Why Should Students Choose India for Higher Education?


India is one of the best countries to do your higher education. In addition to India’s wide range of cultures, languages, traditions, and breathtaking natural beauty, this country also offers a diverse education system. You can choose a course from a wide range of options, from age-old courses like Sanskrit to the latest scientific courses like Artificial Intelligence. 

Along with its diverse educational system, India also offers one of the rapidly growing economies. Due to its vast and diverse educational system, students often find it difficult to choose the right course and college. 

Top Reasons to Choose India for Higher Education

These are some of the reasons why you should do your higher education in India.

1. Highly Ranked Universities and Institutions

The premier institutions of India are highly ranked worldwide. Some of the Top Colleges in India are: 

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

2. One of the Largest Education System in the World 

India has the second-largest higher education system with almost 1000 universities, 10,700+ standalone institutions, and almost 40,000 colleges offering UG, PG, and PhD courses. 

3. Unique Courses

India’s education system is not only vast but also diverse. In India, you can choose age-old courses like Sanskrit as well as advanced scientific courses like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. 

4. Affordability

Education and the cost of living in India are a lot cheaper than in most nations. Even education at Top Colleges in India can be easily afforded with various scholarships and educational aids that are available for students. 

5. Tourism and Food

India is a country that can offer much more than education. It has a lot of incredible things to do and see like exploring spirituality, glorious history and architecture, food, and shopping, etc. India is known internationally for its food. Its mouth-watering cuisine is one of the major attractions for travelers. So exploring and adapting to food is not that difficult.

6. Economy and Work Opportunities

India’s economy is growing consistently for the past decade and has been one of the rapidly growing economies in the world. It also has the potential to become the third-largest economy in the world in the coming years. The country offers a wide variety of opportunities. There are some restrictions on international students with a study visa. But there are no such restrictions once they obtain a work visa. 

If you’re convinced of the reasons and are planning to do your higher education in India, you can seek the help of educational counselling online or offline. Educational/counselling websites like GetMyUni, CollegeDunia, CollegeDekho, Shiksha, etc., help the students choose the right college/course.

These platforms combinedly serve a million students every year. They work with many educational institutions in India and abroad and help thousands of students enrol in these institutions. They claim that they have almost all the colleges listed on their platform. This startup also claims that more than forty-five thousand students have written reviews on their website. The platforms also provide information about the various competitive/ entrance examinations happening in India.

The platforms also help the universities/colleges call for the student’s attention to the courses, infrastructure, placement opportunities they provide. The newly established colleges can also advertise themselves to reach out to the students on a large scale which otherwise may not be possible. These ed-tech platforms are a bridge between the universities/colleges and the students.

Among all the edtech startups, Shiksha, CollegeDunia and GetMyUni have become one of the leading ed-tech college/course search platforms in India over the years. 


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