What is Idle Cyber: NFT Game That Is Supported by CryptoMinati Capital

Idle Cyber

Powered by blockchain technology, Idle Cyber is an RPG hero collecting game. It allows players to summon, merge and combat weird monsters that are attempting to overrun Earth in this game. P2E game Idle Cyber, supported by Starpunk, offers digital NFT assets to purchase one of 64 playable characters. $AFK is the primary Idle Cyber token. The alpha version was launched in Q4–2021, and World Bosses and Market Tower Rush are scheduled for release in Q1–2022.

The game uses distributed ledger blockchain technology. In practically every sense of the phrase, Idle Cyber is a revolutionary frontier defense game with a massive amount of content, infinite levels, and a PvP mode. The play-to-earn model’s enticing game structure and social components keep gamers coming back for more. Idle Cyber completed both the strategic and public selling phases, generating $1.5 million in total.

Starpunk, Megala Ventures, CryptoMinati Capital, and Raptor Capital are among Idle Cyber’s leading investors. Players design their own Cybers in this hero role-playing game, which has stunning visuals.

Idle Cyber: Overview

To protect humanity from the evil cyborgs who attack and destroy it on Judge Day, 2088, humanity must build massive walls. Cyber Defense can then be deployed to help support the walls and battle cyborgs and giant bosses and defeat them.

Due to Idle Cyber’s unique social structures and in-game earning model, the fantasy world setting, the game is supported by its global fans.

The Story Behind Idle Cyber

Developed and distributed by BeeMob Studio, one of the Singapore-based Google-incubated firms, Idle Cyber is a free-to-play game. Idle Cyber is based on Cyber War, a classic game that has been around since the 1980s. Since Cyber War was first developed in 2020, it has gone through the appropriate steps for a gaming product and has been put on the market for commercial use.

When Cyber War was ready to hit the market, the NFT game trend followed by the great success of Axie infinity, and also the one who has entered into the Crypto market since 2017, we researched and realized that the future NFT would become a new platform, expanding the market for the traditional game industry. Using Cyber War as the basis for an NFT game seems like a logical choice.

$AFK Idle Cyber’s Token

One of the main goals of the project is to use $AFK as its governance token. You can utilize $AFK to improve characters, equip, and develop characters in the game. You can also play in PvP, and PvE game types earn $AFK. Through decentralized exchanges or the SPO, you may acquire $AFK.

Idle Cyber (AFK) is presently trading at $0.26, with a daily currency change range of 0.25 – 0.28. The Last 24 hours of news trading has hit 1.00 million dollars.

Top Leading Investors Of Idle Cyber

  • StarPunk

An autonomous organization (DAO) platform, Starpunk connects Blockchain/NFT Gaming Startups with a worldwide community of gamers and crypto investors via various “Play-to-Earn” methodologies. NFT/Blockchain games are the core focus of Starpunk. Still, the platform also aims to serve as a virtual world where anybody can build new games, play, and make money while exploring the unlimited possibilities of creativity.

  • CryptoMinati Capital

Blockchain-focused venture capital company CryptoMinati Capital is on the rise, created by people with substantial expertise in the bitcoin industry. Their major purpose is to help blockchain entrepreneurs by promoting their ideas to the general public utilizing current marketing strategies like SEO.

An experienced team of analysts and investors and a thorough understanding of blockchain technology are what sets CryptoMinati apart from other incubators.

  • Megala Ventures

Megala Ventures is one of Southeast Asia’s major institutional investors in blockchain and distributed ledger technology and is a key contributor to numerous top blockchain projects.

  • Raptor Capital

Investment and advising company, Raptor Capital, has a focus on the development of blockchain businesses. Crypto projects with the most disruptive and inventive ideas are the focus of this organization’s efforts.

Modes of Idle Cyber

There will be a large role for NFTs in Metaverse platform games. Your characters will be more responsive and engaging when you use NFTs in-game. Using our cryptocurrency exchange, you may sell these tokens for real money or use the DeFi features in the game to increase your income even more. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform will be used to develop the game. Game types like PvE and PvP are available in IdleCyber and many more game modes such as PvE/PvP and PvE/PvP. IdleCyber has over a million registered users. Tokens, NFTs, or any other kind of currency are options for rewards.

Idle Cyber has three modes:

  • PlayGame: This is a hero collection defense RPG with stunning graphics, and it’s a must-have for any RPG fan.
  • Play-to-earn: Use your cybers to defend the base with the right skills at the right time in order to earn Idle Cyber tokens and valuable NFT assets.
  • GameFi: Trading NFTs on a full-stack marketplace or upgrading them in Idle Cyber is the best way to maximize their value and profit through DeFi features. In this area, players can trade NFTs that have been upgraded.

Conclusion: Is Idle Cyber Worth It?

Idle Cyber is hard at work to meet its stated goal for 2022 while also bridging the gap between NFT games and crypto-heads. A recent survey found that 11% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 spent some of their stimulus salaries on cryptocurrency purchases.

More than 54,000 people follow Idle Cyber on Twitter. Also, almost 90,000 people have joined their Telegram group in less than a month after the announcement.

Play-to-win games on the blockchain employing non-fungible tokens have evolved as a result of the rapid expansion of bitcoin. Hence, as far as the blockchain industry’s experts are concerned, the NFT trend is only going to become stronger.

Additionally, Idle Cyber hails from a newer generation of players who will be the first to test out new launch strategies and provide their own innovative ideas.


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