Why More People Prefer Home Music Lessons In Singapore

Online Piano Lessons

More and more Singaporeans are opting for music lessons taught by private music teachers who travel to their house to teach them instead. For instance, when it comes to learning to play the piano, many people in Singapore now prefer home piano lessons Singapore instead of learning how to play the piano at a public music school at a local shopping mall or HDB estate. Here are the reasons why that is the case.

Firstly, home based music lessons such as for the piano have always existed in Singapore since well over a decade ago. However, the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 in Singapore have caused many to rethink – both from a convenience as well as a health standpoint. It is simply much more convenient to have a qualified and professional Singapore music teacher to teach you at your home, because you will not need to travel, making it very convenient to learn regardless of time or weather in Singapore. Also, because you will be playing on a music instrument which belongs solely to you, it will obviously be much cleaner, since no one else is using it at all. Many Singapore students who started learning music at home because of the lockdowns and for health reasons have stuck to learning at home because of convenience now.

Secondly, home music teachers are able to teach you very customized lessons based on your exact learning requirements and desires. On the other hand, when it comes to tutors at public music schools in Singapore, they usually follow a fixed curriculum quite closely, and provide you with a cookie cutter program. At most Singapore public music schools, you will be taught purely to pass the ABRSM graded examinations. However, if you are taking private home music lessons, then the tutor will be able to teach you at your pace and for whatever you wish to learn about the instrument. Take for example the violin. Some students in Singapore may only want to take violin lessons so they can ace the ABRSM examinations for the violin, while others want to simply learn it purely for fun. Regardless of your goal, only private violin lessons Singapore will be able to cater to you exactly to your requirements. Also, if you are an exceptionally fast or slow learner, the right violin teacher will customize the program speed according to your needs. On the other hand, with public schools in Singapore, you are forced to keep at their pace as well as learn only whatever they want to teach you.

Thirdly, most Singapore music tutors who travel to their students’ homes to teach music charge much cheaper rates than those charged by public music schools. This is mainly because these independent music teachers have no cost overheads such as huge rental bills or administrative staff salaries. As a result of that, they are able to charge much cheaper rates and only charge you for their time and expertise, instead of also for unnecessary expenses. Therefore, financially savvy Singaporeans would definitely pick having home music lessons instead, because not only are they are able to have customized lessons, they are getting them for much cheaper rates too. It is a really no brainer good deal.

Alternatively, with the advent of online classes, or YouTube based tutorials, some people in Singapore try to learn by themselves. However, while cheap, that is not without very obvious downsides such as potentially slowing down the learning speed, as well as not being able to quickly detect mistakes made or bad habits. These repeated mistakes can then be accidentally turned into bad habits, and then be very hard to correct in the future. It is therefore still more recommended why you should learn from an experienced music teacher than trying to wing it by yourself by watching some random videos here and there. This is especially true if you wish to become a very accomplished musician in the future in Singapore at the highest levels.

In conclusion, many Singaporeans are diverting towards home based music lessons in Singapore in recent years, and there are lots of practical as well as monetary reasons why they prefer that. Taking music classes at your own home is really just much more comfortable, convenient, clean as well as more affordable. Add all these benefits up and you quickly understand why there is such a trend in Singapore.


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