10 Factors of Productivity

modern businesswoman replaces several people at once

Productivity – this concept bothers not only CEOs, top managers, and team leads but every single employee as well. What’s more, today, with the increasing importance of work-life balance and reasonable workloads, the effectiveness dilemma is becoming more and more vital. Undoubtedly, we all have been asking ourselves how to be more productive multiple times, and we are here to provide you with the answer.  

  1. Employee satisfaction. If you enjoy your job and love what you do, your performance will be on top. However, when you are unsatisfied with job conditions, payment, or working environments, the quality of your work will decrease drastically, as well as your mental health. So, chose the job that makes you happy.
  2. Training and experience. The more educated and prepared you are for your job, the better you do. Make sure that you know and understand your tasks clearly. With the passing of time, you will automatize some tasks, and your speed will improve. 
  3. Learn to split and divide the main project and goal into smaller tasks that shall be achieved in a short-term perspective. Reaching smaller aims will incentivize you towards gaining the bigger one.   
  4. Plan and organize. You need to have a clear arranged set of actions that will build up your daily performance and help you to achieve estimated daily goals.
  5. Discuss your work, share your results, and ask for advice from the others. Loneliness at work can often cast doubt on the correctness and quality of the task performed. Thought from the outside will allow you to evaluate the work and make the necessary adjustments.
  6. Surroundings or workspace. When taking a break, do not stay within four walls but go outside and refresh your mind. Try working in combined mode: some days — remotely from home, and some days — at the office. Change of surroundings awakens our minds and boosts the effectiveness.
  7. Create comfortable working conditions. It’s impossible to show good results when working in an inconvenient place with an uncomfortable chair, bad lighting, and slow and outdated software.   
  8. Get distracted from work and comfort yourself with positive incentives that will help you to refresh your mind. Listen to some music, watch your favorite show, talk to friends, etc. 
  9. Physical training. Your performance depends not only on your mental but also on your physical abilities. Backache, fatigue, eye problems, digestion, and physical well-being, in general, can weaken your productivity, so take good care of your body to work better.
  10. Rest well. It seems the easiest and the most obvious, but it is probably the hardest because due to the almost ubiquitous Internet connection, it is almost impossible to completely escape or be distracted from work. 

It is important to remember that efficiency is a complex concept influenced by many factors that do not even always depend on you personally. So, your main task is to set clear reasonable goals and move towards them keeping in mind that your job performance should be beneficial not only for your company’s profit but for your enjoyment, health, mindfulness, and earnings as well.


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