11 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New


It is essential to keep your bathroom clean to maintain hygiene. We always miss some areas to clean the germs and dirt from the bathroom in the daily cleanup routine. Reece plumbing and bathroom supplies professional services are ideal for renovating bathrooms, plumbing services, and other modern facilities. It is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom and renovate it to keep it germs-free.

Bathroom renovations not only improve the look of your bathroom, but also make it more practical and hygienic. New bathroom products & supplies Melbourne look good but also keep you safe with newer materials that are antibacterial, so germs and bacteria don’t spread in your bathroom. So, what bathroom products and supplies can you use to make your bathroom look like new again?

Significant ways to make your bathroom feel like new

  • Renovate your bathroom

Plumbers, decorators, architecture builders, and more from kitchen & bathroom remodeling companies are so trustworthy. They decorate and renovate your place with your belongings so nicely. Renovation of your bathroom adds a soothing glance to it. Installing a good cabinet, vanity, the mirror looks, matching bathtub, showers, sink, wall designs, faucets, and fixtures enhance the bathroom look.

  • Look upon the breakages and leakages.

  • Install adequate lighting in the bathroom.
  • Check upon the outdated cabinets and decors.
  • Install a new and fresh pipeline and other materials accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the storage and space of the bathroom.
  • check upon mold and mildews.
  • Wet bathroom

This is as safe as a full bathroom, where it does not have a separate shower space. In wet bathrooms, the floor, walls, cabinets, and everything else are waterproof. This is an updated and modern option for your bathroom. It protects your bathroom from water spots and splashes. It adds a stylish and sleek look to the bathroom.

  • Fireside Bathtub

It is the most innovative bathtub style that gives a new look to your bathroom. If you face trouble taking a bath during winters, this fireside bathtub helps you out as you can take a bath beside a fireplace. It gives a calm and luxurious feel.

  • Never overlook ventilation

This part is crucial as bathrooms are likely to be damp, and it can be a significant problem in a humid place or during summer. A modern bathroom with tub, shower, and more needs proper ventilation. It prevents mold and keeps the bathroom hygienic. Ventilation fans that are externally vented are the best option for your bathroom.

  • Inset bathtub 

The inset bathtub beautifies the look of the bathroom. This bathtub does not stand upon legs, but they are built on the surface itself. It can be made on some surrounding areas and low wall surfaces. There are so many shapes and sizes for this bathtub.

  • Vanity check and medical cabinet 

Install your vanity according to the look and preferences of your bathroom. A beautiful matching spacious vanity with large frameless mirrors looks so beautiful. These changes set your mood and keep you relaxed. Adding a medical cabinet helps you a lot. It keeps your necessary items in place, and it never goes out of style.

  • Small tiles, paint, and lightening

It is suggested that small tiles at the shower place decrease the chance of water clogging and protects you from slipping. Adding fresh paint is always a good option. It makes your bathroom look neat and removes the foul odor. Moreover, it is extremely vital to improving lighting. It magnifies the bathroom and gives it a new look.

  • Plumbing needs to be fixed

Unnoticed leakages, if they go untreated, can do heavy damages, and experts must treat them. These leakages can cause health problems due to mold. Bathroom equipment goes under daily wear and tear, so it must be durable and innovative.

  • Freestanding tub

Freestanding tub gives a luxury touch to your bathroom. These tubs are generally attached to some pedestal for stability and support. The pedestal and tub enhance the sleek design of your bathroom.

  • Install 2-inch drain pipe

Installing a 2 inches drainage pipe will always be a better option, especially when the bathroom is used by several family members. 1 inch and 1.5 inches pipe generally got clogged and did not function well. But this 2 inches in diameter drainage pipe prevents clogging quickly and improves the drainage quality of the bathroom.



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