12 Brilliant Tips For Companies To Enhance Conversion Rate Optimisation

The world has moved online and one of the most valuable commodities any business can have nowadays is an effective website. The importance of conversion rates is an integral aspect for any business and Session Media are an SEO Agency that optimises website pages that they are trying to improve their search engine results rankings for. 

Businesses can spend large amounts of time and money trying to drive traffic to their website, but without the right tactics implemented on webpages, this can be all for nothing. Converting your traffic is what brings in leads and generates revenue and you don’t have to be a tech-wiz to make a few changes that can make a real difference. See more here: https://session-media.com/conversion-rate-optimisation/

Read on for Session Media’s 12 easy tips to enhance your website’s CRO.


1.  Keep Things Speedy

Use a content delivery network to ensure your page loads quickly. You may have amazing videos or stunning graphics but if they are causing your page to slow down, they could be doing more harm than good.

40% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, don’t risk losing such a high percentage of leads due to something so simple.

For a quick fix, run images through a compressor; this reduces the file size, without reducing the quality of those images.


2.  Make Sure It’s Mobile

With such a large number of us using smartphones and tablets to access online information, it’s crucial your website is mobile-friendly.

If you fail to do so, it is unlikely a user will return, even if using a desktop and you can lose out quickly to a competitor who has accommodated this.


3.  Keep Forms Short

Online forms are a great way to gather personal information from the public that can be used to convert into sales.

However, if these forms are asking for too many fields to be completed, visitors will swiftly ignore them. Ask for the basics, name, telephone number and email address, you can collect all the other information at a later date.


4.  Use Real People

Live chat has been rated by 44% of people as the most important feature you can have on your site.

Users who have queries about your product or service aren’t likely to call customer service lines for answers anymore.

Providing a live chat with a real person allows users to easily get any information to help them in their buying decision process, while also providing you with the opportunity to gather their information.


5.  Show Off Reviews

If your business has received positive reviews, it’s time to tell the rest of the world. 90% of buying decisions take influence from online reviews.

Shows these off on your website, you can even feature product-specific reviews alongside product or service pages.


6.  Social Last

If you are not using social media platforms for your business, it’s time to look into doing so.

Using social media icons on your website with clickable icons to be taken to your social pages. However, you don’t want a user leaving your page before they have read the information you are wanting them to.

Therefore, it’s important to place these icons at the bottom of the pages.


7.  Keep It Clear

With every design decision taken, the forefront should be ‘is it user friendly?’. A quick glance should let every visitor know what is on that page.

Break large blocks of text into subheadings and use H1s and H2s so users can easily locate the information they are looking for.

If a page seems too confusing or will be time-consuming, potential clients will hastily click off.


8.  Be Concise

It’s easy to overload visitors with information to show off our products and services while showcasing our extensive knowledge in our field.

Save these for your blog or ‘news’ section, for those who are specifically looking for in-depth information.

Keep other pages concise and quickly summarise what that exact page is about in the first paragraph.

Studies have shown that users only need 14 words to understand what you are saying, so cut the waffle!


9.  Don’t Get Caught Out With YouTube

Videos are a fantastic way to get information across in an interesting way. If you are using YouTube to host these videos, make sure you remove the ‘related videos’.

You don’t want a potential lead to spend their time watching your videos and be convinced they need your product, only to lose out to a competitor who snatched their attention in a recommended video at the end.


10.   Power in Credibility

Users value the opinion of third parties, especially well-known ones. If your business has featured with high authority media outlets, let users know this.

Use ‘featured in’ credential bars and proudly display logos of those outlets, you’ll be amazed how quickly this can influence people.

Similarly, if big brands use your services, make sure your visitors know this.


11.   A Good CTA

90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your call to action, so why aren’t these high numbers clicking?

If your CTA is ‘boring’ then users won’t be engaged, avoid using the word ‘submit’. ‘Try For Free’ or any other temptation of getting something for nothing is always a winner.


12.  Custom Images

You can increase your readership with good images and lose readership with random stock images.

Custom images can be costly so organisations turn to stock images to add some vibrancy to their website. But did you know this could be portraying a negative image of your business?

If images do not convey the value proposition, then remove them.

These simple 10 steps can make a world of difference, give them a go today and see how your site’s conversion changes.


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