11 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agencies


There is usually very tough competition among real estate agents due to the booming housing industry, so it’s important to separate yourself from the crowd. It can be done in several ways, including through paid advertisements and word of mouth, but these are common marketing tactics that everyone employs. So, for your campaign to stand out, you’ll need to think outside the box.

80% or more of real estate agents fail during their first five years in the business, mostly because they don’t know how to increase lead generation. A real estate SEO company will be able to help you with this at affordable rates, saving you valuable time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. However, if you’d like to attempt marketing your business yourself, we have a few tips in store for you.

Let’s dive in and read about the 11 best real estate marketing ideas for real estate agencies in Cincinnati Ohio to get more clients.

1. Local Collaborations

Take advantage of your local connections by teaming up with businesses from your area, such as cafes, retail stores, and home furnishers or showrooms, to host an open house and advertise your listings. Pop-up shops, which can be set up in any available space, are an innovative way to attract potential buyers to your open house.

As a result, interested buyers are more likely to look around every inch of the house, and you may collaborate with nearby companies to negotiate deals on services and items to offer to these potential buyers.

2. Develop a Strategy to Get More Reviews and Testimonials

Nowadays, people will buy your services if you have client testimonials or reviews on different forums online. Having client testimonials and reviews will help you get more customers, as people trust agencies with positive client feedback.

Encourage your customers to leave a review on your website or on other online marketplaces where you’re listed by giving them an incentive to do so. You can offer them a discount or a gift hamper in exchange. Plan out an incentive that works best for your business model through strategic planning. 

3. Make a List of Marketable Words and Phrases

The language you select to advertise your listings has an impact on your marketing. Although simple and clear language is most effective, using evocative phrases sometimes plays a big role in enticing customers into clicking on your listings.

You might use either “sunny” or “sun-soaked” to describe a kitchen that gets a lot of natural light in your listing. Sure, a “sunny” room will also do the trick, but a “sun-soaked” room instantly draws attention as it completes the entire picture in your reader’s head, giving them the clear idea that the room gets adequate sunlight throughout the day.

4. Work on your Brand Image

Real estate marketing depends primarily on brand building, as brand image and reputation are the key factors in helping businesses differentiate themselves from competitors. Customers will only work with real estate agencies that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.

  • You can build a strong brand by sharing valuable content on social media platforms.
  • Interact with your audience and make them feel like you are always available to help them.
  • Use the power of link building by asking other businesses to vouch for your services.
  • Lastly, improve your customer service to keep clients coming back to you.

5. Prepare Email Marketing Campaigns

Preparing email marketing campaigns will help your real estate agency, as it is one of the best methods to interact with your prospective real estate buyers. You can do this by sending a monthly email summarizing your blog posts and giving new updates, or you can notify your contacts whenever there are new property listings to keep them updated. In your emails, include pictures of the homes with links to the full listing, video tours, and 3D models.

6. Host Webinars and Invite Guest Speakers

Do you want to help homebuyers and sellers in your area better understand the market? Host a webinar on a topic that interests folks planning a real estate move in partnership with a local lender, title company, or even your preferred staging provider.

You can also collaborate with a local home improvement company to host a webinar outlining the best ways homeowners can increase their property’s resale value. This will be important information that people will thank you for. This will go a long way in helping people engage with your brand and highlight you as a trustworthy go-to place for their real estate needs.


7. Facebook and Instagram Ads

People use social media platforms daily to learn about trends, interact with their friends, and find the services and products they require. Businesses that have cracked social media are ahead of the curve already. It’s more essential now than ever to benefit from the power of social media advertising.

Run engaging ads and target your relevant demographics to get better results. Remember that they aren’t free and that you’ll need to allocate funds based on how much you can invest in advertising. Begin with a minimal investment and increase it as you start receiving leads. Don’t worry about learning if you don’t know how to run social media ads, you can always hire someone who knows how to do the job for you.

8. Create an Account on Zillow

Zillow is a fantastic real estate resource for shoppers. But did you know that real estate agencies can leverage it as well? More than 188 million people are tuning in! With Zillow Premier Agent, they’ll advertise your home, provide you with qualified leads, provide insightful statistics, and help you expand your company.

9. Offer Home Valuations to Get Seller Leads

Potential sellers are always interested in knowing the value of their homes. Add a home valuation tool to your real estate agency website to get more leads.

Once the user enters their address, ask them to enter their email ID and some other information, such as a phone number, to view their home valuation report. You can contact seller leads based on this information.

10. Hand Out a Closing Gift!

Bringing a gift to the closing table is a kind gesture that the client will appreciate and that may result in future referrals. Gift coupons to a popular restaurant or the movies are always appreciated. It’s a wonderful gesture, and you can rest assured that they’ll appreciate taking a break from unpacking and relaxing or having some takeout from a nearby restaurant.

11. Use Lifestyle-Oriented Promotional Videos

Modern buyers care less about the size and furnishings than they did in the past because of the rise of home improvement networks like HGTV. Now they consider how they would feel in the house and the surrounding area and how they might live their everyday lives there.

You can always use this real estate marketing tactic and create promotional videos about the type of lifestyle they will have if they buy this property. It’s hard to compete with a video’s attention-grabbing and emotional power, especially when it’s a short film optimized for sharing on social media.

Summing It Up

You need to test out several marketing strategies until you find the one that brings in the most customers and is most cost-effective for your business and your location. Remember that it is best to use only a few ideas at once. Do you have any additional suggestions that may improve real estate advertising? You should leave them in the comments below!


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