to save the day in case of any wedding dress emergency.

3. Leaving Room for Alterations

It is very important to check with the shop in advance if they can leave some room to alter your wedding dress as it is natural to lose or gain some weight just before your wedding day. You can get the fitting redone as long as you have considered enough buffer time and budget for it. Leaving garment space for alteration will also be useful if you plan to wear your dress again after the wedding.

4. Giving an Instruction Manual to Your DJ

You must have imagined walking down the aisle with your family or even slow-dancing with your husband to the tune of your favourite songs. One of the most significant factors to consider is to choose the right wedding DJ for your wedding. Don’t forget to share a list of songs you’d want the DJ to play for your entry, the ring ceremony, the cake cutting, and your wedding dance. Also, include a do-not-play list of not wedding-appropriate songs or just don’t match your and your partner’s taste.

5. Preparing Welcome Bags for Guests

Some of your guests may be coming over from out of town and would need decent facilities to settle in a room and get ready for the wedding. So, ensure that you have planned where each guest can stay. Check whether they have access to room service or a welcome kit for whatever they may need. Don’t forget to include a wedding day events card in their room, which gives all required details like event time and dress code. You can also recommend to them wedding guest dresses so they won’t worry too much about their attire.

6. Booking a Hotel Room Block for Guests

If you have more than 20 guests coming over from out of town, it’s worth booking a hotel room block for your wedding. This will save your time, money and ensure that all of your guests get a place to stay during your wedding. On average, group rates are 15% to 30% lower than standard rates.

7. Assigning Someone to Look After Your Wedding Dress

You’ll need someone to pick up your wedding dress from the dry cleaners and carry it to you carefully in time. So, don’t forget to assign someone you trust for this task and give them the details like where to pick it up from and by what time. Have the same person collect the wedding dress from you after the wedding if you plan to leave for your honeymoon or need to return it to the rental shop.

8. Planning a Change of Clothing

It is easy to forget to plan a change of clothing for the night or the next day of your wedding reception. That’s why it helps to have someone else help you with packing and also to ensure to get the package where it needs to go. 

9. Ensuring Correct Invitation Postage

Ensure that your wedding invitation is shared with all the guests. Couples generally send out digital wedding invites these days. But if you plan to post the invitation physically, double-check the receiver’s address to make sure that they get it in time.

10. Planning Transportation for The Newlyweds

Whether you plan to go to a hotel room or travel to your husband’s home after your wedding reception, don’t forget to arrange a car and a driver to escort you wherever you need to go because you don’t want to be driving yourselves or calling an Uber after partying hard at the wedding!

11. Having a Plan B Ready In Case of Bad Weather

Many couples forget to make a contingency plan for inclement weather conditions like an unforeseen hailstorm or rainfall. Prepare for such a situation by talking to your wedding venue person in advance about keeping a team ready if you need to shift the setup indoors in case of a wedding emergency.

12. Keeping Vendor Contact Handy

Whether it’s your florist, caterer, photographer, or decorator, keep all vendor contact details on hand and mark a copy to someone else in the family too. You may need it to coordinate any end moment errands with them or settle bills after the wedding. 

After the above round-up of things to remember while planning a wedding, we hope that we’ve gotten you sorted to go ahead and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest without getting any stress lines on your forehead.

About the Author

Niyati Shah is a content specialist with Aurus Jewels, where she helps the digital team in developing unique, engaging, and informative lifestyle content. She covers the latest trends and topics pertaining to fine Indian jewellery, be it modern, traditional or antique. She also writes on topics that help define and guide women, especially brides. With her experience in design and fashion, along with her passion for jewellery, she offers insightful value to her readers.


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