10 Must-Have Items for Truck Drivers The Complete List of the American Truck Driver Must-Haves

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There are many and varied lists of things that professional and experienced drivers of 18-wheel vehicles should have on the net. They are not very different from each other. Therefore, this text will focus on the most critical points, without which it is impossible to imagine any journey from ocean to ocean.


Don’t forget the pocket of the truck driver documents: CDL license, transporting hazardous materials special certification, liquid tankers or triple trailers certification, proof of insurance, state permits, ELD device with the electronic logbook (elog) of the EZLOGZ (buy ELD on their website), dashcam, vehicle registration, long-form physical, and TWIC. 

Truck Drivers Bath

This subsection is written for truck drivers of 18-wheelers with showers and 18-wheelers with bathrooms. They are the ones who search Google for “semi truck bathroom,” “semi truck with bathroom,” “semi trucks with bathrooms,” or even “do semi trucks have bathrooms.” Yes, some cars have a shower or even a bathtub. You can also wash on the road at pit stops. Therefore, do not forget to take the gel, towel, and slates.

Clothes and Shoes

The road is such a thing that sometimes you need a change of clothes, special truck driver clothes. Also, don’t forget truck-fit shoes. But if you have a semi-truck with a shower or a semi-truck with a shower and toilet for sale, then you don’t have to worry about truck driving clothes.


For the long truck route, you need to have gloves, a tire pressure gauge, a high-visibility jacket, a flashlight, and some more tools. The warning triangle is among the truck essentials. This item with truck drivers must-haves is gloves will not take up much space in the trunk, although its role in maintaining people’s health is excellent: it has repeatedly saved the lives of those who made an emergency stop on the road—reflective vest. You need to wear it on streets outside settlements in the dark – at night and dusk. And also in conditions of limited visibility. In some European countries, a vest is mandatory, regardless of weather conditions.

In the old days, without it, the driver would not even leave the yard of his house. But the better our roads become, the less the car’s real need for an “extra” wheel turns out to be. But increasingly, car manufacturers are choosing to do without a spare tire altogether. As an alternative, tires are offered on which you move even after a puncture and as well as on a “dock” at low speed and for a limited distance. This technology is called RunFlat. Another option is a special repair kit from a can of puncture-sealing substance and a compressor that pumps it into a tubeless tire along with air. Its automaker also prescribes to carry it with you. Since there is a spare tire in the trunk, a jack is also needed – a mechanism for lifting and holding a heavy car when changing a wheel and other repairs. For example, it is much easier to change a wheel under challenging conditions, even with the smallest hydraulic jack.

The third obligatory participant in the battle with a punctured tire is a wrench for unscrewing wheel bolts or nuts. It is put in the car at the factory, but, as in the case of the jack, they try to save on weight and cost. Therefore, often the key is made at the same time as the handle for the jack. Another practical option is the cross wrench, which allows you to use the power of both hands effectively. Loosening the nut with it can be unscrewed with a few quick movements. The “cross” will take more space in the trunk, but it is more versatile – it is suitable for working with four sizes of nuts/bolts at once. But a regular screwdriver is most often a tool that is quite efficient. And universal: the sting is easily changed from flat to cross-shaped, and screwdrivers from some manufacturers also make it easier to tighten the wheel bolts. For minor repairs on the road, it is quite enough. And it may be needed, first of all, to replace burnt-out light bulbs in headlights or lanterns. It would help if you also had a hammer, pliers, a knife, a pry bar, a dozen wrenches of various sizes, a set of socket heads, and a tire inflation compressor.

Road Cones and Flares

Please always take driving essentials such as road cones and flares with you. After all, anything happens on the road.

Portable Cooking Appliances

There are many portable gas or petrol stoves on the market today. And they don’t take up much space.

Now on the market, there are wide varieties of portable gas or gasoline stoves with small cylinders. Such trucker stuff doesn’t take up much space in the car. 

Extra Water and Non-Perishable Foods

Of course, there is no need to carry fresh fruits and vegetables with you, but a couple of chocolate bars in the glove compartment won’t hurt. Also, on a long trip in winter, you can find a truck driver who thinks he should take a thermos with hot tea or coffee with you. And, of course, we must not forget about the fuel, which should be poured into the gas tank with a margin.

If you don’t want to eat only quick snacks and junk food high in sugar and sodium, portable kitchen appliances like electric frying pans, slow cookers, or even portable fryers will come in handy. They can provide you with a variety of hot food.

Stopping at a cafe or roadside restaurant can be time-consuming and costly. To save money, take enough bottled water with you on your flight and a supply of non-perishable food that can keep you going for a long time.

Load Board and Atlas

Maps, an atlas, and EZLOGZ Load Board are the best gift for truck drivers, among other trucker essentials. Such truck driver essentials can save time and money for the trucker. These are items for a truck driver must-haves.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Kit

Even before the onset of winter, seasoned motorists put a lot of additional trucker accessories in the truck that can, if necessary, help them out in unforeseen situations, for the simple reason that anything can happen on the road in winter. In winter, you need to keep a shovel. Also, in the winter season, a hot female truck driver in the trunk of a car must have trucking essentials: a jack, a balloon wrench, and a pump for pumping air in the wheels. Losing a tire on a snowy road is not so difficult, which is why there must be a whole spare tire in the trunk. 

Cell Phone Charger, e-Reader, and Portable Movie Player

Among other trucker gear and attractive trucking accessories, you must have a book explaining what a linehaul driver is and how to find a truck driver. A portable movie player with the best trucker movies can explain everything about must-have items.

In addition, we must not forget that it gets dark quite early in the winter season, so a flashlight with replaceable batteries should be at hand. It is also essential to take care of charging your gadgets, which allows you to always stay in touch.

If you are not interested in reading, a laptop or tablet can be a great alternative. They let you watch the shows and movies you want and can keep you entertained for hours. Just don’t forget to pay for internet access.


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