10 Student Business Ideas and Startup Opportunities

student startup

By Mark Blackwood

The drive, ambition, and enthusiasm that college students have can be a great foundation for starting a business. While in college, you are situated in the deepest pool of various resources. You can connect easily, spread the word out in a minute, and team up with equally driven individuals.

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit within you, here are some most profitable small businesses and startup ideas to get you started.

1. E-Commerce Store Owner

Set up an e-commerce website and get to work. You’ll need to find two key things: a trending product to sell and a supplier that has a dropshipping option. Dropshipping allows you to run a business without dealing with the products. Pretty neat, right?

2. Design

To look more professional, businesses and individuals hire designers for their banners, website, flyers, graphs, e-invites, etc. This is where you can step into the picture. If you like to design, offer your services. A personal website can help you promote your work.

3. Listings Website

People love having information on places and events located in one convenient place. You can enable that by starting a listing website. List all cafés, shops, bars, nightclubs, activities, and events in your area. Target it for students. Promote this website on online groups and college forums.

4. Photography/ Videography

If you have a camera and you love photography, turn that DSLR into a money-making machine. In case you are good at making videos, that is another great business opportunity.  Photograph events, promote student photoshoots, or team up with a venue directly. With Instagram influencers and the need for Instagram-worthy pictures going strong, lack of work shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Discount Cards

Here’s a fun startup idea. Visit local clubs and shops and ask them to give you an exclusive discount. No matter how much it is, just make sure to get it. Focus on places that students like. Then, create a discount card or set an app and sell it to fellow students. To get the cash flow going, you can sell ad space on your app.

6. GPS Trackers

Do you want to get on board with a growing industry? Well, the global GPS tracking device market is expected to grow at $3,396.20 Billion by 2026. This is your shot. Either develop your software or use dropshipping as your selling method. You can focus on a specific market like pet GPS tracking or vehicle tracking.

7. A Nutritionist on a Budget

There are all sorts of nutritionists out there, but they mostly don’t care how much the food they recommend costs. And there is your business opportunity. Research affordable nutritious meals. Create lists of cost-effective meal recommendations personalized on client’s food dos and don’ts. If you don’t have any academic knowledge in nutrition, but you rely on experience and research, make sure to disclose that.

8. Essay Writing and Proofreading

Are you detail-oriented or good at writing? Then, turn your skills into a business. Write quality essays and/or proofread essays for your fellow students. If you get stuck, turn to websites where you can find a college essay for sale. They can help you with a certain segment or essay that has turned into mission-impossible.

9. Selling Notes

Your diligence in class can literally pay off. Cash in your study material by selling it to other students. To spread your business, use online websites such as Stuvia and Nexus Notes. Sell your lecture notes, book summaries, and essays. Check out the best plagiarism checkers on Lets Grade It and use one to make your notes presentable.

10. A Dog Walking Business

If you are a dog person, you won’t even think of this as a business. Start working as a dog walker. Spread the word to the people you know. To make yourself look more professional set up a website. It can cost you nothing but it can be great for business.

Wrapping Up

Now, it is time for you to get creative. Put some of these ideas into action or get inspired and think of a different way of making money. Who knows, maybe your college business turns into a promising company. If not, you’ll always have the experience and connections you establish along the way.

About the Author

Mark Blackwood is a writer and editor. His interests and writing experience vary from innovation in education over technology to business trends. Mark actively works on staying up to date with new writing techniques and industry news by attending conferences. He has also been a guest speaker several times. In his free time, Mark works on his book and hikes.


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