Why You Need Zendesk Integrations

Why You Need Zendesk Integrations

Did you know that you can make your Zendesk even more powerful? What is more, there are thousands of ways to do so? This becomes possible with numerous Zendesk integrations available out there on the market that make your work more effective and productive, your user experience more optimized, and your tech stack more complete.

In our article, we will give you our objective reasons why you just need to try out and connect your Zendesk to various add-ons, as well as present you with some of the most popular ones in different niches. Just keep on reading. 

Benefits of Using Zendesk Integrations

According to Gartner, the easiest way to get a holistic and effective customer experience is to create an integrated ecosystem. Much true, don’t you think so? Integrations and add-ons can easily help you to:

  • Improve the set of Zendesk standard tools and features
  • Get detailed analytics
  • Greatly enhance Zendesk functionality
  • Drastically increase your profit
  • Store all your critical data in a single place
  • Streamline the work of your support team
  • Improve your corporate networking

Examples of Zendesk Integrations

If you haven’t used any integration yet, we have selected the best Zendesk integrations that fall under different categories so that you do not get lost while choosing. Here are some of the most popular ones on Zendesk Marketplace:


Who doesn’t want all the Zendesk operations to run efficiently, smoothly, and productively? You can easily do so by adding some of the productive integrations to your help desk.

  • Trello

Trello is an extremely visual collaboration software that helps manage even complex projects easily and effectively with the help of Kanban cards and a very intuitive interface. By integrating your Zendesk with Trello, you will get a Trello widget where you can add cards every time you open your tickets and enjoy high simplicity and usability.

  • TypeGenie

TypeGenie is a very easy AI-powered tool that can drastically improve the productivity of your agents by providing sentence completion. Yes, you heard it right — you won’t need to retype the same sentence over and over again. This software automatically predicts the exact words needed, so that the work of agents speeds up plus their nerves are safe, too.

  • Slack

Slack, a well-known messaging app you probably are using now can be easily added to your Zendesk as an add-on to increase your team’s productivity and automate your working processes. Now you don’t need to switch between different programs anymore.


Today, we live in the remote era, which means that you can have employees all over the world in multiple time zones, and your main goal is to ensure that everyone is able to collaborate smoothly. Zendesk has various integrations that will take the burden from your shoulders and make this happen:

  • Calendar

Being in sync and able to schedule your meetings becomes a piece of cake with the Calendar add-on. It allows you to transform your Zendesk into a scheduling engine and add various events right to your tickets. Sounds like a beneficial function that you can’t miss out on, doesn’t it?

Out of Office

Tracking the presence of your employees is critical. With Out of Office integration for Zendesk, you can easily see and manage the availability of your agents as well as find out who is being off work at any time. Besides, you can easily integrate this information with your tickets, making sure that their absence doesn’t affect customer satisfaction.  

  • TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another helpful collaboration integration for your Zendesk help desk that allows you to get fast and easy remote access to your employees’ devices. This add-on is one of the most popular in its niche, with more than 1 billion installs all over the world.


Zendesk supports multiple integrations that can power up your sales delivery, and improve turnover and operations as well as your profit.

  • SalesForce

Connecting SalesForce and Zendesk allows you to sync all your sales and support operations. This, in turn, positively influences ticket resolution and your customer record management. Besides, you can easily track various trends that happen through different points of interaction with your customers.

  • Shopify

Shopify for Zendesk is a very useful integration for those who own a store on the Shopify platform. It allows you to get all the needed information from your store so that your agents respond more effectively to any of the customers’ inquiries. 

  • Zoho CRM

Linking your Zendesk with Zoho CRM is a very powerful combo that can significantly drive upsells, improve interaction with your customers, and effectiveness of any support interaction.  

Social media & emails

More and more customers prefer using social media and emails rather than more conventional communication channels. That is why the integration of your social media and emails directly with Zendesk can give you a great boost. Here are some of the great Zendesk integrations of this type: 

  • Mailchimp Activity

The Mailchimp Activity is a very useful integration that allows you to track all the customers’ interactions in one single place. Besides, when you have all the needed information at your fingertips and can track your email campaigns, it is much easier to provide your customers with meaningful and effective responses. What is more, you can even anticipate the responses of your customers with the help of triggering their email responses. 

  • App Reviews

Do you know what people think of your service? With App Reviews by AppFollow integration for Zendesk, you will surely find out. This add-on scans all the reviews about you within the App Store, Google Play Market, Amazon, Windows Store, and Mac App Store and allows you to directly engage with these reviews right in Zendesk. 

  • Video Reply

Engaging your customers has never been easier with  Video Reply integration. This simple add-on for Zendesk allows you to create personalized video responses for customers. With it, your open rate will surely go up. Besides, video demonstration is a better and more effective way to show your customers exactly how to fix their problems with the help of various tutorials and explainer videos. 


Connecting your Zendesk with different add-ons is an extremely effective way to enhance your productivity and effectiveness, as well as customize your tech stack so that it better fits your business needs. 

Making the most out of your help desk will help you enhance your customer service and support and effectively and fast meet your customers’ needs.


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