10 Essential Office Supplies For A New Business

In order for an office environment to run smoothly, there are some essential little items every office worker needs in their life. Although much-loved programmes such as Microsoft Word allow you to create a myriad of different pieces of work, it can never fully replace humble office elements – think paper shredders, pens, whiteboards and the basic but invaluable white paper. According to essaywritingservice.nyc, you have to prepare for any situation that could happen. Need to send a lightning quick memo to a college? The post it note is at your service. Need to jot something down so you don’t forget? The pen and paper have your back! Get Personalized Stationery from StationeryXpress.com for your office and ensure smooth operation of your office work.

Here are 10 essential and must have items for your new office – traditional heavyweights that will help ensure your working day runs like clockwork!


1. Paper

Ahh, paper. The most basic yet essential part of every office desk the world over. There’s something strangely satisfying about opening a brand-new pack of A4 paper. Printing is a common occurrence in the old office space, in fact it’s highly likely that most office workers print most days, so it’s vital that the paper supply doesn’t run out! You may want to think about stocking a variety of different types of paper. Every office desk should have at least its own fresh stock of paper. Card for printing new business cards or glossy print paper for printing photos. Even premium paper for printing extra special and important documents.


2. Shredder

Another absolute office essential is a shredder. We all know never to chuck letters and sensitive correspondence in the bin for safety reasons. That’s where the shredder comes in. This bad boy will allow you to effectively dispose of any unwanted documents – you can even buy shredders with different shredding cuts. There’s the traditional strip cut which will simply shred your papers vertically, or if you want a document to become completely incomprehensible you can get micro cut or crosscut shredders.


3. Stapler

Got loads of papers that you keep losing or need in a particular order? Staple them! A basic but super important tool in the office world – staplers come in all shapes and sizes, so even if you need just a teeny weeny one or a more substantial one that’ll be capable of tackling mammoth mounds of paper files, you’ll find a stapler to fit your desk perfectly. And if you’re looking to brighten up your desk, a lot of staplers come in all colours of the rainbow! Don’t forget the staples as well! You can buy these in packs of thousands for just a few pounds so you need not worry about your supply running out!


4. Pens

In a world where we are so used to using a computer to complete tasks, the simple pen provides us with an opportunity to train our brains more. You see, writing with an actual pen and paper keeps our brains sharp, it improves our cognitive functions and motor skills. Not to mention that having a pen to hand is essential for jotting down important notes before they inevitably escape our brain forever! When it comes to office life you can never have too many pens! Want to hand write an important document or show off your calligraphy skills? A fountain pen will provide an elegant and beautiful finish. Need to highlight important parts of a document? A brightly coloured highlighter pen is perfect. Yellow, green or orange aren’t your colours? No problem. These days highlighters are available in pretty pastel colours, blues, purples, reds and more – you’ll be spoilt for choice!


5. Folders

Does your desk look like a bomb’s hit it? Then folders would be an uber smart investment. Folders and files are the perfect solution to keeping your documents safe and free from damage. There’re a multitude of files out there for you to choose from, need to archive certain files? A lever arch file fits the bill. Need to see exactly which documents are where? Transparent files are perfect. With so many different files to choose from, there’s no excuse not to be organised!


6. Post It Notes

Who would have thought that these colourful little notes would become a staple in every office? Handy for noting down anything important and perfect for sticking to any surface – your computer screen, desk and given how bright and vibrant they are, you won’t forget those all-important notes! Another bonus to these little notes is that they can be stuck on to and removed from any surface and they won’t leave any marks or residue!


7. Customised Rubber Stamps

Why not treat your brand-new office to some custom rubber stamps? Stamps4U stock a wide range of rubber stamps in the UK. You could have your rubber stamp customised with your business logo or your choice of text. Files and documents don’t have to be boring, jazz them up with a personalised rubber stamp!


8. Envelopes

Available in a range of sizes, from standard plain to heavy duty padded, it’s important for offices to have a well-stocked selection of envelopes. You want to be sure that whatever you’re sending is protected! And envelopes don’t have to cost the earth. They’re commonly sold in large packs at reasonable prices, so stocking up your office is easily affordable.


9. Notepads

Following on from the much-needed paper products is the notepad. This champion of the office space is probably taken for granted a lot. Perfect for taking down notes and writing to-do lists because let’s face it, even the most organised of us forget things occasionally. These invaluable office heroes come in all sizes – whether you’re after a cute little pad that’ll slot nicely in to your top desk draw, or a more substantial A4 Pukka Jotta pad for the mountains of notes you need written down, there’s a notepad for everyone!


10. Hole Punch

Another office superhero – the simple but handy hole punch. It’s important to get a good quality one however. Punching your way through papers only to leave half a circle in each is no fun for anyone! Two-hole punches are probably the most popular but fear not, you can buy 3, 4 and even single hole punches. Whatever your needs, they’ll be a hole punch for you!


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