What is the Best Way to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency?

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This method of buying cryptocurrency is considered the easiest. It is used to buy popular CFAs that occupy key positions in the capitalization rating. These are Bitcoin, Matbea, 60cek, Ethereum and others. Payment is made in different ways – you can buy cryptocurrency with a card or through popular payment systems, as well as by phone number or in cash. If you want to buy it instantly – click here.

The commission for the purchase of cryptocurrency is most often 1–2%, but it can be more. Its size depends on the type of digital asset, the method of purchase and the specific exchanger. For more popular coins, the demand is higher, so the fee is smaller, and vice versa.

The most rational decision would be to buy cryptocurrency after the market sags, and for fiat money. This form of money is issued by the government and is legal tender. Exchanger aggregators can help determine a favorable rate – this is the monitoring of exchange offices, where there is information about the best exchange rates. You can also see the top cryptocurrencies for purchase in them.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency in an exchanger

How to buy and how to sell crypto? Two the most popular questions amoung begginer crypto investors. Choose an exchanger from the list in various exchanger monitors, for example, in BestChange.

You can convert fiat from accounts of various banks into cryptocurrency. Bank payment is the most profitable method. But money comes from a bank account most often through various payment systems. When using a different payment method, pay attention to the amount of the commission for the purchase of cryptocurrency, it can be higher.

Check the selected exchanger for reliability (availability of an SSL certificate, reviews).

Not all exchangers require authorization, but some of them provide a system of cumulative discounts for the following operations during registration.

This is the most popular way for beginners to buy cryptocurrencies. The method is also suitable for those who do not plan to buy cryptocurrency often or want to buy it anonymously.

But the risk here is quite high, since there is a high percentage of fraud in this area. Of the advantages, one can single out simplicity and accessibility, as well as the fact that the commission is removed directly for the exchange.

Exchange for buying cryptocurrencies

Also, a simple and reliable way to buy cryptocurrency is directly on the exchange. These are exmo, cex, kraken, bitfinex, bitstamp and others. 

Some of the exchanges are aimed at trading, some have advanced functionality, some give a discount on registration fees, others allow users to make transactions with each other directly. Choose it depending on your goals.

When using the option of buying cryptocurrency through an exchange, consider some of the nuances:

  • The official website of the exchange. Fraudsters often create similar sites with a similar name.
  • It is better to use reliable, well-known and popular crypto-exchanges, the names of which are “well-known”.
  • Without the necessary knowledge, do not trade in the hope of quickly and dramatically increasing your assets. There is a risk of losing most of the money. Choose reliable digital assets and count on the long term.
  • Smart investors distribute funds across several exchanges, reducing the risk of losing their finances.

Remember that there is no “official” or state-owned cryptocurrency exchange. All operating sites are owned by private companies. The reason why it is impossible to create a state-owned exchange is that in most countries of the world, cryptocurrency is not regulated by law. The reliability of the site is determined by its popularity, trading volume, user reviews. If you are interested in altcoins or memcoins, then you need additional research where you can buy rare coins. We recommend reading more info on how to buy floki inu before doing it yourself.

Buying Cryptocurrency Through the App

An affordable and convenient way is an application for buying cryptocurrencies installed on your phone. Many services have made the purchase of digital assets as affordable as possible. Some of the most popular are CoinPaper, Mycelium Wallet, 60cek.org, WebMoney. The Binance exchange also has its own application.

It is also worth choosing applications carefully so as not to stumble upon fraudulent analogues. Check not only reviews and ratings (they can be bought), but also other signs of the legality of the resource.

Among the advantages of this method of buying cryptocurrencies are:

  • accessibility and convenience, because the smartphone is always with you;
  • fast execution of operations;
  • You can use many popular payment systems.

Of the minuses:

  • to replenish the balance or withdraw funds, you will have to pay a commission;
  • the purchase rate is less profitable than with other methods of buying cryptocurrency.


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