10 best ways to get more instagram likes in 2021

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Started a new Instagram account but feeling low because of the rough journey? Don’t worry as we are here to counter your troubles. You need some tips that will enable you to break through this chain and get more likes, comments, and shares. The organic distinction is inevitable for the long run and some of your loyal followers will stay with you. We have discovered the 10 best ways to get more Instagram likes in 2021. These are the 10 strategies that will give you organic followers. Your audience base will provide you more opportunities for growth and powerful connections with your fans. If you still want a shortcut, just buy Instagram likes. Stay tuned to this article to take advantage of these 10 Instagram growth hacks and secrets for a high engagement & CTR. 

Engaging bio 

Why not make a lasting first impression? Your bio is like an information gateway for customers. Hence, make it as appealing and engaging as possible to effortlessly gain more followers. Pitch your ideas, goals, & mission and maintain the brevity. You can add SEO keywords to increase engagement and improve your search engine ranking. 

Quality is all that matters 

Want to increase engagement on Instagram, take advantage of high-quality content. Owing to the visual nature of Instagram, it has become the ideal hub for photographers, selfie lovers, and photogenic people. Each day you come across high-quality pictures on the platform that are appealing to the eyes. Premium graphics grab the attention of viewers and drive engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, etc. For best results, try to post realistic and aesthetic images that represent your brand. Get your hands on the right equipment and multimedia software for developing breathtaking visuals. 

Post On-Going IGTV Content 

Owing to a high market penetration rate, Instagram enjoys a high content consumption. According to research, visitors usually spend about one hour on the platform. The large size of IGTV videos makes its discovery an easy task. IGTV is a one-of-its-kind feature that allows you to entertain and educate consumers. It is ideal for individuals seeking a high score of likes and engagement. 

Instagram Guides 

Wondering what a guide has to do with your likes and followers? This feature was introduced in 2020 and will become your ideal companion for increasing engagement. Guides enable your prospective customers to discover products or recommendations in an instant. This next-generation tool allows you to group your content and direct the content of other users to your account. It will multiply your likes, comments and increase your popularity. Hence, employ this method to increase engagement and gain followers. 


Every brand has one story or the other. Millions of users around the globe have got a massive share of likes and followers with Instagram stories. This feature is compatible with hashtags that offer the additional benefit of a wider reach. Stories showcase that your profile is interesting and makes it stand out from the crowd. Apart from this, you can upload videos, reels, gifs, or stickers to increase engagement.  

Instagram Highlights 

Despite being a great feature to attract people, stories are time-bound. This means after 24 hours, all your stories disappear. You may have curated something wonderful and want to share them as a story. In such a case, the highlights feature comes to the rescue. You will be able to gain followers on instagram easily with this feature. You can add a story to a highlight for consistently engaging with your followers. Understand the purpose, highlight covers and name. This feature is applicable for representing Q&A sessions, product updates, features, and FAQ. Build engagement with a high number of likes on Instagram. 


Analytics enable you to determine the engagement and success rate of your Instagram account. This section deals with the audience and Instagram post analysis. The audience section is based on five components namely top locations, age range, gender, follower hours, and days. Individual post-analysis forays into users’ interaction, discovery, follow, reach, posts’ impressions, saves, and comments.  

Use winning Hashtags 

Hashtags arrived as a gamechanger in the world of social media. These have taken accounts to a whole new level. If you want to have your chance on this platform, hashtags are the ideal choice. The usage of hashtags has certain conditions associated with it. Use these to your advantage. These are relevance, popularity, length, and location. The trending hashtags will increase your engagement to bring more likes, comments, and shares. 

Influencer Marketing 

This emerging trend offers a great opportunity to individuals, brands, and businesses that want to proliferate their growth on Instagram. There can’t be another better option for increasing your brand awareness. You just need to find the right partner that can collaborate with you. Boosting your engagement becomes a cakewalk if you get the right influencer for your business. Instagram has even launched Brand Collabs Manager that will accelerate your account growth. 

Contests and Giveaways 

Everybody loves to participate in an intriguing competition. The same rule applies to Instagram. You can run a like-to-enter or follow to enter giveaways to encourage people to associate with your brand. This will result in a surge in follower count along with likes and comments. 

Here we have reached the end of the article. Attention! Your journey to success has just started. Get started today and develop a winning strategy to surpass the competition. A high engagement is just a step away. Implement our tricks and watch your growth digits growing. 


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