10 Reasons You Should Never Go To Bali Without Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We have all probably dreamt of running away to the sun-kissed beaches of Bali. This tremendous island is on so many people’s lists due to its unique culture, scenic nature, and tranquil beaches, giving this Indonesian paradise an undeniable appeal. However, when planning this trip of a lifetime, you should always ensure you have the right cover. You never know what can happen, so travel insurance in Bali is absolutely essential. Today, we want to share ten reasons why you should never go to Bali without cover.

1. Though we don’t like to admit it, medical emergencies can happen 

Thankfully, Bali does have some excellent healthcare facilities, but they’re by no means cheap. You never know when you might face a sudden illness or injury, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar tropical climate, so this needs to be the number one reason travel insurance in Bali is crucial.

2. Nature can be unpredictable 

You can never tell when disaster might strike, and Bali is somewhat prone to the occasional earthquake. If you’re unlucky, a natural disaster like this could cause your holiday to be cancelled.

3. You’d be surprised by the amount of luggage that gets lost

Heading to Bali might mean a layover or two, meaning there is a slightly higher chance your luggage might miss one of those flights.

4. Trip cancellations happen

We can’t always predict how our trips away will go. Unfortunately, cancellations are a reality and can happen due to various personal reasons. Travel insurance safeguards your non-refundable expenses.

5. Theft can ruin anyone’s holiday

Unfortunately, tourists are often a target for petty theft in Southeast Asia. Travel insurance can cover any stolen items, allowing you to replace phones, documents, personal belongings, and even cash,

6. Taking part in adventure activities comes with a risk

Bali offers hundreds of exciting opportunities to do things you would never get to do elsewhere. However, your safety is not always guaranteed, so if you’re doing anything out of the ordinary, you will need cover.

7. Having access to 24/7 English emergency assistance can be a lifesaver

Travel insurance companies will give you access to emergency assistance and be able to make necessary arrangements on your behalf should you have an accident, injury, or sudden illness.

8. Flight cancellations and delays happen all the time

Anyone who has stepped foot into an airport will understand how common flight delays and cancellations are. Bad weather and technical issues can be unavoidable, but travel insurance will ensure you’re looked after when it happens.

9. Bali has a few unique health risks

When visiting tropical destinations, there is always a risk of mosquito-borne diseases and other illnesses. It is better to be safe than sorry.

10. Perhaps the most significant thing travel insurance will give you is peace of mind.

Bali is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations on the planet, but it is essential to take certain precautions when planning a visit. Travel insurance is one of the best ways you can visit with absolute peace of mind and be fully safeguarded throughout your stay.


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