Why Is Java The Most Preferred Artificial Intelligence Programming Language?

AI in Java

If you are wondering whether Java can be used for Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning or not, then many Java enthusiasts in one voice will say YES. These developers also mentioned that Java is one of the best programming languages used for developing source code for Artificial Intelligence solutions.

In recent years, it is reported that Artificial Intelligence has become a sensation for the world’s minds as it is used in various science fiction movies, online casino (オンラインカジノ in Japanese) and books too.

Today, the usage of modern technology and tools is continuously increasing and the prevalence of AI is seen in most of the technologies we use; whether it is searching algorithms or genetic programming and robotics, artificial intelligence has created a helpful impact in the lives of humans.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about how the Java programming language is used for artificial intelligence program development and what are its benefits. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Strengths of Java

If you’re planning to develop Artificial Intelligence applications using Java in AI/ML, then you’re on the correct path. Java allows you to develop AI applications easily by bringing a digital transformation within your business.

For developing a user-friendly and cost-effective solution, you must adapt the right programming language like Java which is:

  • Easy debugging
  • Offers free tutorials
  • Built-in garbage collector
  • Large-scale projects simplification
  • Reliable community
  • Represent data in graphics
  • Standard widget toolkit
  • Better interaction with the user

You don’t have to worry about Security, Portability, and Maintainability if you’re choosing Java for the development of AI applications.

?Java – Security

Java provides a large range of security features for implementing commonly-used AI-based algorithms that define the access of classes. Its security Java APIs have numerous benefits including secure communication, cryptography, access control, and much more.

?Java – Portability

The portable nature of the Java programming language is the most attractive aspect offered by the Java community. If you want to transfer a Java Program from an operating system where it was developed to another, it doesn’t require much rework.

?Java – Maintainability

When developing an AI-based project using Java, it becomes easy for you to maintain the source code and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance.

Why to develop AI in Java?

  • Implementing AI in Java is the one-stop solution as it is supported by a large community of developers which makes it easy to create ML and AI algorithms and code a diverse range of applications. For creating AI and machine learning projects, Java official website provides must-have features like object-orientedness and scalability.
  • If you’re choosing Java instead of other similar programming languages for building AI projects, then it’s probably the best fit for building a Java-based Artificial Intelligence app. The digital transformation of your business becomes easier if you’re using the capabilities of Java that change the way you use technology in business.
  • Before you start developing your first AI using Java, you must have the basic knowledge of traditional algorithms and concepts, so that it becomes easier for you to process the entire system on-the-go. If you are not aware of implementing such algorithms then you can learn through Java for AI courses, specialized books, and provide extremely helpful while developing applications in Artificial Intelligence.
  • There are numerous AI libraries in Java that can be used in multiple ways. Natural Language Processing for Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks are the AI libraries in Java for Expert Systems.
  • AI and Search Algorithms are strongly connected where Java can be used for coding various algorithms.

AI Library in Java Application Development

Let’s have a look at the Java AI library for the most popular fields:

Machine Learning Expert System Automatic Programming Natural Language Processing Genetic Algorithms
Weka Apache Jena Spring Roo Apache OpenNLP Genetics
Java-ML Eye Acceleo Stanford CoreNLP ECJ 23
MLlib (Spark) Tweety Java Genetic
H2O Algorithms
Signa Package
RapidMiner EVA

AI Practical Application

Category Tasks and Benefits Examples
Services and Products Cognitive technologies are embedded in customer services and products to make them more effective, convenient, faster, and safer. ● Booking services
● Medical diagnosis
● Automotive cars
Processes Computer systems automate production processes and perform manual work either augmenting humans or replacing them. Processes become faster, safer, and more efficient.
  • Welding, painting, assembly, robots in the heavy industry
  • Drilling machine in the oil industry
  • Driverless mining trucks in the extraction industry
Insights Algorithms analyze large volumes of unstructured data, generate insights, make reports, help draw conclusions and make predictions.
  • Classification of customers into categories according to their needs and buying patterns in sales and marketing
  • Collection and summarizing of indications from thousands of devices

What are the Benefits of Using Java as an AI/ Machine Learning Programming Language for your Business?

Java is already a popular object-oriented and scalable programming language that offers the following advantages:

  • Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives that brings transformation into business operations across industries. There are multiple use cases where Artificial Intelligence makes the process workflow simple to handle.
  • Starting from self-driving cars to robotics and warehouse jobs, Artificial Intelligence does everything easier for us.
  • In various sectors for business processes, the AI technology imputations are numerous. That is why we need skilled and reliable partners to develop AI-based error-free and code-free projects.
  • It allows you to create a single version of the application which is enabled by running in the Java supported platforms.


Java is popularly known as one of the best programming languages for developing Java-based AI projects. As we all know, Java is supported by a large community of skilled developers, framework, API, and library that helps to code different types of Java algorithms used for AI projects. If you’re choosing Java, learning all the concepts for implementing AI in your existing project development is crucial that will be carried out to bring perfection.

Java-based AI projects have more benefits outweighing their disadvantages, which is perfectly safe to build intelligent-object and code-free AI products. Its technology infrastructure provides intelligent software that can take your business to the next level. So, now you may start looking for the best Java development company and hire a dedicated team of developers that helps you to achieve the desired AI solutions and make your business smarter.


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