10 Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

sun glasses

Summer is here and this accessory for the eyes never goes out of style. Everything you need to know to choose the most suitable ones

Sunglasses are that essential accessory that you can never miss in your luggage for the holidays. But before choosing the ideal model, you have to know a number of important things.

We’re going to give you the keys for this summer!

  1. All year round. Although the sun does not bother as much as in summer, the glasses must be worn all year round. They not only protect the ocular surface from direct sunlight damage, but also filter the part of the light that damages structures.
  2. Different destinations, different glasses. Just as you wouldn’t take the same footwear to the beach as you would on a country getaway, you can’t use the same lenses or the same frame to get lost in the Rocky Mountain as to get to know the desert.
  3. Good crystals. Saving money with sunglasses in the future is a problem. Whenever you buy new glasses, you must make sure that they prevent the penetration of more than 80% of ultraviolet rays. Many times this information is indicated with a sticker on the glass.
  4. The right size. To fully hit the sunglasses, you have to take into account the size of the head and face. If your head is small, large sunglasses will not favor you and vice versa. Ray ban sunglasses offer different sizes in their models.
  5. Find your model. To make sure that your glasses have the right lenses, you should buy them in opticians or official points of sale of large stores. In the opticians you will find more brands but fewer models. In shopping centers you will find the latest models but they may not have the brand you are looking for.
  6. Let yourself be advised. If you are not really sure which glasses to buy, there are usually people at the opticians who will help you decide the type of glasses that best suit your face.
  7. Classics never go out of style. Some popular brands like Ray ban are rescuing the models of their usual glasses, the vintage returns in glasses that they never stopped wearing.
  8. Responsibility. High quality sunglasses can last for many years, and more if you choose classic models, so never forget your case at home and, if you go to the beach, be careful with the sand, small grains can damage the lenses.
  9. Two better than one. At any time you can lose your glasses or you may simply want to wear different ones so … if you already have one and want another pair, do not hesitate to buy them!
  10. Daring frames. If you want to change and be different, do not hesitate to bring the colors of the season (fluorine and pastel tones) to your glasses … Why not a pattern?

We hope this guide was useful!


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