12 Dressing Tips to Revamp Your Style

Dressing Tips to Revamp Your Style

Getting ready for work every morning can be tiring for even the most passionate fashion enthusiast. From finding a stylish and comfortable dress to pairing it with the right accessories, styling outfits on a daily basis is no easy feat. If you’re looking for a few dressing tips to help you get started, you have come to the right place. 

Dressing Well 101: Tips to Help You Improve Your Style

Dressing well is an art of its own. It involves understanding your unique style and finding clothing to accentuate your best features. From fitting to color preferences, there are many aspects to figuring out your personal style. Here are a few basic dressing tips you should keep in mind when revamping your wardrobe. 

  • Get your wardrobe essentials
  • Organize your closet
  • Say bye to clothes that don’t fit
  • Shop for your body type
  • A good tailor for the right fit
  • Accessories can go a long way
  • Outfit plan for busy mornings
  • Travel with the right outfits
  • Learn the layering technique
  • Denim is a must-have 
  • Explore and experiment 
  • Play with colors and patterns

Get your wardrobe essentials

Nailing your wardrobe essentials is the first step to updating your fashion closet. Your white shirt, blue jeans, tank tops and formal pants help you build your personal style from scratch. With well-fitted wardrobe basics, creating different comfortable and stylish outfits becomes easier.

Organize your closet

There is nothing better than a tidy and well-organized wardrobe. It helps you visualize the outfit in your head, making it easier to get ready on a busy morning. Dresses for women are easy to organize with the help of a few hangers, while shirts and pants can be neatly folded into drawers. 

Say bye to clothes that don’t fit

If you’re looking to add new clothes to your wardrobe, it is only practical to get rid of outfits that don’t fit you anymore. While it might be hard to say goodbye to your favorite pieces, avoiding clutter in your closet is ideal. 

Shop for your body type

Understanding your body type and shopping accordingly is important in creating a fashionable wardrobe. A mermaid dress might look stunning on your colleague, but an A-line is the dress for you. Buy outfits suitable for your body type, ensuring it flatters your curves in the best way possible. A well-fitted dress is a style statement all by itself. 

A good tailor for the right fit

Despite the elaborate sizing charts in every clothing store, finding a dress that nips and tucks in all the right places is not easy. A tailor is your go-to person to make a dress go from a 0 to a 10. Have your clothing altered to fit you perfectly. From your favorite jeans to your prom dress, you can always make it well-fitted with the help of a tailor. 

Accessories can go a long way

Accessories, like those found in a hat shop in Sydney, play a huge role in leveling up your wardrobe. An elegant scarf with your dress or a detailed belt for your trousers, there are so many ways in which accessories make it possible to style charming and comfortable outfits. Invest in a few staple accessories, including jewelry like a dolphin tracking bracelet for animal lovers that can be worn to all the fun events you have planned for the week. 

Outfit plan for busy mornings

If you’re running late for work, outfit planning will save you the much-needed 10 mins of thinking. Sort your work wardrobe beforehand to ensure you have a quick option when you need to bolt out the door. Putting together an outfit early in the morning might result in a shabby ensemble. If dressing well is a priority, select your outfits ahead of time.

Travel with the right outfits

Planning outfits for a vacation can get tricky as you have to consider several factors, including the weather and culture of the place you are visiting. Keep aside a few winter jackets and beachwear for when you need to travel to a new country.  

Learn the layering technique

Layering is an easy styling technique that will have you looking sophisticated in a blink of an eye. Shop for blazers, coats and jackets that can be worn with most everyday outfits. Tired of wearing the same dresses to the office? Layer it with a coat or a crew-neck t-shirt for a refreshing look.

Denim is a must-have 

Whether we are talking jeans or jackets, it is always important to have a pair in denim. It can be paired quickly with your t-shirts or shirts when you don’t have the time to style a complete outfit. Invest in stone-wash blue jeans that can be worn with most of your tops and blouses.

Explore and experiment 

Experimenting with your style when revamping your fashion closet is essential. Try new brands and designs when you go shopping, this will help you learn more about your preferences and the outfits that flatter you in all the right ways. Never worn a peplum top or tried on a slip dress? Make sure to try them out next time you’re at the mall. 

Play with colors and patterns

Mixing and matching colors is no longer considered a fashion faux pas. Play around with the different clothing items in your wardrobe to see how you can create new outfits with your essentials. A floral top with striped pants or animal prints with polka dots? You never know what outfit will have you looking like a stunner. 

Have Fun Dressing Up

Dressing up should never be a boring affair. With the right wardrobe essentials, you will be able to create fun and exciting fits for every occasion you have planned for the week. Improving your personal style is a work in progress, but with a few simple steps, you can figure it out in no time. 

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