10 Ways to Make Real Money in Tik Tok Fast: An Instruction for Dummies.

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If you’re lucky, you can get a million Tiktok views with the very first videos. But this does not guarantee at least some kind of earnings on the platform. How to promote TikTok from scratch, get into the rivers and get live subscribers? Read some popular ways in our article.

1. Selling videos to other users.

There are always more people who want to have a popular Tik Tok account than those who know how to shoot interesting videos.

mastered some simple skills filming, or have a “decent” camera, light, sound, or have a non-standard appearance, or have the talent of an actor, comedian, or have a trained voice, or you have a cool cat, doggie, etc. or you have animation skills, or you know how to put cool video effects, or at least make cuts from YouTube:

  • You can make videos and sell them to other tiktokers.
  • You can grow your account by uploading samples of your products so that future buyers can hear the quality of your videos.

Then publish videos for sale in the same place. To protect against freeloaders, overlay the video on top of a grid with the inscription that this video is for sale and the address of your Tik Tok. All you have to do is wait for letters to your e-mail with requests to sell videos or take them to order.

  • No restrictions – not expensive, but a lot, the same video can be bought by several buyers; 
  • Exclusive – one video per person, after which it is removed from sale. It is much more expensive to order is even more expensive and you shoot a video after payment according to the customer’s requirements.

If you have your own style, it is possible that some tiktokers will want their accounts filled with your stylish videos, so you will get regular customers.

Prices are determined based on the balance of supply and demand. A reference point is Shutterstock.com, which sells 20-second videos for $ 65- $ 79.

This price can be set for exclusive sales, of course, for English-speaking buyers.

2. Selling videos to YouTubers.

There is a trend on YouTube – Tik Tok cuts and reviews. They shoot daily or weekly reviews of Tik Tok’s novelties, or thematic ones, and often they put 2-3 videos on one frame, shot with the same music. These videos are rapidly gaining popularity on YouTube.

You can make these videos for sale to youtubers or to develop your own YouTube channel. The second option is longer, because the money will not go immediately, but it is more profitable.

Here you need to take into account that on YouTube they are very jealous of copyright compliance, so the video, and then the channel, can be banned for using music in the video.

It turns out that these pieces of music can be used in Tik Tok, but not in YouTube. It turns out that you will need to warn buyers in order not to be “extreme”.

3. Selling accounts.

If you are already skilled at creating and promoting Tik Tok accounts, you can make them for sale.

You open an account with a new phone number, fill it with videos, promote (wind up) to, say, 10 or 100 thousand Tiktok fans, and then sell accounts through exchanges.

The trouble is that while there is no active demand (as on Instagram in his youth), therefore, there are no popular exchanges. Sales go through forums, freelance exchanges, or personal communication.

4. Promotion of performers.

The musical social network Musical.ly, which TikTok took over, was created to promote young talents.

There are always aspiring singers, composers, dancers and other performers who crave fame and are willing to pay money to become famous.

Promotion of performers in Tik Tok:

You can help them in this, not for nothing, of course.

You can find “promising” young talents in the appropriate publics. Then you can record covers to their music, shoot videos to their songs, in a word, do everything so that they are visible and heard.

And if you manage to promote the artist and he becomes really popular, you will have a career as a content manager of a rising star. You will be able to closely deal with his Instagram, YouTube, etc., or maybe become his producer.

5. Promotion of YouTube or Instagram.

In Tik Tok, you cannot put a direct link (or rather, you can, but not for everyone), but you can provide a link to YouTube and Instagram. So it becomes possible to “overflow” subscribers to other people’s channels and blogs for money.

You link to the promoted YouTube channel or Instagram account for a certain period, say, a week.

Then regularly encourage your subscribers to go there to get “lots of fun.” How many clicks and subscriptions there will be depends on the similarity of the topics. If someone else’s channel or blog is interesting to your followers, then it will grow quickly. And if there is nothing to watch, then there will be no overflow.

6. Monetizing diamonds.

As a token of appreciation, your fans can send you virtual gifts in the form of emojis. Each emoticon has a specific value in local currency – from 5 to 5000 Tik Tok Coins.

Gifts received are converted into diamonds at a rate of approximately 0.5 cents. When the amount in your wallet has exceeded $ 100, they can be withdrawn via PayPal.

The monetization of “diamonds” cannot be called full-fledged earnings. This is most likely a monetary expression of love of your fans. Which is also nice.

7. Monetization of live broadcasts.

Having gained the first thousand subscribers, the account gets the opportunity to conduct live broadcasts.

Live streaming income depends on the activity of your followers. If they are not wrapped up and they like what you are broadcasting, they can donate you with the internal currency Tik Tok Coins, which costs about 1 cent. 100 coins are approximately equal to one dollar, you can donate at least $ 10.

TikTok keeps 20%, and the rest, for an amount of at least $ 100, can be withdrawn to a bank card or PayPal.

Earnings depend on the number of subscribers and the number of participants in the broadcast, as well as on how devoted they are to their idol and are willing to share money.

On one occasion, Chinese player Meng Lei showed him playing the game “King of Glory” live on his phone. More than 22 million users gathered for the broadcast, and the amount of donations reached $ 167,000. Yes, there is something to strive for.

8. Advertising of other people’s goods and services on your page.

Earning money from advertising posts – one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money on Instagram, now spreads in Tik Tok.

So far, they do not yet take for a post from $ 400,000, as does Kim Kardashian, or $ 1,000,000, as Kylie Jenner. It’s a matter of time.

There are just few accounts whose fans trust their idols, and few advertisers who have appreciated Tik Tok’s advertising capabilities.

To make money in this way, you need to have at least 20-50 thousand subscribers. You can post as ready-made posts, which is bad, because your subscribers recognize someone else’s style and smell ads. So are the videos that you shoot in your own style and agree with advertisers.

9. Earnings on affiliate programs.

You can advertise in Tik Tok not only other people’s goods or services, but also any others that comply with the rules of this social network, promoted through affiliate programs.

There are a lot of partners, almost every online store. It should be borne in mind that the audience of Tik Tok is predominantly teenagers, so it is worth selling the currently fashionable teenage fashion items.

However, there are two difficulties here.

Ads shouldn’t look like ads. Nobody likes ads, especially if there are a lot of them. The ad should look like your personal recommendation. This means that you should only recommend what you personally use and what you are satisfied with. In your videos, you show how you use the product and how convenient / profitable / stylish it is, etc. You cannot use a direct affiliate link. You will have to redirect traffic through Instagram or YouTube. Create an Instagram account for one product and post there the so-called Instagram – landing page. It contains additional information about the product: price, delivery and a call to follow the link that is in the profile (bio). And already there, put a shortened affiliate link that leads directly to the product order page.

The more additional actions (clicks) on the way to the order, the more customers “fall off” along the way. We’ll have to work on increasing the conversion rate of the entire bundle.

Similarly, you can sell through YouTube. We also create a channel designed for one product. There are only a few short videos about the product and reviews from satisfied customers. Each video can have up to three links:

abbreviated affiliate link in the description under the video, a link to your site in the tips, a link in the end splash.

To use the latter two, you need to link your site to the channel, and then make a redirect using the affiliate link.

10. Resale of goods.

Earning in Tik Tok on the sale of goods is not much different from earning on an affiliate program.

The difference is that you:

you will have to guess which product will be in demand among the audience of your account, buy this product, bring it to your place, create a selling page (landing page), organize the acceptance of orders, think over a system for delivering purchases, create a support service, keep your accounting, etc.

Yes, the profit from one sale will be more than when selling other people’s goods through an affiliate program, but “hemorrhoids” will be significantly higher. I definitely do not advise beginners to jump into trading.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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